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Sat. Sept. 12 to Fri. Sept. 18- Westminster CO

Saturday- We left early to go to Costco. We needed gas and some fruits. Well naturally, $96 later, we left. You know how that goes!

We stopped at the Farmers Market at 72nd and Sheridan, but did not see anything worth purchasing. We returned home and Bob walked down to the Lodge to pick up sandwiches for us. I had a Philly Chicken Cheesesteak and Bob had a Ruben. We took a nap, continued laundry, and had a quiet afternoon. We ate dinner at home and sat out with MaryAnne, enjoying the nice weather.

Sunday- We left early again and went to the storage unit. We took items to the unit and returned with some. We are giving Noel and Julie our heated water hose and the pillows that we used to stuff in the roof vents when in Breck. We also has some left over gasoline anti-freeze which we are giving to them for their car, as they are spending the winter here at the Lodge.

We brought back clothes. Last year Bob did not take his flannel shirts to AZ, but he wanted to take them this year. So we bought them back and he put them in vacuum bags, that we put under the bed. I had some clothes that I wanted also. I had taken my sleeveless tops and put them into vacuum bags and they are also under the bed. We took out the Duvet and put it on the bed, as it has been in the low 50’s in the mornings. We don’t need it when we go to sleep but can use it in the mornings.

We stopped at Walmart on our way back to the MH for a few groceries. We picked up a nice fresh pizza and cooked that for lunch. Walmart has them in right inside the door. A thin crust, 3 meat pizza is $4.98. Papa Murphy’s pizza would be $12.99 and taste about the same!

We arrived home in plenty of time to watch the Redskin game at 11:00 MST. Of course they lost. Oh well, there is always next week!

We read and both fell asleep in the recliners. We ate dinner at home of more leftovers!  We continued to watch the DVD. It is due back on Tuesday.

Monday- I started the morning by calling the guy about the CPM. On Friday I had sent an email to my Case Manager asking her to also contact the company. She had no information on the company as  they had never submitted for authorization. I emailed her the info and the guy from corporate called me. Justin, who is the delivery guy had said that he would pick it up and evidently he and Eddie were talking. I told them both after 2 pm.

At 9:30 we left and I dropped Bob off at the Laundromat to wash towels. We had started the sheets in our washer. I went to PT. Sarah immediately noticed that my knee was more swollen. I could not do the bike as well as last week and could only do 17 on the Flexinator. EEEK, set back. She also told me to set up more PT appointments. My last one is now on Oct 5. We plan to leave Oct. 7…

After PT, I returned to pick up Bob and we arrived home, ate lunch, and settled in to wait for the CPM guy to arrive. I remembered that MIchelle, the massage therapist, was going to bring some food samples for Karlie to the MAC center. She and her husband own a Pet Food store. So I ran to the MAC center.  She forgot, but will bring them tomorrow. I stopped at the library and dropped off books and the DVD.  At about 1:30, Paul Ogilvie called. Our door was almost ready. He thought he would be at the MH at between 2 and 3. As I told Bob that meant between 4 and 6. He arrived at 3:55!

He installed the new door and  the shelves. He also brought the new metal latches that Bob ordered. Total $238. $160 for the door and shelves and $78 for the latches.

I am not happy with the door. This is the other cabinets in the bedroom:


This is the cabinet door he gave us.


It does not have the cathedral top that it was supposed to have. In addition, it is too short, you can see the bottom shelf.


He does not have the time to re-do the door before he leaves for AZ. So he is going to do the door in AZ this winter.

Paul left and the guy for the CPM arrived at 5:15. I had called at 4 and reminded them that they were to be here today. Again, they were going to delay.

We ate dinner at home, after putting a pork loin into the crock pot. Great recipe, check it out on my Pinterest page under crock pot recipes. It is so smoky here. We are getting the smoke from California. We stayed in with the air conditioner on all night.

