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Sat. Sept. 10 Colonial Beach VA to Fri. Sept. 16 Gaffney SC

Saturday- Another busy day for us. We did some tasks around the MH and at 10:30 we left to go to Waldorf. We stopped at the LaPlata Farmers Market and purchased some red bell peppers and a small cantaloupe.  We continued north and went to Country Florist to pick up some boxes from Lorrie. We had some packages sent to her house. We also had the opportunity to say hello to friend Janice Miller.

We went to Walls Bakery and purchased one of their world famous eclairs. Oh so good! We stopped at Ledos for lunch, then went to Walmart for me to pick up the Hidden Valley dressing that I had ordered. I have not been able to purchase the Hidden Valley Light Buttermilk Dressing.

We left and went back across the Harry Nice Bridge to VA. We stopped at the Super Walmart in King George for groceries. We returned to the MH, put away the groceries, walked and fed the dogs, and left to go to Kathy and Bill Neblett’s in Swan Point MD. We also met up there with Al and Carol.

We all went to dinner at “The Rivah” restaurant in Cobb Island. We had a great time meeting up with old friends. After dinner, we returned to the Neblett’s for dessert. Thank you Kathy! We arrived home at 11 PM.

Sunday- We did our budget and bills. Bob worked on installing the windshield wiper part and I worked on laundry. We left at 11 to go to Capt. Billy’s Crab House in Charles County.

We arrived and ate a dozen crabs with Doug, Chin Zen and Lindsey Plotner, Lorrie Anderson, and Nikki Huffstleter. It is so long since we have see everyone and we were not leaving the area without eating some Maryland blue crabs!

We returned to the MH, eventually ate dinner and watched some TV. Friend Barbara Rouse came to visit and to say good-bye.

Monday- Moving day. I left driving the car. I was meeting with classmates from Petersburg General Hospital School of Nursing where I graduated in 1974. I met up with Valerie Bowman and Debra Moore, former classmates, at the Colonial Italian Restaurant. We had a great time catching up on our lives. I had not seen these gals in YEARS!

Valerie, Deb and Me

I left at a little after 2 PM and continued south. Bob had driven the MH south and we met up at Kimball Point Campground in Kerr Lake NC. We have a nice site in the open, with 50 amp electric and water. No sewer, but we can get satellite.

When I arrived Roxie told me she was not happy that I had not traveled with them! She is so funny when she tries to talk!

We are on a peninsula and have the lake on three sides of us, although we are in the middle of the peninsula in site 54. It is beautiful here!

We settled in, ate dinner and watched TV.

Tuesday-  This is a rest day for us. Bob worked on the windshield wiper putting in the new part. While doing that, he accidently broke another part, so he ordered that part.

I worked on other tasks, and we ate lunch. We sat outside in the afternoon in a site on the lake enjoying being outside. There was a slight breeze off the lake.


Kerr Lake

After dinner, we went back out and sat reading our books. I shaved Bob’s head and we watched the sunset over the lake. We watched some documentaries and went to bed.

Sunset over Kerr Lake, NC

Sunset over Kerr Lake, NC

Wednesday- Moving day! We drove out to I-85 and drove south. We stopped for lunch at a rest area, then continued south of Charlotte to the Moose Lodge in Gastonia.We pulled in and the Lodge was closed so we parked in a site.

It was really hot and humid, so we worked on cooling off the inside of the MH, using the air conditioner and fans. We went to the Lodge at 5 PM and paid $10  for the night, 30 A with water.

Bob had a Yuegling beer. We ordered dinner and returned to the MH to feed the dogs. We went back down at 6, when the kitchen opened. Bob had the special which was roast beef, mash potatoes, green beans and corn, $5. I had the grilled chicken salad, using my own dressing, $5.

We returned to the MH and watched more documentaries.

Thursday- Moving day!  We have a short drive today to Gaffney SC. Our appointment at the Freightliner facility is on Friday, so we did not hook up the car. We stopped at the Flying J for diesel. Wow, we like South Carolina!


We arrived at the Freightliner Oasis Center in Gaffney. We pulled in, dumped and added water. Bob checked us in and we have to be ready at 8 tomorrow morning. We returned to the same site we had last time we were here, site 7. We set up and went to the Goodwill. I needed more tops! I bought 5 for $8. We stopped at Walmart and Lowes, then returned to the MH. We read, watched TV,and ate dinner at home.

Friday- The repair guy showed up at about 8:10. We were ready to go. Bob walked the dogs over to the waiting room and I drove the car over with all our stuff for the day. Bob settled in.

For some reason I had developed at urinary track infection, so I left to go back to Gastonia NC to the Minute Clinic at a CVS. The only one around. Gaffney did not have an urgent care.

I arrived and waited in line to checked in at the computer station. There was an older African American gentleman there(Wilbur) and he could not get through the system. So I ended up doing it for him.

We sat waiting for the Nurse Practitioner. I was next after Wilbur, but there was one man who arrived and all he needed was his PPD to be read, so I let him go ahead of me so he could get back to work. That took an extra 5 minutes, but the lady after me (who did not have to return to work) was really angry at the man for not asking her if it was okay to go ahead. Really, 5 minutes?

Anyway,  Susan the NP, sent the prescription over electronically and  I went to the Pharmacy area to check in. I needed to pay $2.Huh, we are in catastrophic coverage due to Bob’s hospital stay in May. So while I was waiting I called Caremark. They said that I have $825 left on my deductible. Huh? So Bob and I texted back and forth and he called Caremark also. I paid the $2, not a big deal, but we  were more worried about what else we were paying! The gal at Caremark said that I had paid for my prescriptions which had been mailed.

I drove back and we ate lunch. We sat watching TV and reading. Bob went and purchased gas, as there is a broken pipeline and the price of gas is going to skyrocket. It had already gone up 7 cents/gal since yesterday.

The dogs were so good. The receptionist commented to us twice on how well behaved our dogs were. The basically just sat in our laps and slept.

While I had been gone, the repair tech had come out to Bob and told him we needed new tie rod ends. The MH is 12 years old, so I guess that is okay! This meant more time. We finally rec’d the MH back at 5:00.

We settled in, ate dinner and Bob put the bikes back on the bike rack. We watched some documentaries and a movie.

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