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Sat. Apr. 30 to Fri. May 6- Westminster CO

Saturday-  We had a fairly busy day. I worked on the blog and Bob worked on some other issues. We left around 9AM to go to Albertsons to pick up a few items that only they have. Then we went to Costco and picked up a few items. We stopped and I had a manicure, then we stopped at the Walmart pharmacy for some medications.

We returned to the MH and worked on setting up Amazon Video, since we now have Amazon Prime. We could not get it to work, so Bob called both Direct TV and Amazon. Our new TV is not compatible with the Amazon app, so we had to go to Best Buy to purchase a stick. We looked at the Amazon Fire and the Roku. We decided on the Roku, after talking with the sales guy.

Once home, Bob was easily able to set it up. We then binge watched Bosch on Amazon Prime. Both of us fell asleep in the recliners while watching!

We went to the Lodge for dinner, which was meatloaf, mash potatoes, corn and salad. We returned home and watched  more Bosch.

Sunday-  We had to dump and take on water, since it has been 9 days. So we ‘lightly’ packed up the MH and went over to the dump and add water here at the Lodge. This took us about an hour.

We settled back into our site. When I went into the bedroom to put out the slide and take items off the bed, I found that the bed was wet.  We are having a leak in the ceiling in the bedroom, of course, right over my side of the bed. We put up a bucket, then went to sleep, when we discovered this Friday evening. Now it was worse, due to the move. We planned a re-route to Minnesota Roofing factory in Alexandria MN, since we are going almost straight to Wisconsin and have a few days that we can use to schedule the repair.

Bob is going to call on Monday to see if we can get an appointment.  It has been so cold, snowy and rainy, that Bob has not been able to get up on the roof to caulk the area where we think that the water is coming in. We are overdue for a new roof and had planned on getting the new roof when we arrived in Indiana, so this just confirms our fear that we should have done this sooner!  Fortunately, we are not going to lose any money on reservations, as we do not have any made during this time frame. We should be able to remain on our current schedule.

We ate lunch at home, I worked on the blog, Bob decided to purchase a new TV antenna, so he started looking for those. We continued watching Bosch and had a nice nap.

We ate dinner at home and the sun came out! Wahoo, we have not seen the sun for awhile!

I have been so excited about this weight loss plan that I have been doing, that I signed up to the a coach. If you know anyone who wants to lose weight, let me know and I will talk to them!

Monday-   Bob walked the dogs to the dog park and I walked in the Lodge parking lot. This is only the second time I have been able to do this since we arrived, because the weather has been so miserable with rain, show, sleet, and wind. The dogs were excited about going to the dog park, as they have not been able to go since we arrived. To day is supposed to be sunny with temps in the 50’s by this evening.

We worked on our list of tasks. Since we are going to be here for awhile, I made appointments for  our mail delivery, my hair, at the Apple store for my Ipad, the vet and groomer. We also started contacting friends and are going to meet up with folks while we are here.

I worked on the final article, getting it finished, but in the morning I will look at it again before I email it off to  my editor. I am also getting the Roadrunner newsletter ready, as articles are coming in.

At 4:30, we went to the Lodge for social hour. They were serving ‘wings’ but they were fried, so neither of us had any. We had a good crowd from the RV park at the social hour. We returned to the MH and ate dinner, then watched TV.

Tuesday- I worked on watching training videos, then we took the dogs for their Vet appointment. Whew, buying all the stuff and having Karlie’s blood draw, ended up being very expensive.

We returned and since it was warmer and sunny, Bob started working on caulking the roof. It is supposed to rain later this week, so I needs to be done and have time to dry.

We tried to nap, but were unsuccessful. We read and the phone rang. Friend Jeanne Porter called and wanted to know if we wanted to go to dinner. So we met her at Applebees. We had a great time visiting

We arrived home around 8:30, watched TV and went to bed.

Wednesday-  I watched more videos and worked on the Roadrunner newsletter. We had an appointment at the Apple Store at Flat Iron Mall at 10:30. We arrived and the guy started working on my Ipad.

The Ipad had been very slow and the screen has been going black. Of course, that occurs right as I am winning at a game and I have to re-do the game. It has been so frustrating that I have not been playing with the Ipad in over a month.

It took about an hour and a half for him to do the fix. We wandered around the mall while he was working on the machine. We stopped into Macy’s and I bought a new top. I am slowly trying to move the larger items out of the MH and get rid of them.

We left the mall and went to Hacienda Colorado for lunch, where we met up with friends Brian and Kathy Mungar. We had not seen them last year, so we had a lot of catching up to do. They are going to western Canada this year, and we are going to eastern Canada. They had a great year at Breck, and the skiing was excellent. Brian said that the Farmers Almanac had said that they were going to get a lot of snow early, then no snow in Feb, then lots late, which is exactly what happened. The mountains still have a lot of snow.

We stayed with them talking until almost 3 and returned to the Lodge. I ran into the Lodge and met up with the ladies, who were playing Ponytail Canasta. 

At 5, I returned to the MH and we ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed. The Ipad is working well now!

Thursday- A busy day for us. I watched more training videos. We went to Walmart then the storage unit, then on to Goodwill with donations. We returned to the MH,  ate lunch, then went to do laundry. We went to the Lodge for the Cinco de Mayo taco dinner. We returned to the MH, watched TV and went to bed.

Friday- I went to the Chiropractor at 9. We went to Walmart and Costco for gas.. We ate lunch and dinner at home.

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