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Sat. Jan. 23 to Fri. Jan. 29- Quartzsite AZ to Cathedral City CA

Saturday- The last full day of the rally! It has been fun being the Wagon Masters for the rally, but we are ready for some us time, but we really enjoy being with everyone!

The Vore’s picked up the doughnuts for this morning. Because we do not need more doughnuts for tomorrow, I changed the order and had three boxes of doughnuts and one box of apple fritters. The dozen apple fritters went really quickly!

We did some tasks at home, then went to Burger King, in town for lunch. We are running out of sandwich meat, so we are hoarding it for Tuesday. We returned home, and took a short nap.

We had pictures at 4 PM. 1_23_16_Roadrunner Family 2-001

Next it was time for announcements, then the Sheriff (Dale Prichard) started the show. Everyone had some transgressions! It was a lot of joking and laughter. We ended up donating $185 to the Quartzsite Food Bank.

We quickly heated up our casserole and had the pot luck dinner. After dinner was the evening campfire.

Sunday-  We fired up the generator at 6:30. One of the attendees, Rick Webber, said that he can hear the sun come up each morning. It is the sound of the generators starting!  Below is the moon setting over the desert. The colors just really do not show!

Moon setting over the desert

I put our doughnut bread pudding into the oven. It is really easy to make;  you let it sit overnight in the refrigerator before cooking to absorb the evaporated mile.  There were six of the bread pudding casseroles for breakfast, plus some fruits and hash brown potatoes. I had another zucchini bread that I had defrosted and that was all gone.

Doughnut Bread Pudding

We sat talking for awhile, then went into the MH and did our usual Sunday budget and putting pills into the containers.

We left at 11:40, to go to Silly Al’s Pizza to  meet up with friends Tom and Marian Braun. They are staying a little south of us with the Foretravel group. That is their brand of motor home. We had a really nice lunch and it was great meeting up with them!

Us with Tom and Marian Braum

We had a quiet afternoon, taking a nap. We ate dinner at home. Only a few people left, as most stayed to watch the football games. We had a campfire in the evening.


Above is the sunset, below is the reflection from the sunset, to the east.

Sunset from the coach

Monday- We started preparing to pack up to leave tomorrow morning. We packed up the tables, table cloths, table cloth holders, and chairs. We had a quiet morning, then ran into town to get gas. It is much less expensive in AZ than in CA.

The weather was colder and there was more wind, so we stayed in this afternoon and evening.

Tuesday-  Check in time at the resort is 12, so we packed up. said good-bye to everyone, received a lot of hugs, and we drove off. We stopped at the trash area to  empty the trash and hook up the car. We turned south on Hwy 95 and drove about 2 miles to La Posa South, where the sewer dump and water are located. We got into line. There was 13 rigs ahead of us. It took 1 hour and 4 minutes for us to get to the dump site, and only about 10 minutes to dump. Some other people were so slow!.

We drove back out of La Posa South, heading back north on Hwy. 95, then turned east to the entrance of I-10 and pointed the MH west. We passed into California and buzzed right through the fruit inspection station. As dirty as we appeared, they must have rightly assumed that we were from Quartzsite!

While driving west, we decided not to stop at the first rest area for lunch and then regretted that decision, as the next one, which was 27 miles further,was closed. The next one was 78 miles!

The wind picked up forcing us to drive through a dust storm.  Bob slowed the MH down to 50 and people were flying past us as we lumbered along. You could not see much in the distance, but could see the traffic flow.

We stopped for lunch at the George Patton Museum and the truck stop there. We parked and ate our sandwiches to the rocking of the MH from the wind.

The dust was so bad in one section you could not see all the way to the Coachella Valley. Once we started to descend  into the valley we could see across to the valley  past Palm Springs, where the wind turbines are located. The wind decreased once we were down into the valley.

We have a reservation at Cathedral City RV Park, as the Thousand Trails was completely booked. We drove through the valley to Bob Hope drive, turned right, then left, going about 4 miles to the resort, crossing Dinah Shore Drive. Do you see a theme here? Most of the streets are named for famous people. 

