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Sat. Sept. 3 to Fri. Sept. 9- Hershey PA to Colonial Beach VA

Saturday- We went to the outlet mall  in Hershey and then on to Costco in Harrisburg. We returned to the TT, ate lunch, and  packed chicken into freezer bags. We had purchased at Costco a freezer bag system. We had one before we went full time, but when we went full-time, we started using the Ziploc freezer bag system. Ziploc has discontinued the bags that we were using. Anyway, this works much better!

We took a short nap then we sat outside enjoying the awesome weather! It remains in the high 70’s with low humidity. We ate dinner at home, watched TV and went to bed.

Sunday- We went to Kohl’s and Famous Footwear in Lebanon. I bought shoes at both stores, as I really needed some new walking shoes. Then we stopped at a grocery store in Lebanon. We returned to the MH. We ate a little something, and went to Hummer town to Hoss Steak and Seafood restaurant to meet up with Pete and Donna Hoffman. I went to high school with both. We had  a great time catching up on about 45 years worth of life! Both of us had the salad bar. By the time we returned home, we were ready for dinner. We ate, then watched TV and went to bed.

Monday-  We started laundry. Bob took the towels over to be washed and I did the sheets. I have been doing laundry everyday, so not much else needed to be washed.

I left and went for a 10 AM hair appt. When I returned,we ate lunch, and then went to Lancaster. We wanted to buy some coffee at WAWA. We arrived to find the WAWA being remodeled, so we had to re-route to another WAWA. We tried to stop at the Costco for gas, but they were closed for the Labor Day holiday.

We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for new pillows, then returned to the MH. We sat out enjoying the wonderful weather, again. It was in the low 80’s and just a little more humidity, with a slight breeze. Awesome!

We ate dinner at home, watched TV and went to bed.

Tuesday- Moving day! I ran over to the Post Office to mail a package. When I returned, we finished closing up the MH and left the park at about 9:30. We drove thru Hershey to I-83 taking that to I-81 south.

We continued on I-81 south through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and into Virginia. We stopped at the Welcome Center to eat lunch.

We continued south on I-81 to south of Winchester, then turned east on I-66. We went to the exit for Rt. 17 south and followed that to Fredericksburg. From there, we took Rt. 3 south, crossing Rt. 301 and continuing 14 more miles until the turn off for Harbor View RV Park, free as it is included in our TT plan.

We arrived and settled into a 50 amp FHU site. We can sort of get satellite. It comes and goes due to the trees.

We ate dinner and started watching TV. At about 8, long time friend Barbara Rouse came over to say hello. She is one of the Camp Hosts at the park. This is an Outdoor World resort, which is included, free of charge in our TT plan.

We had a great time catching up with Barbara. She stayed until almost 9.

Wednesday- The Edge has been acting funny when we brake, so Bob made an appt. to get it looked at in Fredericksburg. He left at about 9 to go to a place to have it looked at. We need new rotors, brakes and tires. No surprise there! So he is having the rotors and brakes done today and going back for tires tomorrow, as they had to be ordered.

Meanwhile, I watched some videos,worked on my Health Coach business and did laundry. Bob returned at 2:30. We looked at each other and said lets go do something. So we went down the road to Wakefield, George Washington’s birthplace. It was interesting, but I would not go far out of my way to go there. It is a National Monument, and free to the public.



We went to the visitor center and stamped out NPS passport. We looked at the exhibits and watched the movie. Then we walked over to the replica of the house where George was born. The original burned down in 1779 and the family never rebuilt it. The farm continued to run. There were 10,000 acres, so we think we are staying on land that the Washington family used to own.

Wakefield VA

Wakefield VA

Above is a house that was built in the 1930’s in the style of the houses of the day. Below is the outline of the original house. I think it is strange that what looks like the front of the house is not facing the water.


A thunderstorm came up and we took shelter in the kitchen, which is not attached to the house. We waited out the storm, and started walking back to the car. The ranger arrived and, we turned around to go to the replica house, where he gave a presentation on George Washington.

