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Sat. Apr. 23 to Fri. Apr. 29- Rawlins WY to Westminster CO

Saturday- This turned out to be a day we will always remember! Both of us are glad that it is over!

We woke up in the Flying J at about 6:30.  Evidently the battery inside our clock was dying, as our clock said 4:30! It was too light out to be that early. We got up, fed  and walked he dogs,and went to breakfast at the Denny’s inside the Flying J.

Bob had the 55+ egg meal and I had the 55+ vegetable omelet meal. So we had the senior discount and the AARP discount. The food was excellent!

We drove out of the Flying J at about 8 AM. We drove east on I-80 to Laramie, where we stopped at the Pilot for diesel, $2.17/gal. We turned southeast on Hwy 287 driving about 60 miles to Ft. Collins. This  is a very pretty drive, through hills and mountains.

We drove through the town of Ft. Collins to I-25, where we turned south. We exited at the next exit to stop at the rest area / Colorado Welcome Center. We ate lunch and called Julie, the camp host at the Westminster Elks, to let her know we were one hour away.

We continued south on I-25. Just before Longmont, we noticed that the road had become very bumpy. It was like riding a horse, except there was no rhythm to it. I changed lanes and it was no different. I slowed down, and it was the same. Finally, the alarm for the battery on the car went off and we got off at 136 th. Street. We knew exactly where we were, as the dogs had been groomed there several times.

As soon as I turned the wheel for the cut off, we could hear the tires rubbing on the fender. I had to make a right turn, then a right turn into the shopping center. We could see a large open area in front of the Lowes, on the south side. So I drove over there. We parked so that a tow truck could get in front of the MH if necessary.

Bob got out of the MH and walked around the rig, noting that the front was sitting on the tires. The front airbags had deflated. Hmmm, strange, as both of us had checked the  pressure gage this whole time and it read 110, exactly like it should. Bob got on the phone to our Good Sam Roadside Assistance. Meanwhile, because Bob said he thought we were going to have to be out of the MH, I was looking for a motel which would accept pets and checking our Extended Warranty plan for how much they would cover.

Bob said look outside, we were being swarmed by bees. Fortunately, the wind came up and I guess they went back to the hive and told the queen it was too windy to swarm out there!

The gal at Good Sam told Bob that the Transwest in Longmont was open and that they gave her a tow company to contact. The tow truck would be here in 60 to 90 minutes. At least we were in a safe place!

So Bob said start packing. The best place I could find for a motel was the Extended Stay in Thornton. We knew where that was, but it was $92.99 + $25 per dog, per day! EEEK, we get an allowance through the extended warranty of $100 per day, for food and lodging.

Since we have doctors appointments all week, I sent up doggy day care for the pups, for Mon, Tues, and Thursday, as we cannot take the dogs with us to the MD appointments. We will be leaving them at the same place we left them when I had the surgery last year.

Bob talked to the guy at the Transwest chassis shop. They do not have hook ups for the residential refrigerator and our basement freezer. So I called friend Marianna at the Elks Lodge and found that we can put our food in the refrigerator and freezer at the Lodge. If we had to break down, at least we have a support system in this area! So we pulled out the collapsible suitcases and started packing clothes. 

Meanwhile, the guy with the tow truck arrived. I was still trying to find a less expensive motel. Bob went outside with the guy to discuss how they set up the MH for the tow. Either you use a flatbed or a very large tow truck, which was what was available.

To tow, the MH driveshaft has to be disconnected, plus there are a lot of tasks to complete. It would take 4 hours, and the insurance would only pay for 3, and we were stuck with $250 for the last hour!

Anyway, the guy had Bob raise the MH on the jacks. The guy went under the MH and came back out, saying I found your problem. The link from the  leveling valve and the frame had become disconnected. He re-connected it! Then Bob was able to put the air back into the front airbags. Whew, we did not need to be towed, but it is only a temporary repair!

The guy jumpstarted the car. Meanwhile, I started to put the MH back together to move. We had put the bedroom slide out so that we could pack, and we had bags ready to take to the car to move out of the MH.

Bob contacted the guy at Transwest and he said since we can drive it, we can stay in their campground. If we could not drive it, we would have to have had it towed to the campground, then towed into the building, and the insurance would not pay for that, which was why we were going to have to move to a motel. The fix was temporary, and we need to find out why this happened!

So the tow truck driver said he would follow us back to Transwest, because he had to go that way anyway, and if we still needed a tow, he would then tow us.

So now we all line up in a parade out of the Lowes parking lot. Bob in the MH, the tow truck guy (and this is a monster size tow truck) and me in the car. We turn left out of the parking lot, then turn left onto 136th street. There is a Walmart across the street. As the tow truck driver and I, behind him, are turning. I see an old beat up truck driving out of the Walmart exit. There is a guy, running along side, beating the driver of the truck over the head with a pipe! I stop. The tow truck driver stops and jumps out of the truck. Meanwhile, the old truck goes off the road and hits a tree.

The tow truck driver is on his cell to 911 and all sorts of people are running to the truck,  so I continue on following Bob, who had missed the whole thing. We get on I-25 north and drive up to the Rt. 52, exit then turn to go to Transwest.

