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Sat. Oct. 8 Panacea FL to Fri. Oct. 14 Clermont FL

Saturday-  Moving day! We were up early and worked on getting the rig ready to leave. I called the TT in Clermont FL to ask if they were open for us to arrive. The gal said yes! Then Bob called the Pilot on I-75 to make sure that they had diesel. They did, so we took off at about 9:15. We drove across Hwy. 98 to Hwy 27 to I-75. We turned south on I-75 and stopped at the rest area for lunch. There was no traffic on the highways, but the interstate was pretty busy, but moving along.

We stopped at the Pilot for diesel and then returned to I-74. A few miles later we entered the Florida Toll Road east bound. No tolls, per the governor, but we slowed down to a crawl. We exited and traveled on Hwy 27 again to Clermont. We drove into the Orlando TT at about 3 PM. We registered, unhooked the car, and drove around looking for a good site. We found an FHU 50 amp site. We pulled in and set up for the evening.

Once we were done with that and the dogs had been walked, we left and went to the Best Buy to pick up my laptop which had been sitting there for awhile. I was very happy to get my laptop back. Thank you Bob for letting me use yours for the past few weeks!

We went to dinner at a little Bistro called Ovation. The food was good. We returned home and relaxed, watched some TV and went to bed.

Sunday- I caught my computer up with our finances and other items. Unfortunately, I could not get into my email. Hmmm, another issue!

At about 10:30 we left and went to the Visitor Center. We purchased our 3 day Disney tickets. Boy have they changed! Over $600 for the two of us, with a whopping $4 per ticket off the total price. What a rip off! We were able to get the fast pass though.

We stopped and shopped at Walmart on the way back, then ate lunch. We turned on the Redskin game and worked on getting the Fast Pass set up. With the Fast Pass you get 3 rides pre-registered, at each park. Unfortunately, our tickets were old and Bob had to call Disney. He worked with the gal and she fixed the situation. Then we could make our choices. She of course wished him a magical day!

We were able to obtain reservations on the fast pass for several of the rides we wanted to go on, but not all. We will have to arrive at the parks early and race over to the rides we could not get the fast pass for….

I tried to download the maps of the resorts, but they were too small to read. So we enlarged them and looked at where we need to go. Will go to the park and grab a map and race over to the rides we want to do first.

I also called the Geek Squad and they spent about 2 hours working on fixing my email issue. That is now taken care of….

We ate dinner at home then went to the hot tub. Bob had taken the bikes down so we rode back and forth on them. It felt good to be on our bikes again! We settled in and watched the debate.

Monday- Instead of walking today, I was out riding my bike.  We left at about 9 and went to Orlando to the Costco, a car wash and ate lunch at Applebees. We returned and did some tasks around the MH. I went to have my hair done at 4 PM. A disadvantage of traveling is that you have a new person frequently cutting your hair. I told this gal take off 1/2 inch and she took off 1 inch. Good thing it will grow back! Grrrr! She also took really a long time, so I did not get back until almost 6:30!

We ate dinner and settled in to watch TV and I made my client phone calls. My computer decided to do a 1 hour upgrade, so it was a busy little machine!

Tuesday- We left at 7:15 to go to Epcot. We arrived, parked and walked over to the entrance. We had to stand in line waiting as the park did not open until 9. All the other parks open at 8. As soon as we entered we power walked over to the Test Track. This is a really neat ride, simulating a race track. It was fun! We had not been able to get a Fast Pass time for this ride, but we did not wait in any line.

Epcot 2016


We then went to visit some of the other exhibits/shows. What a busy day! We had Fast Pass tickets to the Space Ship Earth at 10:45. We arrived to stand in line for about 15 minutes. The wait time was over an hour if you did not have the Fast Pass.

Epcot 2016

From there we wandered over to the World Showcase. We took a boat ride through Mexico…

Epcot 2016

and wandered through some of the shops. We had lunch in Japan and watched the drum show.

Epcot 2016

We continued our walk around the lake. We stopped at the craft beer exhibit.

Epciot 2016


We left around 2 to drive home and arrived at 2:30. We walked the dogs and relaxed until 4. We fed and walked the dogs again and left to return to Epcot. This time we were parked farther away so we took the tram.