Tuesday-  We left at 7:40 and went to Enterprise for a car. We ordered, through the AARP website, a Toyota Corolla. We tried to order through Costco, but it was only a $3 discount. So the cost through Costco was $130. We paid $90 through AARP. This is for two nights. We dropped the Edge off at Nolan’s RV for the baseplate and electrical hook-ups to be placed for towing.  We have to take the MH in to Nolan RV on Thursday to have the rest of the work completed.

The drive from Enterprise, which was about 3/4 a mile was terrible. There is continuing construction on Federal due to the bridge collapse earlier this summer. The bridge is right next to Nolan’s. Of course, people are crazy and trying to get to work, so instead of going around the construction, they drive through, causing a major traffic jam. We arrived, checked in, and left the Edge.

Enterprise did not give us the Corolla. We could have waited for it, but a Nissan Frontier small truck came first from the car wash. Same price, and it was going to be easier for me to get in and out of . So we took the truck. It is nicer than the Frontier we had earlier this summer.

We returned home, refilled out coffee cups and went to Lamar’s Doughnuts for a nice sour cream doughnut. They are really good. MaryAnne had told us about Lamar’s, which actually started in Kansas City. Excellent doughnut.

We continued on to the Container Store. We now have 5 shelves, counting the bottom. so we needed new, wider, shorter, containers. Paul offered to do wood ones for us, but I declined. I wanted plastic. It is easier to clean and lighter. I can pull out the container and take what I need out. Some of the folks just have sliding shelves put in, but I like the containers.  Weight in the MH is always an issue. Here they are:


We are donating the previous containers and plastic shelving unit to Goodwill.

We returned and worked on getting all this set up. While I was at the Container store, we bought a new dish drain. The prior one was chipping and we did not like it anyway. We found this collapsible one!

Below open, then collapsed.



For us this is great. I can collapse it when we travel and put it in the drawer. Then I can put items into the sink, from the counter, for travel.

We stayed busy all afternoon, then went to social hour at 4. You can tell that many of the regular folks have left, as there were only 7 of us there, and that was when MaryAnne and Ray returned at about 4:30. The park is full, but most are just here temporarily.  The air had cleared out and it was very nice out. The temp was about 84, and the skies were clear. No air conditioner tonight!

At a little after 5 we went to the Lodge for dinner with MaryAnne, Ray, Andrea and we were joined by Mike and Dana. Then another couple joined us. We had pork chops with baked potatoes, salad and corn. Ray had Trout Almandine. Another great meal at the Lodge. We took 1/2 home for dinner another evening. We watched the new show “The Bastard Executioner” on FX.

Wednesday-A quiet day for us. We worked around the MH. Bob continued to do stuff getting us ready to leave. Since we have to take the MH over to Nolan’s tomorrow I worked on getting the inside ready. We had to take down the table over the steering wheel, so I ended up cleaning that area. It had gotten pretty dusty there and under the table. We cleaned out some drawers, especially the file cabinet drawers. We shredded and tossed a lot of paper. Bob took some stuff over to the storage unit.

We went to Pearl Wok with MaryAnne and Ray. We were disappointed in the dinner menu. The lunch menu had everything included, but the dinner menu had everything separate. The food was still very good, but Bob ordered General Tso’s chicken and it came full of bell peppers! We had never had that happen before. They took it back and brought another order, without the peppers. We returned home, stuffed,and started watching “Call the Midwife”, season 3.

Thursday- We were up early and got ready to leave to go to Nolan’s. We got the MH ready and discovered that the step would not come in. Well, that is an issue! Bob checked the fuse. Not the reason, and the light came on, so power was getting to the switch. So since it only sticks out a bit, we went ahead to leave. Bob drove out of the site and I stopped and put a cone into the site to keep anyone from moving in. Julie had delivered it to us yesterday. We left a lot of stuff behind, in the site. but people are crazy and we wanted to make sure that no one would just pull in and set up. People have been know to do that and it causes a fight, since we have paid for the site.

