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Sat. Dec. 12 to Fri. Dec. 18- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We ate breakfast and Bob walked the dogs. While they were gone, I swept, vacuumed, mopped and cleaned the bathroom.

We were out the door at about 9:15 to go to the “Shoppers Paradise” at the ballroom. Once a month, vendors come into the park and sell their wares. I was only able to go one time last year, as I had always been working on Saturdays.

I bought a Tupperware “breakfast” maker and a little thread catcher for when I sew. We also purchases two magnets for the back of our square dance name tags. Bob looked at leather belts, but they did not have any in his size that he liked. I saw some tops, but I thought they might be too short and shrink up as they are 100% cotton.

We left and returned to the MH. Bob walked the dogs and while he was gone, I opened the cabinet where the dishes are and there was no light. Hmmm, so I left the door open to show to Bob. This had happened before, and when I showed it to him the light worked.

He figured out that the lights do not work when the main kitchen light is off. He was not aware that they were on the same circuit. They are not according to the wiring diagram that we have for the MH. He is working on that issue.

We left and went to Home Depot. We need some accent rugs and have been looking. We have not found any that we like, yet.

We stopped at Paradise Bakery/Café for lunch, both having the soup and sandwich combo. Bob had the club with black bean soup and I had the turkey cranberry with chicken noodle. Both were great.

We left and dropped a book off at the Library, then went to Walmart to pick up a few items. Surprisingly, Walmart was not all that busy. We returned home and Bob took a nap.

We walked the dogs again today, stopping to visit with Mike and Linda. Mike was charging their car battery, as it had lost its charge. The battery is  less than a year old.

Linda had baked a Texas Sheet Cake and she gave us some. We both love Texas sheet Cake. If you have never had it, it is sort of a cross between a brownie and a cake, only made in a large, shallow baking pan. Yummy! Good way to have it, in small batches!

We returned home, ate left overs for dinner, read, and watched some TV.

Sunday- We did our usual budgeting and checking our accounts, then went to Fry’s to pick up sandwich meat and a newspaper. We watched the Redskin game and walked the dogs several times. It rained a bit during the day.

We went to sleep to the sound of rain on the roof of the MH. A front is coming through and the temperature has dropped significantly.

Monday-  BRRRR, the temp was 40 when we woke up this morning and it was raining. Bob took the dogs out quickly, then went over to Mike and Linda’s to take out their Pug, Sable. Mike is having surgery today, so Bob is watching over Sable.

Linda and I texted back and forth all day. Mike did well, but they still wanted to keep him overnight. Luckily, the tumor was benign, but surgery is still surgery and hard on the body.

Bob took Sable out several times during the day.  I worked all day on planning our trip this summer. Because we are planning on going to Florida, we are going to need to make reservations, especially when staying in a state park. You are able to make reservations a year in advance, so I need to have an idea of where we are going to be at certain times. Wow, is Florida more expensive! Sunshine Key resort, where we get a discount, is $110 per night! The most we have ever paid was $80 for one night, and we do not like to pay over $25. In Arizona, here at Paradise, with all our discounts, we pay $377 a month, plus electric for a total of $447 a month. What a difference!

Linda stopped in when she returned home to pick up Mike’s computer and cell phone. We sat and talked a bit, before she was returning downtown to be with Mike.

We ate dinner and watched TV.

Tuesday- We were up early as the groomer is coming at 7. It is colder this morning, at 36, and is supposed to be  even colder tomorrow! The daytime temp is to only be 53. Normal is 66, so this is really a cold spell. Not for the folks from Minnesota, but definitely for the Arizonans. Look out, this cold spell is heading east!

I went to Mahjongg at 10, but again it was only MaryAnne and I, so we sat and talked. I left to go to have my nails done, then returned around 12. Bob and I had lunch, then I stopped at the little contract post office to pick up a mailing envelope for a Creative Memories tearing piece that I sold on Ebay. I continued on to get my hair done. I was almost finished when the phone rang at the shop. It was MaryAnne calling for her appointment. She and Linda go to Joanne, and she had been hit by a car and will not be back until mid January. I was going to tell MaryAnne and Linda that when I returned home, but MaryAnne had send a text and Linda called to get an appointment also.

I returned home and cooked dinner and  we watched the Republican debate.

Wednesday-  We went to the little post office and mailed the tearing tool, then went to St. Vincent de Paul to drop off some donations. At 10:30, we went to the Activity Center to the Genealogy group. It was only an hour long and not really that interesting.

We returned and ate lunch, then I went to Mahjongg at 1. We played until 3, then I returned home. Bob was working on getting all the wiring where the TV used to be, straightened out. He is also working on the design to make a cabinet in the old TV site.

It was Ray’s birthday, so we went out to dinner with them at the Elephant Bar.  We had a nice dinner, and I really enjoyed a glass of Costell del Pogggio IGT Moscato from Piedmont Italy. Yummy! The waiter said that they sell it a Bev Mo and that it is also his favorite wine.


Thursday-  We went to the West Valley Genealogy Library to do some work on our Genealogy. I found quite a bit of information on my fathers family, but again, not on my maternal grandfather.

We returned home, ate lunch, and waited for Paul ( Da Builda) to arrive. There was a big accident on the 101, so he was running late. He arrived, and measured for the cabinet door. He left and went over to MaryAnne and Ray’s, but the Dish Network guy was there installing their new satellite to he is going to work with them when he brings out our doors. He was supposed to meet with Linda and Mike, but Mike had his drain taken out from his surgery on Monday and was not feeling up to the visit.

We went to the Resident Association mtg. to find out what is going on with the park. Starting last summer, the water company started charging the owners for water all year long. People are still complaining, even though it is not  really a park item. Encore, the owner of the park used to pay the fee for the summer, but decided to pass the cost on to the owners, just like they do at all of their parks. Folks just don’t get it! This does not impact us at all, as our water/sewer is included.

We ate a quiet dinner of leftovers at home, watched TV and went to bed. We need to be ready early in the morning, as they are turning off the electric from 8-12.

Friday- Well so much for turning off the electric at 8 AM. Ours never went out!

We left at 10, because it was warm enough to not have to worry about the dogs. We went to a lamp store looking for new lights. We did not find anything. Then we went to a rug store, and again, nothing. I did find ones that I liked at JC Penny’s Home Store, but they did not have the right size, in the store or on the internet.

We went to Home Goods and purchased a small table for next to my recliner and a basket to keep items in between the recliners. We stopped for lunch at Café Zupa.

We returned home and took a nap. We ate dinner and went to Square Dancing. We had a great time.

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