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Sat. Mar. 5 to Fri. Mar. 11 Sun City AZ

Saturday-  I went to water aerobics for my first time this week. I have just been so busy! While I was gone, Bob went to Walmart and rented a Rug Doctor. When I returned, we started to clean the ceiling, rug in the bedroom, and the throw rugs.

We stopped for lunch, then finished around 2 PM. We returned the machine and went grocery shopping. We returned and went to visit Donna and Allan. Donna is homebound right now due to her back. PT has told her to only walk around the MH and to exercise at home. The good thing is that she is out of pain.

We returned and grilled a nice steak. We settled in and watched TV.

Sunday- We did our usual bill paying/budgeting and I cleaned a bit. Bob took the towels to the laundromat to be washed. I washed the sheets. We are going to have to do them again on Friday, so we decided to do them today. I will also need the car in the morning.

Paul arrived around 2 to put in the final two doors to the front of the MH. We are really happy with them!


He finished that and we read our books. After dinner, we watched the final episode of Downton Abby. They did a great job of tying up loose ends. So sad, it was such a great show!

Monday-  I left early for my next therapeutic massage as I had an 8 AM appointment. I returned and put ice on my butt, then left to go to my 10:30 hair appointment. I stopped at Bealls to look at capris, but did not buy any. The same size was either too big or too small!

I returned to the MH and worked on trying to get us some Disney tickets at a discounted price. Most of the discounts are for more than one day. We are  not going to Disneyland, we want to go to the Disney California Adventure, as we have not been there.  Meanwhile, Bob was working on finding a kennel for the dogs for two nights. We would drop them off early and pick them up late, so we can’t do doggy day care.

Donna had called me and she is taking Allen back to the hospital as he is having bleeding, again. The original bleeding was caused by the antibiotics for the Legionnaire’s. 

Bob took a nap and I rode my bike.  We had a quiet dinner at home, watched TV and went to bed.

Tuesday- I worked on an article. The window guy arrived. He thought he was sealing the windows. He was not,  he was to put in felt along the sliding windows so that bugs do not get in. He did not have the supplies to do the job, so he left. We are trying again in Yuma with the same company.

At 9, our financial planner called and we did out annual conference call. We are trying to decide if I should go ahead and take my social security and there were other discussions. So after the call I tried to get into the social security website. I did that numerous times all day and evening.

At 10, I went to Mahjongg. I returned, we are lunch, then went to grocery shopping. Then returned and settled in for the evening. Alan was discharged from the hospital and Donna brought him home!

Wednesday-  I worked on articles. Bob is preparing the MH for our travels. We leave on Saturday. I tried again, several times to get into the Social Security website.

We ate lunch, and I went to Mahjongg. I returned and we had happy hour at our place. Donna and Alan, Judy, Fred and Millie ( their dog),  Bill, and Ray attended. MaryAnne had gone on a trip to the racetrack today and arrived back at the resort late.

Thursday- We spent time getting the MH ready for travel. I went to water aerobics for the last time.  We did some errands after lunch, one of which was dropping off the baby quilts at the local quilt shop, as a donation to Project Linus.


We returned and Bob took a nap. he has been having several episodes of A-fib this week and we are trying to figure out why. He has been busy, but he has been drinking fluids.

Friday- Our last full day here. I had an early appt. with the massage therapist. Wow, am I sore! I stopped in at the Card Club on the way back and said good-bye to friends. I had started the sheets and Bob had washed the towels. Fortunately, he was able to do them at the resort, as they have some of the dryers working.

I rode my bike over to the sewing room and dropped off the some leftover material. Ladies use the leftovers to make quilts for soldiers. I said my thank-you’s and good-bye’s.

We worked some more on preparing the MH for travel,ate lunch and ran some more errands. We walked the dogs, stopping to say good-bye to Judy and Fred ( the dogs said good-bye to Millie, their dachshund).  We will not see them again for a long time.

Then we proceeded on to Alan and Donna’s and said our good-byes to them. They are going to be at the rally, so we will see them in a few weeks.

We went out to dinner with Ray and MaryAnne at Denny’s.

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  1. Why did you put ice on your butt?

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