We arrived at Nolan’s with no issues. The construction was still in place, so I ran interference for Bob, blocking cars that wanted to run right up the the cones and to try and cut him off. With the step out, we did not want anyone getting that close.

The gal at Nolan’s was surprised that we were planning to stay with the MH. Well duh, they knew we were full-timers. The guy came out and let us know that they had not finished the car (according to Blue Ox, the tow people, the work should have taken 3 hours!, They had the car for 2 days at this point!!!). So he asked us to park on the other side of the trailers for sale. We did; turned on the generator, and settled in.

Bob left and returned to the Lodge to rake out site. We had so much rain earlier in the season, the we had sunk a bit. So he wanted to level the site back out. Julie had brought over a rake and shovel for him to use.

He returned and at 11:20 I left to go to the Lodge for lunch with the ladies. I left at 12:15 and returned to the MH. I dropped off my leftovers and went to my 6 week surgical post-op appointment. I was in severe pain due to the swelling and having to keep the leg down for so long. The leg had swelled up even more. The Doc’ looked at it and said continue to take your anti-inflammatory. He wanted me to return in 6 weeks. I reminded him we were leaving so he told me to make an appointment for 10/5. Okay, but then it turned out he was in surgery that day, so I was able to make an appt. for 10/30 with the PA, Jeff,  in Golden. Dr. Foran will be in Europe presenting a paper on the minimally invasive knee replacement. So he is off the previous week and the 5th is his first day back.

I returned to find that the Edge was hooked up to the MH and Bob was waiting for me to return. We left and returned to the Lodge. We disconnected the car and parked the MH. The step promptly went in! So there is a loose connections, somewhere!

We settled in and relaxed. We were both exhausted. We ate leftovers for dinner .The Bronco’s were playing this evening and everyone else went to the pot luck at the Lodge.

Friday- Bob worked on laundry and did some other tasks around the MH. One of them was that since we have changed to a new braking system for the car, the horrible connection we originally had could be disconnected and thrown away. Every time that we had hit the brake previously, an alarm would sound for 15 seconds. It drove us crazy. Bob disconnected it and into the trash it went, yea!!

I went to my PT appt. I still could not do the bike, still. Sara looked at my swollen knee and asked about the MD appt. I had woken up at 1 AM again this morning in severe pain. I had gotten up, took a Dilaudid, and iced my knee. It must be some way that I sleep. My right hip was bothering me. The massage, last Friday had helped, so  Sara did some dry needling. Hopefully that will help with the muscle spasm in my thigh. She also works on the side of my lower leg and that helps with that spasm. The pain had gone from hip to my big toe. The big toe, really?

I returned and we decided to go out to lunch. It was National Cheeseburger Day, so we went to Smashburger.  Smashburger is on our “to do list”, so we could cross that off! The burgers were very good! The are kind of like Noodles and Company, not the regular fast food. You order at the counter and they deliver it to the table. The food is made to order. We would go there again; they are # 2, after In N’ Out Burger.

When we left, we stopped at a really nice Ace Hardware for some items on Bob’s list, then we stopped at Walmart looking for a 12 volt to 12volt cord for the new braking system, because the cord  they gave us is too short to reach our plug. Walmart has it on their website but not in the store. This is when we miss Radio Shack!  Finally, we stopped at JoAnne’s Fabrics, as I had a 60% off coupon for any regular priced item. I wanted an anniversary stamp, and found one. Usually when I have a nice coupon, what I want is on sale, and the coupon is no good. Not this time. It worked out nicely.

We returned home. Bob took the dogs to the dog park. MaryAnne and Ray came down to visit and to see if we wanted to go to the Lodge for dinner. We talked for a while, then they returned home. We met them down there at 5:30. We had the Chicken Masala and MaryAnne had the brisket. Wall were good. We continued to watch the DVD. 

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