We had been to the Transwest in Commerce City and to this Transwest. WE HAD SWORN TO NEVER GO THERE AGAIN, unless it is an emergency. Well this certainly qualified as that! Unfortunately, they are the only game in town! We have had trouble with both Transwest facilities in the past.

Anyway, when we arrived, there is a new building and the campground that we had seen in 2013, is gone. So Bob stops and I drive around looking for the new campground. I pull into the new building parking lot and see hook-ups, so I radio Bob to come on in. Bob backs into a parking space and hooks up to the electric. I get in the MH and let the dogs loose. Bob goes into the building and finds out that we are in the wrong place! Meanwhile, one of the employees moseys over and asks  me if I am staying in the rig. I say yes, and he tells me we are in the wrong place, as they lock the gate at 6, and don’t open again until Monday morning.  The campground is around the back of the building, and Bob is talking to the RV folks, not the chassis folks.

So Bob runs over to the chassis building( not labeled), which is the old building where we had been before. He comes back with Ralph, who checks the mileage and takes pictures.

We run over to the old building  parking lot with the MH to use the dump and to add water, since we had planned to do that at the Lodge. Of course I have called Marianna and Julie to let them know what is going on.

We then drive through the parking lot to the campground, which is outside the locked gates, right on the frontage road to I-25. Whoopee, lots of truck noise all night!!

Anyway, we back into a site and hook up to 50 amp electric. By this time it is almost 6 pm, so we went to Panera for dinner. We returned and collapsed into the recliners!

Sunday-  We actually both slept pretty well, as it was not really too noisy overnight. The wind was howling though! It was sunny, but in the 60’s with winds 15 mph, with gusts to 40 mph. Plus there had been some light rain.

We got up and took quick showers as we have to conserve water. We did our usual budgeting and updating our accounts. Then I worked on the blog and Bob put the board back together. He needed some screws, so we left and went to Costco for gas and a few items and then to Home Depot, next door, for the screws.

It took both of us to put it up. Bob first pounded the small nails in the bottom of the board, then screwed it to the brackets behind. We were then able to put everything back where it belongs.

We ate lunch, walked the dogs, then went to Walmart for a few items. We returned and took a much needed nap.

We got up and Bob set up his new Fitbit which we bought at Costco. He has the same one I have, but with more bands.

I worked some more on the blog, as I have been behind.  We also went through clothes and packed up our larger sizes to go into the storage unit and put them in the car. We watched TV and went to bed.

Monday- We were up at 5:45 to get ready. We left the campsite and went to the chassis shop to check in by 6:50. We hit the road and got to the Doggy Day Care by 7:30 and were at the MD office before 8. We had the appointments with our PCP and had our fasting labs drawn.

We left and went to a late breakfast at Georges Café. After breakfast we went to our dentist office and they took us early. We had our cleanings and X-rays. They gave us copies of our X-rays to take with us, for our next cleanings in October, in Florida..

We stopped by the Lodge to pick up our mail and then went to visit a few minutes with Marianna and Fred. The site that Julie is saving for us was empty.

We left and went to our Endocrinologist appt. Bob is now off his diabetes medication! Wahoo! I had my thyroid labs drawn, then we left and went to lunch at Boston Market.

I called the Chiropractors office and was able to move my appointment to 2:15, so we scurried over to his office. We left there and went to the doggy day care to pick up the girls. They were excited to see us and evidently had a good time.

The staff had given them their Bortatella update shots, and they only charged us for 1/2 day, so that was nice of them. We ran back to Longmont and picked up the MH. They had completed the repair but had not done the generator belts, as requested. the MH was sitting out in the parking lot ready to go. Bob told them to forget it. He paid and we drove the MH to Westminster Elks Lodge. We were very upset, as someone had taken the spot that Julie was saving for us. It is the 50 amp site on the wall. We took the one on the end (30 amp) and we will not kill anyone with our diesel fumes, so it is going to work out, but we were promised the other site.We settled in and tried to catch up on some tasks.

Tuesday- The pups can stay in the MH, so I had cancelled the rest of the Doggy Day Care. We left at 9:25 for my 10:00 thyroid ultrasound. That is the first time I have ever had a test done by a one arm woman. She did great; she can really move with that prosthetic!

Meanwhile, while I was in there, Bob was on the phone with Jon from Alfateers about the board falling down. We also have a problem with the cabinet between the recliners and the dining room. There is a large opening in the back, when the slide is out. Bob had talked to Jon and he told Bob how to fix it. We now have a credit with Alfateers for both of these issues.

From the ultrasound, we went to our Dermatologist in Aurora. We were early, so we stopped at  the Goodwill Outlet. How awful, everything is just in bins. Ugh, so we left and went to another thrift store where I bought three tops for $13. One is a very nice Vera Wang.

We left and went to the next appointment. Dr. Ray did another biopsy on Bob’s face, which she thinks might be squamous cell carcinoma. So we need to wait for the results, but she gave Bob a prescription for the medication he will need if the biopsy is positive.

