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Sat. 9/26- Fri. 10/2/15- Westminster CO

Saturday- After our very busy day yesterday we decided to have a quiet day. We had a leisurely breakfast, relaxed and eventually went out to lunch at Margaritas Mexican Cantina. We had wanted to give  it a try, unfortunately, we were disappointed.

We ran a few errands, returned, walked the dogs and took a nice nap. We went to social hour at 4. At 5:30 we went to the Lodge for dinner of meatloaf, mash potatoes with gravy and peas. We returned to the MH and watched some shows recorded on the DVD.

Sunday- We did our usual budgeting. We left at 11 to go to Ft. Collins, driving north on I-25. We went to Cozzolas North Pizzeria. We had trouble finding a parking place and after driving around the block two times, we found one about a block away on the main street.

We walked to the restaurant and there seemed to be no one there. The door said they open at 4, but the Web had said noon and the open sign, which was not on the door, but on the window to the side,  was lit. We walked in and had to call to the folks in the kitchen to check if they were open. I asked the gal when she took our order and she told me there was a sign on the door. Nope there was not, but not my problem.

We had this 10” pizza, Canadian bacon, mushrooms and pineapple.


We left and drove about a mile to New Belgian Brewery. It was busy, so we ended up parking across the street.


We  don’t take brewery tours anymore as we have done so many, but they had a free guided tour and a free ‘on-your-own’ tour. Inside the door was the usual shelves with T-shirts and other items for sale. They had a bar and we walked up to it to get the samples. Bob had his list ready of what he wanted to try, so the bar tender poured them, $8 for all of them.


Bob tried the Blue Paddle Pilsner, which he did not like, the Abby Belgian Ale, the Trippel Belgian Ale, the Long Table Farmhouse Ale and the Morvingan Saison. He liked all the rest and he really liked being able to taste the changes that had been made to the two Belgian Ales.

On the wall across from the bar and almost above Bob’s head was this sculpture.


It is made with old camera’s. Mainly old Kodak Instamatics. It brought back memories. 20150927_130721

Once Bob finished the beers, we left. We traveled back a few miles on I-25 to Longmont. We got off there, as I-25 is very busy on a weekend with people returning from out of town. We stopped at Freddie’s on Main Street for chocolate frozen custard. It was very good.

We left there and we drove by the Boulder County Fairgrounds to look at the RV Park. It was a place that we could stay. We continued our journey home on Hwy 287 to Hwy 36 and back to the Elks Lodge.

We arrived in time to take the dogs for a quick walk and to go to the social hour. We ate dinner at home and watched TV.

At 7:40 we went out to watch the super moon and the eclipse. Every other night there were no clouds, tonight, it is cloudy.


The moon kept popping in and out of the clouds. Finally, at around 8:40, the moon popped out for about a minute. We could see the red and I could get a picture.


Monday– I had PT in the morning and I dropped Bob off at the Laundromat. I picked him up right after my session. Only 2 more PT sessions to go. I received a call from my insurance Case Manager during  PT and I returned her call.

I had a follow up appointment  at the Ophthalmologist office. He was out of town, but his partner, Dr. Brown was to see me. I did not have to have the dilating eye drops, yea! The tech asked me if I noticed an improvement in my vision. I said yes. No more floaters or anything like that. Then he did the vision test. I blocked my right eye and read off the chart. Both Bob and the tech had to lean forward to look at what I had read. I was reading from the very bottom line!!!! I got most of the 16 line right ,wahoo! Neither of them had expected that and both were looking at the rows up above! The tech also did a pressure measurement which was perfect.

Dr. Brown arrived, he looked in my eye and said see ya next year!  We drove home and went to social hour. The wind started to blow and the temperature dropped,  so we did not stay long. We ate dinner at home and watched TV.

Tuesday- Bob left to go to his Cardiologist appointment. He said that she is not happy with the new ICD10 billing. I keep hearing that and am glad that I am not involved with that anymore.

Bob returned and we ate lunch. I had to take two 300 mg Clindamycin pills at noon, an hour before our Dental appointments, due to my new bionic knees. I had been working on the blog and getting the pictures in from last week was an issue. From the camera, I did not have a problem but from the cell phone it was a real problem. I looked the problem up on the Picassa Blog and it is not my fault. It is a glitch in the program. For some reason I could download them to Bob’s computer but not to mine. So then I transferred them to my scan drive and put them in the blog from the drive. More work!

We went to social hour, but after about 20 minutes a thunderstorm came up and the wind blew so we left and returned home. At  5:30 Bob went to the Lodge to pick up dinner. We only bought one. Two pork chops, a very large backed potato, peas and salad. We just split the meal.

