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Sat. Nov. 7 to Fri. Nov. 13, Sun City AZ

Saturday- I was off to a 9AM hair appointment and Bob cooked dog food. I stopped at the Elks Lodge at a Craft Fair on the way home. When I returned, we went to tour some of the park models. The park was having an open house for the models that are on sale. We toured just four. The floor plans were much better than the one that I toured last year that had made me claustrophobic. These also had more storage. The one I liked the best was of course the most expensive 39K, it is in the back corner of the park. It had a nice floor plan and is situated on the largest lot in the park. The problem with purchasing here is that you do not own the land, just the park model. You pay a 5-6 K yearly fee to the park. We could rent a site for the MH for 3K for the year, with our Thousand Trails discount. We currently pay the discounted six month fee. The other three park models ranged between 12K to 19K

We ate lunch, then took a nap. In the afternoon, Bob walked the dogs and I rode my bike around the park.

I am slowly working on doing a fall cleaning, so I cleaned out all the cabinets in the bathroom, throwing away a lot of expired stuff!

We sat outside, then went to the hot tub, returned, ate dinner and watched some shows we had recorded, read our books and went to bed.

Sunday- We caught up on our budgeting and monthly bill paying. We watched the Redskin game, read the newspaper, ate lunch at home, took a short nap, I rode my bike around the park, sat outside to enjoy the nice 70 degree weather, ate dinner, watched TV, read and went to bed.

Monday- I went to water aerobics, there were 23 people in the class. I returned and Bob put the Fluorouracil on my head and I put it on Bob’s. Both of us have some pre-cancerous areas on the tops of our heads, so we are treating them for the next 3-4 weeks.  

Linda, MaryAnne and I went to lunch at Mimi’s Café. We had a nice girls lunch. Bob went to the BBQ trailer that is at Paradise every Monday for ribs. Fat Freddie’s, the café, is closed Sunday and Monday, so the BBQ trailer is here on Mondays.

We returned to the park and I worked on some cards.  We made a casserole for dinner and sat outside to enjoy the weather before it changes. There is a cold front coming through so the winds are going to pick up. The temperature started to drop in to the lower 50’s at night.

Tuesday-  The hot water heater light was on this morning. So Bob went out to investigate and found that the cap had broken on the bottom of the heater, and we were leaking water. He used the by-pass we had installed for Breckenridge, to by-pass the hot water heater. We still have the hydro hot that we can use.

I went to water aerobics this morning at 8:30, instead of the 9:15 class. I was glad that I did , as the winds picked up just as the class was ending. There were 8 people in the 8:30 class and about 20 in the 9:15. 

Bob ran to the hardware store and picked up a tool to pull the broken plug out of the water heater. Then he went to the RV store and picked up a new plug. He put those in, undid the by-pass, then started the hydro hot for our showers.

I raced through my shower, Bob put the Fluorouracil on my head and he jumped in the shower. When he got out, I put the med on Bob’s head then I took off for Mahjongg. I arrived 3 minutes late and MaryAnne was waiting for me. We had a new person, Trudy, who we were planning to teach how to play. She is going to be a good addition to our group. She was bright and caught on quickly, possibly because she is a die hard Bridge player, so she understands complicated games.

When Maj was over, I returned home for lunch, to find that Bob had the table covered with one of the lights. He is installing LED lights in the MH, so he was working away. We had gone over time, leaving about 12:15 from Maj, so I was in a hurry. I  ran back to the Activity Center to play Bunco, while Bob continued to work on the LED light he was changing.

At 3, when I returned, we continued doing tasks around the MH. We went to dinner with MaryAnne at Red Lobster as we had a $4 coupon. We returned home, watched TV, read and played video games.

Wednesday- It is Veterans Day. Thank you to all the Veterans who keep our country safe. You are apprectiated!

I cleaned the floors while Bob walked the dogs. Then I started laundry and got ready to go to water aerobics. It is cold today, so I am hoping that the sunny skies warm it up quickly. When we woke up it was 45 degrees. When it was time to leave,the wind started howling, so I did not go.

Bob is installing LED lights inside our cabinet where we have the dishes/glasses. So he spent time doing that. At 11:30 we left to do to In N’ Out Burger for lunch. There was a very long line. After lunch I stopped at Joanne’s for some metallic thread and some foam rubber.

We returned home and I worked on a card while Bob continued installing the lights. He did not finish today, but what he completed is awesome.

I rode my bike around the park in the late afternoon while Bob walked the dogs. Dinner was leftovers. We watched TV, read, and played video games.

Thursday- I went to the early water aerobics today. The wind started to pick up about half way through the class, so when it ended I jumped into the hot tub to get my core warm before riding my bike back to the MH.

Bob went to the hardware store to pick up some items to finish his job. When we returned we took our showers and got ready to take the dogs to Banfields Vet at Petsmart. They are the only ones in the area who have the Leptospirosis vaccine. The dogs had part one in Colorado and needed the second injection. We of course had to pay for a physical and office visit, even though they had all of that in Colorado. Oh well…

Bob completed the lights in the cabinets. Here they are; it is so nice to be able to see what’s in there!


We returned, ate lunch, and went to Costco for gas and a few items. Gas at Costco is $0.15 cents less than anywhere else, at $1.92.

We returned home, and put up our screen tent. When we found water in the slide compartment, the tent had  gotten wet. So we wanted to make sure that it was not molded, which is was not. We took pictures and are going to sell it, as we have not been using it.  I rode my bike , we ate dinner, and watched some TV before bed.

DSCN5041 DSCN5043

Friday- It was much warmer today, with the temp in the 60’s when I went to water aerobics. The wind was mild, so it was peasant.

I returned and I met friend Annette for lunch at Paradise Bakery and Café. We had a nice lunch, catching up on our lives.

On the way back I stopped at Petsmart to buy Karlie a new leash. Her retractable leash had broken.

Bob had been working on getting our table set up outside and taking out chairs for our potluck happy hour at 4pm. He found that there was water in the second compartment. We did not know we had water there. He had to dry out two of our chairs and they are going to need to be cleaned. They were in plastic bags to keep them clean and dry, but obviously that did not work!

We dried out the chairs by putting them in the sun for about an hour. That dry Arizona air and bright sunshine is very nice!

We had a nice time with Ray, MaryAnne, and our neighbors Jeff and his wife who’s name I can’t remember!  Sheila and Wayne and Mike and Linda all cancelled for various reasons.

The happy hour was from 4 and lasted until 6:30 when everyone got cold. We are going to have to move it earlier next time.

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