She sprayed the freezing stuff several times on Bob and once for me. We left and went to Jack in the Box for lunch. I had a nice salad and Bob had a burger.

We returned to Westminster as the next appointment was with Bob’s cardiologist. He has been having more A-fib spells, so Dr. Benedict decided that he should talk to one of the other Cardiologists who do the Ablations. They were able to fit in an appointment for Thursday afternoon. So we will see what he says. We can wait on it, so we might do it next spring, after we return from Florida.

We left and returned to the Elks Lodge. Julie stopped by and said that she had told guy who is in our spot that he has to move in the morning. We went to the Lodge for social hour in the bar, with us both just drinking water.  We ate dinner at home and watched TV.

Wednesday-We had a day off, so we worked on reservations and planning. At about 9:30, we left and went over to the storage unit, taking the larger clothes and substituting smaller ones.

We stopped at VisionWorks, as the cushion on  Bob’s glasses had broken.  They fixed them. Then we went to Total Beverage for Bob to pick up some beer.

Next, we returned to the MH. The 5th wheel was out of our spot, so we packed up the MH and moved to the 50 amp site. The temperatures are going to be in the low 30’s, so we are glad to have the 50 amp. This way we can make sure that the Hydrohot does not freeze. 

We ate lunch, walked the dogs, then Bob went to do laundry while I tried on all the clothes that we brought from the storage unit. All are the same size, allegedly,  but some fit and some don’t. I put the ones that do not fit into vacuum bags and they are going under the bed to store. I also continued to work on some reservations and the blog. 

Bob returned and we ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed.

Thursday-  My appt. with the orthopedic MD was at 8:30, so we left early. The weather is awful. It is cold with a rain/snow mix. It is a bone chilling cold! The temp never went past 36.

The Ortho was very happy with my knees. He came in, asked me how I was doing, I said good, and he asked if he could bring in a guy who was nervous about the surgery. The guy, his wife and a second guy came in to look at my knees. The first question the man asked me was could I dance. I laughed and said I square dance. I answered all his questions. Dr. Foran thanked  me for my assistance. I had X-rays and all is good. I don’t return for 2 years!

We left and went back to the MH. I worked on the final article and did some work on the blog. We ate lunch, then left to go to Bob’s Diabetic Ophthalmologist appt. He had a good report.

We stopped at Walmart and I bought some Dr. Scholl’s inserts for my feet. I seem to have developed planar fasciitis in my right foot. Lovely! So I did the machine and purchased some of their better inserts. I have been using the gel ones for years. The last pair of shoes I bought were Fila’s which had the cushioning. I did not add the Dr. Scholl’s like I usually do, and that was a big mistake! 

We left and went to Dr. Fenta, the Cardiologist who does the Ablations. He talked to Bob, gave us the statistics, and said that Bob should have it done now, not wait until we return in the spring of 2017. Since Bob had the increase in the frequency at this point, the Ablation would be 80/20  successful. If he waits, there may be heart damage and it could go down to 50/50 or maybe not be able to be done. If he is in the 20%, they would do it again and it goes up to 90% success rate.   So we decided to get on his schedule. the date would either be Monday May 2 or Monday May 9. We asked for May 2, but we have to wait and see. They did not do an EKG, as Bob had one on Tuesday at the Cardiologist.

Cheri, the scheduler took our information. She then took us on a tour of the hospital so we would know where we are going for the procedure, then took us to the lab for Bob to have his pre-op lab work done. I texted Julie to let her know that we will be staying at the Elks Lodge for 2-3 weeks instead of leaving on Sunday.

We returned to the Lodge and went to social hour then had Taco’s for dinner.

Friday- Bob started into the A-fib at 5:50 in the morning. So at 7:30 I called Cheri, the scheduler and asked her if they wanted an EKG while Bob was in A-fib. She called me back at a little past 8, after she spoke with Dr. Fenta. He said yes, so I quickly cancelled the dogs vet appointment. We raced over to the MD office, which is connected to Lutheran Hospital.  

I dropped Bob at the door, as he gets short of breath when he walks, when he has the A-fib. I went and parked. When Bob arrived at the office, they asked how he was doing today. He said not well, and the gal said, you must be Robert Gray!

A nurse came and got Bob and we went back for the EKG. Yup, it showed A-fib. We also gave her a copy of the original A-fib episode from 2012 and she gave us a copy of this EKG.

We met with Cheri again and she told us the date was May 9. Oh well, we kind of thought that would be the date.

We had time before my Chiropractic appointment, so we went to Costco for gas. Costco was not open yet, so we went to King Soopers for some vegetables. We returned for my Chiropractic appointment.

The Chiropractor also did foot measurements for orthotics, but they are much more expensive, and since we now have the deductibles to meet, I am going to see how the Dr. Scholl’s work. I can call and have him order them and have them sent to wherever we are at that time.

The weather is still awful, wet with a rain/snow mix, temps in the low 30’s. Brrrr!

We returned and ate lunch, then took a nice long nap! We went over to the Lodge for dinner, but no one was there, so we returned and ate dinner in the MH.

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