We visited more exhibits. We had 5:45 Fast Pass at Soarin. This was an awesome exhibit. It is a trip around the world sitting in seats that fly. It’s hard to explain,but it is well worth the wait. We waited 30 minute in the Fast Pass line. The regular line was 90 minutes. Later we thought we would see how long the line was and maybe do it again, but the wait was 140 minutes!

Epcot 2016

We walked around the lake again looking for dinner. We finally stopped in France at a kiosk. All of the sit down restaurants are way too expensive. We both had a tiny beef bourgeon. It was very good, but small. So we split a chocolate crepe. It was mediocre. So we walked all the way back to where Soarin was and bought a salad which we split.

We went in search of our final Fast Pass ride, Mission Space. While walking over to the ride, it started to rain, then to pour! We arrived at the ride and dried out while in line. We took the easier ride. There are two, and one does a lot of spinning. I have benign vertigo, so we did not want to set that off. The easier ride was plenty! Wow, was it fun! You are a training astronaut and traveling to Mars. Exciting!

We left and walked back over to the lake to watch the fireworks and the rest of the ending of the day show. It was wonderful.

We back tracked to the entrance, climbed on the tram, and returned to the car and drove home, arriving at 10 PM.

My Fitbit told me that I had walked over 10.88 miles, 26,487 steps!!! I got a Fitbit badge for walking over 25,000 steps in one day. Both of us are sore and very tired!

Wednesday- We are both sore and tired. We went to the hot tub to soak. That  and the movement getting there and back seemed to help.

We had a quiet day. Bob had called a glass guy and he was coming over to fix the windshield. Evidently the windshield had shifted and the we had a loud screech while driving. I went to Walmart and did a few chores including the laundry.

We ate lunch at home. The glass guy arrived at about 4 PM. He did a repair and $250 later he left. We are upset, as Joe had put in the glass in January, in Arizona. This guy said that there was no seal in the middle of the windshield. Bob will be sending Joe a message as we think that he should be paying for this repair!

We ate dinner at home and planned tomorrow.

Thursday- We left at 8:15 and went to Disney Hollywood Studios. We had signed up for the Fast Pass for Toy Story Mania. We went there first, as our Fast Pass was for 9:30. We really enjoyed this attraction. It is basically a shooting gallery.

Because we could not get a Fast Pass for Rock’n;Roller coaster, we went there next. We stood in line for about 30 minutes, which did not seem too bad. Been there, done that! It was a all in the dark and you go upside down and sideways. It was fun, but I don’t like those types of rides. Bob did not really enjoy it either.

Disney Hollywood Studios 2016

We saw quite a few shows, ate lunch and went to the Star Tours- The Adventures Continues. This is a 3D simulated flight. We used our second Fast Pass. It was fun, but it made some folks sick. We saw several people pretty pale when we left. We were both okay.

Disney Hollywood Studios 2016

Here is the parade of the storm troopers.

Disney Hollywood Studios 2016

Disney Hollywood Studios 2016

Disney Hollywood Studios 2016

Disney Hollywood Studios 2016

More shows, then at 2:50 we used our last Fast Pass for the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.  This is located in a large outside arena, but we were under a huge fan. It had become hot by this time(86), and today was more humid. The show was good and lasted 30 minutes.

Disney Hollywood Studios 2016

Disney Hollywood Studio 2016

From there we left the park, hopped on the tram and returned home. Bob walked and fed the dogs, then we left to go to Hurricane Grill and Wings, just about a mile down from the RV park. Someone, and I did not write down who, had suggested this restaurant to us. We both enjoyed the food. We returned home, watched TV and went to bed. I had almost 13,000 steps today. Not as much as Epcot, but still plenty of exercise. This resort is not as large as Epcot or Magic Kingdom. We were too tired to return for the evening show. 

Friday-  We packed up and left at 10 to go south on I-4 to Lakeland to visit Margie and Wayne Holmes. We took the dogs and were spending the night with them. We arrived around 11. The dogs remembered Wayne and Margie, as we had traveled to Alaska with them! They were excited to see them and wandered around checking out the house.

Margie fed us lunch, then they took us on a tour of Lakeland. There are Frank Lloyd Wright buildings on the campus of Florida State University. We only saw one and there was too much traffic to get a decent picture.

We returned and they took us looking for alligators. We put the dogs in our laps and ran around their beautiful park in their golf cart. We spotted only one medium size one and who quickly slithered back into the lake. It was too fast for me to get a picture.

We returned and ate dinner with them then sat talking and laughing until 11 PM when we went to bed.

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