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Sat. May 7 to Fri May 13, Westminster CO

Saturday-  Bob started having the A-fib at 11:30 last night, so today was a very quiet dat. It was cold and rainy again. We worked around the MH. We ate lunch at home and took a short nap. We decided to go to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I called and had us placed on the list which was a good thing, considering it was Mothers Day weekend and there are a lot of proms going on.

We waited about 20 minutes after we arrived at the restaurant. We had a nice dinner, then returned home.

Sunday- Happy Mothers Day. Bob’s A-fib stopped late last evening, so he started feeling better. We ate breakfast early, then went to brunch at around 10:30. The Lodge has a nice Mothers Day breakfast, which was free for me. Bob was $8.

We returned to the MH in time for Marianna to stop by to give treats to the dogs. She is going to watch them for us while we are at the hospital the next two days.

We binge watched Bosch again today, finishing season two. Happily they have renewed the show for another season.

We ate dinner at home, watched regular Sunday night TV and went to bed.

Monday- The alarm went off at 5 AM. Bob had to take a shower last evening and then again this morning. We left at at 6 AM to go to the hospital. We checked in at 6:22. The sign said “sign in on the clipboard and have a seat”. So that is what we did.

At 7:20, the gal behind the desk answered the phone and said no, Mr. Gray is  not here. Bob got up and walked over to the desk and told her we had been there since 6:22! She had forgotten to look at the clipboard and there were several patients all sitting in the waiting room! Not a great start.

The gal, Anita, apologized and took Bob’s info, and then called to the back to let them know that we were there and that she had screwed up! So she took Bob back. At 8 I asked if I could join Bob and she took me back. I said good bye at about 8:15.

The Cardiac Ablation was to take between 2 to 3 hours. I walked in the parking lot, read and talked to MaryAnne on the phone. The procedure was to start at 8:30. At 12 I went outside to eat lunch. At 12:30 I went to the back and Bob was still not there.

A little before 1, I was called back. Bob was in pain. He asked me to turn up his oxygen. I looked at him and he was pink, his blood pressure was good, as was his pulse and pulse Ox. The O2 was at 4L. So I declined and went to get the nurse.

She called the doc and he ordered Fentalyn for Bob and a state ECHO cardiogram to make sure that Bob did not have any bleeding in the pericardium ( the sack around the heart). She gave  him the Fentalyn, and he almost immediately started vomiting. Poor thing, he vomited for several hours. They gave him Zofran for the nausea, but it never seemed to do any good.

Bob had to lay flat for 4 hours, so this was definitely not fun. The nurse, Mary, had to tilt the head of the bed, although, not Bob’s head and hold pressure on his leg with each episode. I kept washing his face and helping him as I could. All of a sudden, his right arm/hand started shaking. Mary started doing a neurological check, and when she had Bob stick his tongue out, it went to the right.

She immediately called a Rapid Response. I got out of the way. Part of my job as a Case Manager on the Observation Unit was if there was a Rapid called, to stay with the family and get them out of the way for all the personnel who are going to descend upon the patient.

So I stood right outside the door. Bridgette, the Nurse Patient Services person showed up to be with me. All the doc’s decided to call a Stroke Alert, so now a whole other set of personnel showed up. Bridgette checked on the plan, which was for Bob to be moved from the Cardiac Observation unit to the Neurological Critical Care Unit, room 408.

I went with Bob to CT; meanwhile Bridgette moved all of Bob’s stuff from his locker to his room. They had me sit outside the CT room, in a small waiting room for the longest  15 minutes of my life. All I could do was pray that Bob had not had a stroke. He was able to move all four extremities and his pupils were equal bilaterally.

They opened the door to see if I was there and called me into the room. A Neurologist had been doing a virtual exam with Bob via video chat. The CT was negative, but Bob was still slurring his words, his tongue was still going to the right, and he was pretty out of it. I answered questions about his health and appearance.

In 1992, Bob fell off a fire truck when he was a volunteer firefighter/EMT with the Indian Head Fire Department. At that time, he developed a droop on the right side of his mouth. The CT at that time was negative also, but the droop was more pronounced, although he could smile.

The Neurologist did not think he had a stroke, so now they thought everything was caused by a reaction to the anesthesia or the Fentalyn. We moved to his room in the NCCU.

They admitted him. He was supposed to spend the night anyway, but now of course he was spending the night in the NCCU. The nurse, Tori was great!

Bob kept having symptoms. They drew lots of blood. The Cardiologist ordered a Heparin drip for Bob. I was leery of that, but when the Hospitalist from New West Physicians arrived, he explained that since Bob is taking Xarelto, if they had to reverse the anticoagulant, they could reverse the Heparin. Okay, made sense, so he got the drip. We discussed Bob slurring his words, which I thought might be from the tongue going to the right! Bob was still  really slow and not really with it.

At about 5:30 Bob looked at me and said, I feel better. All of a sudden, he looked almost normal. His eyes had cleared. I had him stick out his tongue, and it went straight. I dashed out and found Tori. She called the Doc, who said that they were still going to get an MRI anyway to rule out a stroke.

It was remarkable, the change in Bob! Wow! Now he was hungry. So Tori and Tom, another nurse who had been popping in and out and had been in the Stroke Alert, did a neuro check and a swallowing test. Bob did find, so I ordered him (and me) dinner.

Bob ate dinner, slowly, starting with some herbal tea, then chicken noodle soup, then a sandwich. He really felt better at this time.

