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Sat. Feb. 13 to Fri. Feb. 20- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We wandered through the “Shoppers Paradise” where vendors sell lots of stuff from Tupperware to leather belts.  We left there and went grocery shopping. We ate lunch at home, then at 3, I went for a mani/pedi. We ate dinner at home and watched some recorded TV shows.

Sunday- We were off to Costco early. We have found that 10 AM on Sunday is a good day to go to Costco. This week seemed to be an exception, as it was pretty crowded. At least the lines moved rapidly.

We ate lunch at home, then I worked on an article. We sat outside for awhile and basically had a quiet evening.

Monday- I went to water aerobics then to lunch with MaryAnne, Linda and Judy. We had a great time at Café Zupas. From there we went to JoAnne’s where I bought 3 items. I had a 50% off one item coupon, then a 40%, then 15% off the total purchase. Wow!

We left there and went to the Container Store. We each bought an item. I bought a very small trash can to put next to my recliner.

Bob had a list of items that he is completing. He has cleaned out the trash area, made some adjustments to the TV, polished the shower stall and cleaned the shades

In the afternoon, I went to the Chiropractor then stopped at Bealles Outlet. Sorry I had not found this awesome store before. The ladies in the water aerobics all talk about buying their bathing suits there. I bought white crops and a cute top.

We ate dinner at home and sat out enjoying the nice weather. It has been in the 80’s during the day and 50’s at night with bright blue skies.

Tuesday- I went to water aerobics in the morning, raced back, and then went to Mahjongg. At noon I returned and worked on another article. We sat out enjoying the afternoon weather. It has been just gorgeous!

Wednesday- I went over to the sewing room to cut my material for the quilt class on Thursday and met with one of the ladies who gave me a pattern for placemats. I started cutting them also, but had to stop as the room closes from 12-1.

At 1, I went to Mahjongg. What a Mahjongg day! I kept drawing Jokers and won 4 out of 5 games. My table mates were not happy! That is the way it goes, as next week I might not get a single joker!

Bob continued to work on his list. We ate dinner at home, watched TV, read and played on our tablets.

Thursday– I had the baby quilt making class, which was actually teaching miter corners. Here is my cute quilt. Linda had leftover material that she gave to me.

Baby quilt 20160221_100800

It was an easy quilt to make and I have enough material for another quilt.

I had a problem with my sewing machine and used one of the sewing machines from the sewing room. It was a nice little simple Jenome. So Bob and I went to a sewing machine repair place in Glendale. The gal was able to easily fix the machine and I bought a 1/4 inch foot while I was there.

We returned and started cooking orange chicken (from Costco) for happy hour this evening. At 4, we went to Judy and Fred’s for a nice happy hour. While there, we found out that friends Alan and Donna Vore were in Scottsdale. Alan was in the hospital, after contracting Legionnaire’s Disease from the hot tub at the park they are staying at in Casa Grande! Yuck!. Donna had a mild case, but Alan almost died. The park was not sympathetic to their plight. The Health Department was of course called in. The Doc’s at the hospital in Casa Grande were not able to figure out what was wrong with Alan, so Donna took him to Scottsdale, where they figured out what was wrong and gave him antibiotics.

We had a nice time chatting until about 7:30, when it started to get a little chilly. So we returned home.

Friday- I went to Card Club this morning. We learned a few new techniques. I showed Judy how to use some of the machines and we had a great girl time, with Pam and Marie at our table.

I returned and we ate lunch, then took a short nap. We sat outside, ate dinner, then went to Square Dancing.

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