Wednesday- I am coming down with a cold. Ugh, my immunity must be down from the two surgeries. I had an appointment, in Golden, with Jeff the PA. We arrived and had to wait for awhile, which is unusual. He was happy with the leg and I was discharged. We will see them again in the spring.

We left there and went to lunch in Golden at Dagotto’s Panini Bistro. We both had excellent Panini’s.  We left and went home. We had to stop by Walmart to pick up Bob’s prescriptions. What an issue! They would give us the Vitamin B12, but not the syringes to give it. They had cancelled the syringe prescription. They had also given him a prescription,from a previous doctor, for another medication. Grrrr. Bob told them to keep that one and his other prescription was not there. What can you say, your dealing with minimum wage people at Walmart!  Since I was not feeling well we settled in for the evening.

Thursday- I was feeling worse, so I cancelled my PT session for today. No sense in spreading this around and I was really not up to working hard on exercises. We had to drop the dogs off at the Vets for their dental cleaning and to have Karlie’s lump removed. We dropped them off at 7:35. We met with the Vet, Dr. Leach, and signed the consents.

We returned home and did a few things then left again to go to my PCP appointment for my yearly physical. I had my blood drawn and I also received my flu shot, since I was not running a temperature. Bob got the prescription for the syringes and his flu shot.

We stopped at Kneaders for breakfast. We were both hungry as it was 10 AM at this point. We returned home and I went to bed. I slept until 1:30. We read most of the afternoon. We picked the dogs up at 5:30. Both were groggy. The reason that we had Roxie’s teeth done was because I kept smelling a odor on her breath. She had two bad teeth  removed. We did not expect this!  She is on antibiotics, pain medication, and an anti-inflammatory.

Karlie had the fatty tumor removed. She was supposed to have one bad tooth removed as it was cracked. They removed 5! Poor baby! She also has the cone of shame on! Needless to say, she hates it! She is already on an anti-inflammatory for arthritis, and now she is also on pain medication and an antibiotic. All need to be taken with food. We tried all of her foods. We tried peanutbutter and she took a little of that. We finally tried the good Boars Head turkey sandwich meat and she ate that. Whew,we were able to give her to pain medication. She does not get anything else until in the morning.

On the way home we stopped at Target and I ran in and bought 3 tops for her in the toddler section, on sale for the end of the summer.  The Vet had said to put a t-shirt on her to keep her from getting to the stitches in her side. She has to wear the cone for 14 days, plus the T-shirt to protect the area.

We kept the cone off while she was in our laps, but put it and one of the shirts on when we went to bed.

Friday-  We woke up to Roxie coughing. I called the Vet and they said it is from the tube they put down their throats, so not to worry unless it does not go away in a few days. We got some breakfast into Karlie, of dog food, as long as Bob hand fed it to her. She would not eat it until Roxie did a pre-tasting. Bob said to her, Roxie will eat it, then Karlie would eat it. We took off the cone while she was eating.

We had to put the cone back on because we have a Dermatologist appt. this morning. We ran to Aurora. Our previous Dermatologist is no longer doing adults, she is actually a pediatric Dermatologist, so we have a new Doc in the same office. Wow, could she talk! She seemed very nice and thorough. Bob had another area, this time on his arm, that she biopsied. Both of us had areas on our scalps, so we have a medicine that we have to put on each others heads, two times a day, for 3-4 weeks. 

The other day it suddenly occurred to me to ask Bob about our bike rack. Did it fit the new car. Bob said good question, he checked and no it will not fit. So we decided to see if we could sell it on Craigs List. We put it up and a guy contacted Bob. He lives in Aurora and is off on Friday, could we get together. Well that worked perfectly! Our Dermatologist is in Aurora and the appointment was today.

So after the MD appt. we met with the guy at the Goodwill Outlet right down the street from the MD office. Bob showed it to him, put it on his car, and he paid us what we had asked. So one less item to cart to Arizona. We still have to buy another bike rack. The only one that fits is a Tule, so we have to start looking for one on Craigs List or Ebay as it is $300 new.

We returned home and immediately took the cone off of Karlie. She looked so miserable. As long as we are watching that she does not start licking the stitches, she does not have to wear it. We are keeping it on her when we are not at home or while we are sleeping.

Bob had talked to Dan the RV tech about the step, as we are still having issues. Dan has called the manufacturer and had called Bob with a suggestion. He was to run it in and out a few times to clean the connections. So Bob did. Then the step stopped working at all! Wonderful… so Bob called Dan and he is coming out on Monday afternoon. He explained to Dan that it has to be fixed before we leave next Wednesday. I have to go down the steps backwards as now we have a really big drop, even with out outside stepstool. Oh well….

We did not like the meals at the Lodge last evening, so we ate in, watched TV, played video games and read our books.

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