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Sat. Feb 20 to Fri. Feb. 26- Sun City AZ

Saturday- There is usually a water aerobics class on Saturday, but since I did not make it to water aerobics on Wed, Thu, or Fri, I was unaware that they had cancelled the class due to the Health Fair in the Ballroom. It is also patio sale day.

Anyway, I went over and had the pool all to myself. So I did my own thing. What I like about this park is the friendly folks. Several people who cut through the pool area stopped to talk. It is nice to have people calling out good morning to you!

When Bob walked the dogs, he found a “Pegs and Jokers”  game for sale, so he bought it for $30. He is going to have to polyurethane the boards, but that is much less expensive than the $50- 80 that we have seen.

I returned to the MH and Bob and I stopped at the Health Fair on the way out of the park. There were a  lot of Dentists and Audiology vendors. One vendor literally took a picture inside our ears and showed us the ear. How neat to see pictures of your ear on her IPhone! I have not had a hearing test since I was a kid, so I am going for a free test and wax removal. Bob had one before he retired and is not interested in having another one.

Another vendor took blood pressures. Mainly, that was a way to talk to you. They are a practice that does Case Management of Medicare patients. Very interesting that there is now a Medicare Code for this type of preventive care!

We left and went to Penny’s Home store looking for carpet. They did not have any, so we went to Sweet Tomatoes to have lunch. The lunch was very expensive, so we moved on to Café Zupas, where we each had a delicious salad. Both of us, for almost that same price as one person at Sweet Tomatoes!

We stopped at Costco for gas, $1.35/gal. Then we went to another carpet store. Then on to the Chiropractors and Bash’s were we bought a nice steak for dinner.

We sat out enjoying the weather until it was time to grill the steak. We watched more recorded TV shows. this weekend is a free HBO/Cinamax weekend, so we are busy recording lots of movies.

Sunday- We did our usual budget update and checking accounts to make sure that everything is still as it is supposed to be! After lunch, we left to go to Bed Bath and Beyond as we had found pet steps online there. Last night Karlie got up at 11:45 and 4 AM for water. She has problems getting back up on the bed and at 11:45, she fell while trying. So we are finally giving up and purchasing steps for her.

We went to Petsmart and then Petco and finally found some stairs that fold. We stopped at Walmart then returned home. We sat outside enjoying the wonderful weather. The temps remain in the 80’s during the day and 50’s at night.

We rode our bikes around the park at 5, then grilled some salmon for dinner. We watched TV and went to bed.

Monday- I went to water aerobics. Bob went to the hardware store to buy polyurethane for the new Pegs and Jokers game. He then varnished the wood.

I returned and we went grocery shopping. After lunch, I went to the sewing room to cut our placemats and the baby quilt I am making with the leftover material. Fortunately, there were ladies there to assist me, as I had to make squares for the larger side. That is tricky, when you are new to all this!

I returned and we rode our bikes around the park and sat out enjoying the nice weather. We ate leftovers for dinner, then watched TV.

Tuesday-Every morning before I leave for water aerobics, I work on an article. I went to Mahjongg at 10 and returned at 12 for lunch. I worked some more on the article. Then I worked on more planning for our trip this summer.

At 3, friends Gary and Sandy Carr, who want to become full-timers, came over and looked at the MH. They had never been in one. They picked our brains for almost 2 hours. The left at 4:50, and I ran to my 5 PM mani.

I returned, we ate dinner, then we went and picked up Judy and Fred to take them over to Diana and Jim’s to play Pegs and Jokers. I am still having a problem getting the strategy. There is a lot of strategy to the game.

We had a great time, staying until 10, when we returned home, dropping off Judy and Fred on the way.

Wednesday-  More article work, then I left at 9 to go to a Therapeutic Massage. I have had an issue in my left buttock since the trip to Alaska, and it has just gotten worse. I had gone to a chiropractor for 6 months in 2013 to 2014, and that helped, but the issue is back. I cannot stand. I am okay moving, it is standing that is hurting. I am having a problem standing in line at the store.

Rene did a great job, and I return on Friday. It is amazing, the difference between one side and the other! Some of it may be from the high ankle sprain in 2012 and some may be from walking poorly from the bad knees. I also have scar tissue in the area from a past surgery. All together, it is very painful!

Bob and I worked on our trip this summer. Diane and Jim had told us that the peninsula, in Quebec, north of Quebec City, is beautiful. So we are going to take a trip up there, prior to visiting the Shambaugh’s in north Vermont and the Escapade in Brattleboro VT. Guess we are going to have to work on our French!

After lunch, I went to Mahjongg. Bob fixed some of the joints in the MH. . I returned and we sat out until it became cold. We ate dinner and watched TV.

Thursday- We worked around the MH. I went to water aerobics. When we went to the grocery store we were both laughing at this little Mercedes Smart Car that we saw. Look closely in the picture, and you can see a propeller, which was turning, on the back of the car.

We had happy hour at place. We had Bill they single guy behind us come, as well as Elaine and Don, who also own an Alfa MH and are on 20th street. We also included Gary and Sandy Carr, who are interested in purchasing a motor home so that they could pick everyone’s brains. They were impressed that there were so many full-timers!

We had a great time with everyone. In the picture below, from the left, me with Roxie looking at the camera, me with Karlie in my lap, Sandy, Gary, Judy, Fred, Ray, MaryAnne, Bill, Elaine, Don, Linda and Mike.

Happy Hour 2 26 16

Friday- I went to card group in the morning. I returned at 11, to see some items on the ground behind the MH when I put my bike away. Bob had found that we had water in a basement compartment, again! No rain, so that was not the source. He found that the hose reel was leaking. This is the same hose reel that was making so much noise when we were in Missouri and found water in the same compartment when we were in Branson. So it was an ah ha moment.

He has gone on line to purchase a new one and to have it sent here before we leave. He should be able to put it in himself.

I had my second therapeutic massage today. Yes, it hurt a whole lot more, since the area was bruised. She also did the other side and found more scar tissue there also. Hopefully she will be able to get this fixed before we leave for California.

We ate lunch and dinner at home, then took a nice nap. We went to square dance class, and had a good time.

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