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Sat. May 21 to Fri. May 17- North Platte, NE to West Bend WI

Saturday- We continued north on I-29 thru Iowa to Sioux City. I was driving the car and Bob was driving the MH. We stopped at a Pilot, and dropped off the MH. We took the car to Walmart and had a new battery installed. I shopped for a bit. It did not take too long for the installation and we were back on our way. We turned off of I 29 at the next exit and started northeast on Iowa 75. We stopped and ate lunch while sitting in a shopping center parking lot.

We crossed into Minnesota, stopping at the Welcome Center.  This is the first time the MH has been to Minnesota!


We turned onto Hwy. 59 then 23, to Garvin County Park, just south of Marshall MN. It was a nice little park. We cruised through the south campground, where the dump station is located, but settled into a 50 amp site for $15, in the north campground. We had some trouble getting level, but finally were settled in for the evening.

It was beautiful outside, with sun and temps in the high 70’s, so we took out the lounge chairs and sat out to read. Bob said, “I think I will take a nap”. I pointed out to him that it  was 5:40. That was  when he realized he was having A-fib.

We ate dinner, and he laid down and took a 1 hour nap. We watched some TV and went to bed.

Sunday- Bob woke up, still having the A-fib. So we hooked up and I drove the MH. We went over to the south campground and we dumped. Then we had to go to the horse campground for water. We filled up with water, then left and drove north on Hwy 23. We zig-zagged thru rural MN, eventually driving onto I-94. We continued west to Alexandria MN, thru town, to Minnesota Roofing, our destination. We met Clayton the owner, who had us park. While we were waiting for him to get things ready, I looked up hospitals with cardiac centers. The nearest one was in Saint Cloud, 61 miles away, to the east. Fortunately, they are in-network.  So we packed up suitcases; Clayton said he would take care of the dogs, and I drove Bob to the ER at  Saint Cloud Hospital. The staff checked in  Bob , and we went to the back with them. They put him on a monitor and could see the A-fib.

They were not busy, so we saw the tech, the RN and the Doc rapidly. The Doc talked to us, then went to call the on-call cardiologist. He increased Bob’s dosage of the A-fib medicine, from 100 mg 2x a day to 150 2xa day. He also put him back on his Beta Blocker, only with a lower dose. Then he sent us home! Yea! We did not have to spend the night!

The Cardiologist office will call us to set up an appointment for Tuesday. So we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Then we returned to Alexandria and happy to see our canines!

Monday- Bob woke up, out of the A-fib!  So we did a little running around in Alexandria. Bob was really tired, so we returned, ate lunch, and Bob took a short nap. Clayton woke us up, because we had to pull the slides in. We are staying inside the work bay, so we did a lot of pulling in and putting out the slides.

The Cardiologist office called and made Bob’s appointment for 1 PM on Wednesday.

Tuesday- We went to the Goodwill in town, but did not find any clothes. We both are losing weight, so we both need some clothes.

We went to Menards, then Walmart, and returned for lunch. We ate, then tried for another nap. but we had to run the slides in and out, again. Randy ( Clayton’s son) and Clayton found that the seal that Alfateers had put on the big slide was coming off, so they replaced that. They were not even sure that the roof had been replaced. Bob went up on their lift and looked at it. Megan and PJ had put tape on it when we had the crack last year,and it was gone, so yes, it had been replaced. We are not happy with Alfateers!!!

Wednesday- Bob is not allowed to eat or drink before the cardiologist appointment. Since he is not in A-fib currently, it is a waste, but in case he goes into A-fib again, they would cardiovert him. Bob and Clayton worked on getting the antenna to work, running a new coaxial cable. Then we left and went to Saint Cloud to the Cardiologist office. We arrived at 12:25, checked Bob in, and sat for a few minutes.

The nurse took us back to the room. I filled her in on some of the things that had occurred, that Bob does not remember. She looked funny at me, and Bob said, my wife is a nurse. The RN said, ah, that explains why she remembers all of this!

We liked Dr. Mahowald, the cardiologist. Bob told him he was having some tightness/discomfort in his chest since the ablation. So the Doc wanted a Nuclear Stress Test. Since Bob walks about 5 miles every day, ( according to his Fitbit), the Doc thought it might be negative, but wanted to do the test just in case.

We explained that we are leaving tomorrow. So they made an appointment for 7:45 in the morning. They also had a place for Bob to stay overnight ( $45).

We ran back to Alexandria, and Bob finished putting the front of the MH back together from working on the antenna, then he packed up and left for Saint Cloud, again. He checked into the house, that had been purchased by the Benedictines, and donate to the hospital for families to stay in while their loved ones are in the hospital. He had a nice room with a private bath and shared kitchen. He had taken his breakfast with him. The dogs and I stayed in the MH in Alexandria.

Thursday-  Bob was up at 5 to eat. He checked out and went to the hospital for the Nuclear Stress Test. When he arrived, they thought his appointment was for tomorrow. They managed to fit him in!

Meanwhile, I was still in Alexandria. Because it rained, although we were inside, it was very humid, so the sealant was not drying as quickly as it should. Clayton had run a big industrial fan, but the humidity was still delaying the process.

Bob was done by 10:30 and at about 12:00 the Cardiologist called and said that there was only something minor on the test, and we were cleared to travel. So Bob hung out waiting. We both ate lunch in different towns.

I was also busy bringing in slides and even taking the MH out into the sun, then back into the bay.

At a little before 2, I paid Clayton, bid Randy and Clayton farewell, and drove the MH to the rest area at milepost 186, to meet up with Bob, about 80 miles to the east. We walked the dogs, then hooked up the car, and continued on our way. We were behind, as we were scheduled to arrive in West Bend WI to meet up with Bob’s cousin Jacque and her husband Paul. They have a 5th wheel and we are spending the weekend with them. We had paid for this evening already and I had called the resort  and told them we would not be there until Friday.

We drove much farther and later than we usually do, driving through rush hour traffic in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Ugh, that was nasty, as there was a lot of construction as well as traffic.  We crossed into Wisconsin. This is the first time the MH has been to Wisconsin!


We stopped at a Flying J for diesel, then went on to a rest area and ate dinner. We finally, at about 8:30, drove into Black River Falls Casino, and stayed in one of their designated RV sites. It was not all that level, so we only put our the small slide. We were exhausted and went to bed at 10.

Friday- We both woke up at 5:30. The parking lot had been quiet. Bob walked the dogs and I walked around the parking lot.

We left at about 6:45, after hooking up the car. We drove to the first rest area, and turned on the generator, so that we could perk our coffee. We did not want to run the generator and wake everyone else up in the Casino parking lot.

We continued east on I-94 to Portage WI, turning onto Wi 33. We arrived at Lake Lenwood Campground($42/night) in West Bend at about 11:15. We set up and sat talking with Paul and Jacque for about an hour, then ate lunch.

Paul and Bob went fishing in the campground lake. Bob caught 6 crappie’s, he threw one back. They were small, but he had fun catching them!


Jacque and I went shopping at Walmart and The Boston Store. We returned and met up with the husbands.

We left a little after 5 to go to dinner at the Riverside Brewery. Bob and Jacque each had a flight of beer. There were 8, 4 oz glasses.

Flight at Riverside Brewery


Jacque and Paul Brotherton

This is Bob’s cousin Jacque and her hubby, Paul, Brotherton.

We had a nice dinner, and stopped at Tucan Frozen Custard on the way back to the RV’s. We sat out with all the dogs, their Sugar and Stewie ( Westies) and our girls. We even took the canine cousins for a walk together to let them know that they are ‘”pack”.

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