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Sat. Nov. 21 to Fri. Nov. 27, 2015- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  I put together a corn casserole for the pot luck this afternoon. I ran back over to one of the craft fairs and bought a new purse. I had kept thinking about it and decided I wanted to buy it.


On my way out of the park, I had dropped off our screen tent at MaryAnne and Ray’s. There was a park yard sale and they were selling some stuff. We had no takers.

When I returned I went to the quilting room to have some more assistance with completing my piece. While I was there, Bob put the casserole into the oven.

We left a little before 1 PM to go to Diane and Jim Fishers house here in Sun City. They are Escapee Boomers and were having a get together. We had a really nice time at this pot luck.  We played a fun came called “The Whole Enchilada”. It was a card game. Since there were 14 of us, they had taken some of the cards out of the pack. It was fun with lots of laughter. When a group of Boomers get together, they call it a Boomerang! So here is our Boomerang…

Boomers picnic

We returned home, I rode my bike around and we watched some shows we had recorded. We have no internet. We are not sure why….

Sunday- We watched the Redskin game on TV starting at 11 AM. When it was clear that the ‘Skins were not going to win, Fox switched to the Dallas game. Grrrr, we could not watch the game on Direct TV because it was blacked out. When they switched to the Dallas game, we turned back to Direct TV and the football package. We were able to watch two plays before they blacked us out again!

I went over to Linda’s step mothers house for some Christmas material to quilt either placemats or a table runner. When I returned,  I rode my bike around the park. We still have no internet. This has been since Friday night!

Monday- Still no internet! I went to water aerobics at 9:15, but the pool was closed. We had no water in the park, for a scheduled repair, from 9-1. It lasted until around 5 PM, which was okay for us, since we have water tanks. 

I picked up Linda and we met up with MaryAnne at Zuppas where we had a nice lunch. I dropped Linda off at home, then returned to the MH. I took my quilting piece, back over to the quilting room for assistance, with the next part of the process, which is pinning the border on.

I returned and worked on some cards. At 2, Bob left to go to the Dermatologist for his “scrape and burn” which is what the nurse called it. They were doing more treatment to the Basil Cell cancer that he had on his arm. Basil Cell is not very deep and the Dermatologist in Denver had removed the area when she did the biopsy, so this was just a follow up to make she that they got the whole area. No stitches this time.

We ate dinner at home, watched TV and hoped for internet tomorrow!

Tuesday- Still no internet this morning. I went to the 8:30 water aerobics. Bob has been working up putting lights in the pantry, and the project is progressing.

After my shower, I went to Mahjongg, but since a lot of people have left the park for the holiday, there were only two of us. We played until about 11:15.

Bob had been working on washing the towels as there had been no water for the washing machines at the laundry in the park yesterday. When we were both finished, we went to the Peoria Brewing Company for lunch. The brewery had just opened yesterday. The food was good, but a little expensive. I had a BLT for $10 and Bob had a burger for $12, plus a beer.

We grocery shopped at Walmart; I dropped off Bob and the groceries,  then I went to Tanger Outlets to the Naturalizer store. I had noticed that my black sandal had a rock in it. That was because I had an opening in the lining and a small rock had worked its way under my foot.  Time for new sandals.

The store did not have my size or color. The gal checked and there were none at any of the other stores in the area.  I was able to find a new cover for my cell phone which had broken, at one of the kiosks. Since I did not need the inner layer, it only cost $12. I was also able to get the same cover I had before.

I stopped at Fry’s on the way back to the park. What a zoo! But I was able to get in and out quickly, picking up some of the cranberry salad that we like from there.

We sat outside enjoying the nice weather. The temp has been sunny and in the 70’s today.  MaryAnne called and said that she had looked up our internet issue, with our FoxFi, for us. On the net, the discussion was that Verizon had turned off the FoxFi to all Verizon users. We have been using FoxFi for several years, saving us about $30 per month on internet fees. We are able to do this using this app. She also found that it had come back on.  Bob checked his phone, and sure enough, we had internet again. We are not sure for how long, as we think Verizon was testing out stopping us from using the app permanently. We have known that this might happen for awhile. The big companies have put all of the other apps out of business. We also think we may lose our unlimited date soon. We have been trying to keep that, also, as long as possible.

We ate dinner at home, then Bob picked up MaryAnne and they went to the Astronomy club. He decided to join the club this year. He was home by 8:30, as the speaker did not show up. I stayed home, ordered my new sandals off the Naturalizer website,  and read my book.

Wednesday-  I went to water aerobics. It was a quiet morning. We ate lunch, then I went to Mahjongg at 1. We had four people playing today,  which was great.

Our plan has been to purchase a new TV, wall mount, and change to HD with Direct TV. We found  the TV  we want for sale on the internet. The company had over 400 excellent ratings, so we made the purchase. This is our Christmas present to ourselves. We looked locally,but the TV cost, with AZ sales tax and we were getting free shipping, $106 less than going to the local store and purchasing the TV. It was not on sale for Black Friday. It is scheduled to arrive next Friday.

We went out to dinner at a Las Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant with Linda, Mike, MaryAnne and Ray. We had great food but the service was awful. It took 20 minutes just to get the chips then over an hour for the food. We were ready to walk out when the gal finally started delivering, one at a time, the food. There did not seem to be any reason for the slowness. We have been to this restaurant before and never had this issue. We think that the restaurant may have been sold, as they now take the money at the table and the refried beans came in a little chip cup, neither of which was like that before.

Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving!  I went to water aerobics. There were only two of us since it was cold and the holiday. The temperature was in the low 50’s. The high today was only 62, which is cold for this time of year. We are getting January weather in November!

We cooked our little home Thanksgiving dinner. We  had bought a smoked turkey leg and a turkey breast. The leg was supposed to be fully cooked. I cut into it to find bright pink. We were concerned about it so we pitched it.

We cleaned up, took a short nap in the recliners, cooked green bean casserole and went to the park pot luck dinner. We had a great time and people did not dash off this time. There were only four tables this year, which was surprising. We think that a number of people had their own pot luck dinners at sites.



Friday- The temp was 43, so I skipped water aerobics. Brrrr! Linda picked me up at 9:30, we picked up MaryAnne and went to the Sun City Craft Fair. this is a very large craft fair. The primary room was about the size of the Jaycees in Waldorf, but there was an outside food/vending area and then rooms around the Olympic size swimming pool, on an upper balcony. The place was mobbed. I only bought some glass earrings.Below is about 1/3 of the venders.


We left the Craft Fair and went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. Linda gave her name and we wandered around shopping. We only waited about  20 minutes, and considering that it was Black Friday and the restaurant was mobbed, we moved along quickly.

We ate a nice “brunch” then went to the Dollar Tree.  Bob and I thought that we had put our little Christmas tree into the MH, but we had forgotten. So I bought a vase, put some poinsettias in it and that is our Christmas decoration.

We returned home and I worked on cards. Bob is working on designing the ‘box’ that is going to hold up our TV when it arrives. We ate dinner at home, watched some TV, read and played video games.

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