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Sat. Feb. 21 to Fri. March 4 2016- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We had a fairly quiet day. I worked on articles in the morning. Bob cleaned the ceiling vents. The screens are clean, it is the cover over the opening. He had to climb up on the roof to do this. 

We ate lunch, went shopping, and ate dinner at home. We went to Fred and Judy’s MH to play Mahjongg with MaryAnne. Bob did really well for not having played the game in several years.

Sunday-  We had another quiet day. We did our taxes. It went really well and fast. They are submitted and accepted. I worked on articles and we read the local newspaper.  Linda and Mike left today. We are going to miss them, as we will not see them again for at least a year, if not longer! They are headed to Florida and will return in April for Mike’s shoulder surgery.

The dogs are already missing Linda and Mike. They walked into their site, stopped and looked at the empty space. They looked at us as if they were saying “what is going on? How am I going to get my treats!”

After dinner, we had  Fred and Judy over to our MH to play Pegs and Jokers.

Monday- I had an 8:30 appt. with the Massage Therapist. The left side is doing well so she worked on the right side also. It was tight and now is very sore.

I returned to the MH and washed the sheets Bob had taken the towels to the laundry, but there was a gas leak and so the dryers are not working and there is no hot water at the laundry. So in the afternoon, he went to the laundromat. While he was going, he took the mattress pad, blanket, quilt and duvet.

I went to the sewing room to finish up a project.


I returned and we walked the dogs. We ate dinner and had a quiet evening at home.

Tuesday- I woke up early, so I got up and worked on articles. Whew, I will be glad when they are done!  I went to Mahjongg at 10, then home for lunch. In the afternoon, we went to the library to drop off some books for donation, then to Costco for gas, 1.35/ gal, then  Walmart, Fry’s and back home.

In the evening, Bob went with MaryAnne to the Astronomy Club, where the speaker was from the University of Arizona and discussed Mars.

I stayed home and did some more sewing, while watching the recording of The Producers, starring Mathew Broderick and Nathan Lane. Bob and I had seen it on Broadway and I think I liked the play better. During the play,  Nathan Lane would blow his lines and ad lib breaking up the cast and audience. It was much more fun!

Wednesday- My card class was today. I went over early to set up the tables. One of the gals volunteered to take the group over for next year, since I will not be here. At 12 , I returned, ate lunch, then went to Mahjongg at 1. Bob worked around the MH doing small stuff. The new hose reel arrived today.

We went to the hot tub with Donna and Alan at 6:30 and had a nice soak. I also stretched my knees out.

Thursday-  I worked on articles again in the early morning. Bob dropped me off for my next Therapeutic Massage while he went to the hardware store and to drop some items off at Goodwill. He picked me up and we returned home. Bob had started switching the hose reel and found that the tech people at the company was wrong. It was not  a one for one insertion. He was not happy!

He had to run to the hardware store, again. Meanwhile, Paul arrived to put on the cabinet doors. He bought the frame, but forgot the doors. He is coming from Mesa, and it is a long drive. Needless to say, he was not happy with himself.

He put on the frame for where the TV was located and then he put a frame around the left door. He and Bob had found, when he tried to put the door on before, that the area was not squared. So he built another frame for this area. He also put the handles on the other two doors. He is to return, possibly on Sunday, when the traffic is not as bad.

I went to lunch with friend Annette. Then returned for a short period. Bob was still working on the hose reel. I left and went to a free audiology appointment to get a baseline hearing test. She took an ugly chunk of wax out of the right ear. I have some hearing loss on the left side and minimal loss on the right side. She offered for me to test drive some hearing aides to assist with the ringing in my ears. I declined. I hear okay and they are really expensive.

I returned and by this time Bob was having an A-fib attack.. We ate dinner, then went over to Sandy and Gary’s park model to play Mahjongg.

Friday-  I went to the Card Group. Bob continued to work on the hose reel. He is still cussing at the darn thing because he is having so much trouble getting it in. He finally got it in place, to find that the connection on the reel does not match the connection on the MH. When I returned at 11, he was on the phone with tech support explaining to them that they do not match. The engineers were at lunch and were to call back.

I went over to the sewing room and almost finished the second baby blanket that I want to donate to Project Linus. I worked on that until 4. Now I still have to overstitch then I am done. Bob had dropped me off and picked me up because he thought he might need the car to go to the hardware store.

While I was gone, Bullseye RV repair arrived. Our appointment was for next Tuesday for them to check the water heater. It was leaking again.  Since they were in the park, and finished with another client early, they decided to see if we were home.

The tech put in a new plug, which was the leak and they also had an adaptor for the hose reel. So both of those are completed. Gee,  tech support had never called Bob back….

We usually go to square dancing class on Friday evening, but both of us were exhausted. So we ate dinner then went to the hot tub. We returned and watched some TV, falling asleep on the recliners.

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