The resort appears to be an old KOA, with the typical A-frame KOA type building. We checked in and paid $15 per night + tax, which was a total of $84 for the 5 nights. We parked in a 50 amp site, but the 50 amp electric is not working. Oh well, the price is right and we are not going to need air conditioning.

The temp was in the high 70’s with nice sunshine. We set up camp then I went over to the hot tub and I stretched out my knees. I have found that I can stretch them really well in the hot tub and I could feel the scar tissue snapping.  Once I returned, we sat out in our lounge chairs, enjoying the nice warm weather. There are snow covered peaks on the mountains behind the MH, but in the valley it was warm and sunny.

We cooked a dinner of leftovers and watched TV. With the time difference, as we had moved into Pacific time zone when we entered CA, we were very sleepy at bedtime.

Wednesday- I went over to the pool this morning to do my own water aerobics, as they do not have classes here. The pool gate was still locked and I returned for us to take nice long hot showers!

We left and our first stop was at a car wash. The first place that we stopped at was $16.99, so we went to another car wash, near the airport. They charged us $10 for a wash and hand dry. Great price and a really good job!

We had seen an Aldi”s sign, so  we returned to shop, but they store is not yet open. We ran into Home Depot to buy a new air filter, but they did not have the right size. We went to a store called Smart and Final and went grocery shopping. We were not impressed. So we left and went to lunch at Panera Bread. Then off to Lowes for the filters, where Bob was able to buy a 3 pack.

We Stopped at Walmart and bought a few items, then returned home to the MH. We put everything away and took a nap.

I started working on the Roadrunners newsletter. Susan had asked me if I would become editor and I said yes. The previous editor has had health issues and is also now taking care of her father, so she was having problems getting the issues completed. We walked the dogs, did laundry, cooked dinner at home and watched TV.

Thursday – While I was trying to download attachments that folks had sent me for the newsletter, the Word Pad on my computer kept taking the attachments and messing them up. I could not get Word to be my default program, so I called Geek Squad to fix the issue, along with the internet connection issue we are having since we changed to Windows 10. Every time that I try to go on the internet, I have to reboot my computer. Bob has the same problem. Also, right in the middle of something, the computer will stop the internet connection, and then I have to re-boot. What a pain!

If took over 2 hours for the guy to redo a bunch of items. He easily fixed the Word Pad issue, and thought he had the internet issue fixed, but evidently not. It is a Windows problem and they have not put the fix up yet.

We ate lunch at home, then we went to Ralphs for some sandwich meat. We ate dinner at home of leftover casserole.

Friday- We went over to the pool at about 9:30. Bob went to the hot tub and I did water aerobics. Two ladies joined me and asked if they could follow along. I was almost finished, so I restarted the program for them, and went to the hot tub. A third lady joined them and they did most of the program.

We showered, then went to In ‘n Out Burger for lunch. We stopped at  Office Depot to restock the toner cartridges, then to Walmart for a cord for the DVD player. When Bob hooked it up, he found that it only played in black and white, Bob called the manufacturer and they, said to change the cords. That did not work, so we will buy a new player. 

Bob had moved the Genie box and the DVD player to a cabinet over the new TV, so that we do not have to put it away every time we move. We have to keep the cabinet open when watching TV so that the Genie does not overheat, but that is not an issue for us. Of course, this meant finding a place for the items in the cabinet. Fortunately, that did not prove to be a difficult task!

We went out to dinner at a nice little Chinese Restaurant called China Eight, just a few blocks away. The meal was good and very inexpensive. We drove out of the parking lot past a Panda Express and think that is the reason the restaurant was inexpensive. The restaurant was very busy!

We returned home and Bob noted that there was now a wind advisory starting on Saturday afternoon coming in from California. So we made the decision to leave very early in the morning to get to Alfateers for our slide issue.  We started getting ready to leave a day early. Unfortunately, where we are does not give any refunds. Okay, it won’t cost us to stay the night at Alfateers, averaging out our lodging costs.

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