Wakefield VA

The area is beautiful. We learned a lot more about George. The NPS ranger reminded me a little bit of Robin Williams. He really got into telling George’s story in a unique way. Hard to describe…

Wakefield VA

We left and returned to the MH to eat dinner. Watching TV became an issue due to more thunderstorms, which lasted into the night, so we watched shows that we had taped. We love the Smithsonian Channel and have taped a lot of documentaries, one of which was the making of Star Trek. Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the show!

Thursday- We drove north to Fredericksburg to have the new tires put on. That took until after 1. So we went to lunch at Ledo’s Pizza. Yummy, we love their pizza. Ledo’s is a Mid-Atlantic chain. and has awesome square pizza!

Because is was so late at this point, we went directly back to the MH, skipping stopping to buy groceries. We arrived back, walked and fed the dogs, and left to cross the 301 bridge. We went to Texas Roadhouse in LaPlata to meet up with friends Linda and John Foote.

We had a great dinner with them, catching up on the last six years. It had been that long since we had seen them! Way, way too long!

We returned to the MH and went to bed.

Friday- A very busy day! We left early to go to Washington for a cardiologist appointment for Bob. Since we will be gone the entire day, we took the dogs with us. We followed the GPS directions and crossed the 301 bridge into Maryland. We drove north to LaPlata, and left the GPS directions and took Rt. 225 west towards Indian Head, our old home. About half way across Rt. 225, Karlie started squeaking.  Huh? We turned right onto Rt. 210 north and about two miles north, Karlie stopped squeaking! We decided she had known where she was! It has been six years, but she spent the first six years of her life there. Wow, what a memory! Guess we tend to underestimate her…Roxie had gotten up and was looking out the window, so we think she knew also!

We continued up 210 noting all the changes on the way, especially at the Harbor in PG county. There is a huge MGM casino going in.

We continued into DC. We were running early, so we went to the tidal basin park. We parked the car, used the restrooms, and walked and watered the dogs.

We left and went to Bob’s appointment. Since we had the dogs with us, we parked at a meter in the shade and I stayed in the car with the dogs. Bob went to his cardiologist appointment. Great news!

This is the cardiologist who Bob had seen in 2012 for a second opinion on the A-fib. They did an EKG and he reviewed all the paperwork from Denver and Minnesota.  The Doc told Bob that he should stop the Fleconide ( the Afib med). He said that he would then need a cardiac monitor for two weeks. If there was no Afib, then he would be able to stop the Xarelto, the blood thinner! Wow, what a birthday present! We were really excited about this new plan. In 2012, we were told that Bob would be on the medication for life! Our problem now is that we are traveling and will have a problem working the plan.

We left DC, crossing over Memorial Bridge. We drove south on I-395 to King Street and stopped at “The Joint”. This is a nationwide Chiropractic franchise business. I had found them in Arizona and went to them there. No appointments necessary, and since I am in their system,  I do not have to have an X-ray and assessment, which costs more. Bob gave the dogs water while I went in and had an adjustment.

We stopped at Subway for subs for lunch and went to a dog park in Shirlington. We ate our subs and took the dogs to the dog park to give them a break. They had a great time meeting new friends and playing.

We left and drove south on I-395, turning onto I-495. Both of  which were  completely different, with Ezpass lanes and lots of new lanes which were being built the last time we were here. The traffic was horrendous! We are so glad that we had not traveled through the Baltimore and Washington corridor, by-passing on I-81.

We turned onto Braddock Road  west and went to Calvary Memorial Cemetery to visit my parents and grandmother’s graves. I took pictures of the grave markers and GPS’d the site to put into my genealogy program.

We set the GPS for Beth Nachman’s house, stopping on the way at another dog park. We arrived to find we were at her old house in Stafford. I had not changed the address in my phone! I have the correct address in my computer. So I called Beth and we re-routed, going to Manassas.

We met with Mary, Beth, Frank (her fiance), David, Becca and Brad. We had a great time catching up with everyone! We had a wonderful dinner and they had a birthday ice cream cake for me. Thank you so much!


The dogs and Beth’s cats seemed to do okay. They looked at each other and were not impressed, so basically they ignored each other. We left around 9:30 and arrived home at 11. We were all exhausted and we went to bed.

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