They came at about 6:45 to get him to go to the MRI. So we decided that I could go home. I went home, watched some TV, walked the dogs, and went to bed.

Bob had a rough time after the MRI. When moving from the machine to the stretcher, he became nauseated and lost everything he ate. Then when he arrived back at the room, he started having double vision. That stopped and the his right arm started shaking and shook for 20 minutes.

He was able to sleep some, between the neuro checks and the blood draws! He had no more problem with his tongue. He ate breakfast and had no more vomiting. I arrived at about 7:30. The parade started at about 9. First, was the Neurologist. This gal did a full exam. She did find that he had a little difference in when he moved his tongue to the right, inside his mouth. Other than that, not much. But she decided that he should have an abbreviated MRI ( she called it a DWI MRI, guess that they do those for people who are hospitalized and suspected of having a DWI). It would show the brain stem if there were a stroke in that area, that sometimes does not show up for 24 hours.She discussed it with the Hospitalist, who was next in the parade. She also discharged him from service, if the MRI was negative. Then came the same Hospitalist. He was impressed at how much different Bob was from last evening. Then it was the Cardiac Nurse Practitioner ( the Cardiologist was at St. Joe today). All of them decided that if the MRI was negative, Bob could go home.

Next in the parade was more lab work, then the Physical Therapist. She walked Bob around the unit and showed Bob some tricks for stopping the shaking or trembling if they occur. She did see some of that in Bob’s right hand. Then the Occupational Therapist arrived, and she decided that she did not really have to see Bob, so she did not do an assessment.

Just before lunch, they came to take Bob for his MRI. At that point, I ordered lunch for both of us. When he returned, we ate lunch, and  walked around the unit. The Case Manager showed up to offer Bob Home Health, which I declined. He had no skilled need. I am not sure what she was trying to do, as she did not do any assessment.

I helped Bob to get dressed. The MRI was negative. We were waiting for the discharge paperwork, when Bob said that he was seeing through a prism. I told Tori, and she called the Neurologist, who said it was an eye issue. Really???

So I went to get the car. Bob called me to tell me that he was delayed, as when Tori took the IV out, he started bleeding and they had to get him to stop bleeding. Finally. Tori brought him to the car and we returned home.

We were greeted by happy dogs. I walked the dogs, and we took a nice nap.

Both of us were still tired, so I went to the Lodge to pick up dinner. We ate and watched TV. Marianna and Fred stopped by to see how Bob was doing.

Wednesday- We ate breakfast. Bob is really sore; he figured out he was using his upper body to move, and not his legs, which made his shoulders and arms sore. The incision line is healed, so I removed the dressing.

Bob ate breakfast and promptly fell asleep in the recliner. I walked the dogs. When I returned, he looked pale to me, but I checked his pulse and pulse Ox, both of which were good.

I left him in the recliner and ran to the Chiropractor, then dropped off clothes at Goodwill, then a prescription for Bob at the Walmart Pharmacy. I returned and Bob was still asleep. I woke him up and got him moving so that he would not develop any blood clots. He emptied the trash and walked the dogs. He felt better after that.

At 11:30, I went to the Lodge for lunch with the RV ladies. We played Ponytail Canasta until 4:30. When I returned to the MH, Bob had just returned from taking the dogs over to the dog park. He was feeling a lot better, as he had taken two naps. We ate dinner at home and watched TV.

Thursday- I worked as a Health Coach, talking to Bob’s cousin Karin and to my coach Lorraine. Bob went up on the roof to remove our current antenna. The antenna gets caught on the satellite dish, so we have bought a different model and Bob wants to get it installed prior to our roof being re-sealed. No rain today or tomorrow, but rain every other day until we leave.

He had a bad time of it. One of his drill bits broke off in the screw. He did a lot of banging and finally got it loose.

At 11:30, we left to go to lunch at Mimi’s Café at Colorado Mills Mall with Maureen and Frank Atwood. We had a nice lunch with them. We left and returned to the area. We stopped at Walmart. I picked up some groceries and Bob picked up his prescription.

We stopped by the Post Office to mail the two Roadrunner Newsletters that have to be snail mailed. We returned home and went to social hour at the small pavilion with Marianna, Thelma, and Julie. At 5 :15 we went to dinner at the Lodge, which was tacos again. We returned to the MH, watched TV and went to bed.

Friday-  We got up and packed up so that we could move. We are subletting Mel and Thelma’s 50 amp, FHU site, as they are going to a rally until the 23rd. They were not there, they were trying to find a turn light for Mel’s mini-van. So Bob got up on the roof and continued to work on the antenna.

Once Mel and Thelma returned, I walked up and gave them our payment for the site in cash. They left at around 11:30 and we moved into their site. We set up and I started doing laundry, as we had quite a pile to be done.

Bob continued to work on the antenna. He finally came down and took a nap in the recliner, as he was really tired from climbing up and down to the roof. He had caulked the antenna, and we are letting it dry. It is supposed to rain tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully it will cure.

When Bob woke up, he changed clothes and we went to dinner at the Lodge. We had invited Fred and Marianna, and bought them dinner for being so nice and taking care of the dogs for us earlier in the week. They said that they enjoyed the dogs because they were so well behaved. Marianna could not believe that they would stand patiently by the door while she attached their leashes to their harnesses. Plus they let her leave the MH first!

We returned, watched TV and both fell asleep in the recliner. 

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  1. Glad to see Bib is doing much better. Wow! What an ordeal. Hopefully now no more A-fibs.

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