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Sat. Sept. 5 to Fri. Sept 11, 2015- Westminster CO

Saturday- We had a busy day. We went to the storage unit and cleaned out some clothes and other items that we had sitting there. We no longer need a lot of the winter clothes, so we donated them to the Goodwill.  It is hard to get rid of items that you like, but can’t use.

We returned and ate lunch. We took a nap, then went to social hour. We ate leftovers for dinner.

Sunday- We had a quiet day at home. We did our budgeting and bill paying.  We continued to work on our travel plans. We have the places to stay, where to buy diesel, and have been working on things to see and do on the route.  Took a nap. and generally had a quiet day. We went to social hour.

Monday- Another quiet day, as it is Labor Day. We were sitting in the recliners, reading,  when the wind picked up There were several really strong gusts. I looked up and the neighbors awning was flying. I showed Bob, and he took off. I followed. Bob had to stand on the other folks step stool, which was kind of rickety. I went back and grabbed my phone. I called Julie the camp host and told her what was happening. She said she would be there right away. I raced back over ( remember I am not moving fast, so race is relative!) and I stood on the steps to the 5th wheel, holding the other side of the awning. I had also taken our step stool and Bob changed over to ours. Julie arrived, talking to the owner on her cell phone. She was granted permission to enter the rig and  the owner told her where the button was for the electric awning. The gusts were so severe, and we were holding the awning so that it would not break. We had to wait for a slight break in the gusts, to bring in the awning. It took several tries to get it in. MaryAnne had arrived at this time and was helping.

Once we folded their chairs and table, we put them under their unit. Then Bob, MaryAnne and I went to Sweet Cow for ice cream. MaryAnne had been there yesterday and said that they had Chocolate Oatmeal Stout ice cream.

The gal behind the counter made sure that Bob knew that there was alcohol in the ice cream. MaryAnne had the Stout with a scoop of Oatmeal Cookie ice cream. Bob just had the Stout and I had the Oatmeal Cookie Ice cream. All were really good. Bob brought home a pint of the Stout, since it is a special flavor and you cannot count on it being there next week!

We returned home, stopping at the local farmers market on the way home. We only purchased a cantaloupe.  Since it was the holiday, they did not have much left.

We ate dinner and sat outside to enjoy the nice weather. The front had come through, no more gusts or rain.

Tuesday- I had PT in the morning. We have  been calling every week to get the company to pick up the CPM machine. This week, Bob called the corporate office asking them to get the machine picked up.

I had called the Oxygen company, and they had received the discontinue order, so they came and picked up the two small tanks and the concentrator. We were glad to get those items out of the MH.

Our mail had arrived, so we sorted the bills. Lots and lots of medical EOB’s. We paid a few, then filed stuff away. My drivers license expires tomorrow and the extension paperwork arrived. So I folded up the paperwork and stuffed it into my wallet in case I get stopped. The extension ends Nov. 30. Bob had called for his extension also, but they sent him a form to complete to request the extension. He had called the same day that I called. Oh well, he completed the request and faxed it at the Lodge to the South Dakota MVA. We should receive the paperwork with our next mail, which is being sent out on Sept. 21,

We went to social hour and had a nice time. We were going to eat at the Lodge, but the menu did not appeal, so we ate dinner at home.

Wednesday- It’s my birthday.  MaryAnne came down with a nice card and some roses in a small vase. Bob had gotten me a dozen red roses and some peanut M & M’s. We went to Pearl Wok, a Chinese restaurant for lunch. Marianna had suggested a Chinese restaurant a few weeks ago on 120th street, but we could not remember the name. So we found this restaurant and were very pleased. It was not the one Marianna had recommended, but it was very good. I had the chicken with snow peas, with wonton soup, an egg roll, and fried rice. Bob had the lemon chicken, with the same. We both really liked our meals and plan to go there again. We retuned home with huge containers of leftovers for dinner this weekend.

We returned home, took a short nap, and went to social hour. At 5, we picked up MaryAnne and Ray, and headed downtown to Maggiano’s for dinner. I had a $10 off birthday coupon. We had a great dinner with lots of leftovers. We returned home and watched Season 2, of ‘Call the Midwife’.

Thursday-  It was a quiet morning, then I went to have my hair done. I have been driving for a couple of days now, so Bob was able to stay home. He has been working on getting the MH ready for us to travel. Today, he filled the batteries with distilled water and checked the tires.

It was Taco Thursday, so we went to the Lodge for dinner. MaryAnne and Ray had friends visiting. I walked back and forth to the Lodge. We returned home, and continued to watch the DVD.

Friday- I went to PT. I still cannot ride the bike! Almost,but not quite. I tried to pedal, but I could not do it yet. I was able to reach 19 inches on the flexinator though! I still have too much swelling in the knee. I have not slept well in three nights. Sarah is still massaging the cramping muscle on the outside of my lower leg.

At 1:30, I had a massage scheduled, and Michelle stuck her elbow into the cramping muscle on the outside of my thigh. It hurt like crazy, but it seemed to relax that muscle. My biggest problem is when I try to lie on my left side, and I get a sharp, knife like pain in the knee. My pelvis, back and hip have been giving me a lot of pain, in addition to the knee,so I have not been able to sleep well.

We went to the Lodge for Prime Rib night. We arrived at 5, and could only find a table for 6. None of the large tables were available. We were the first of the RV’ers to arrive. Bob ordered our dinners. The rest of the RV’ers arrived and they had to split up, with 5 people sitting with us and 6 at another table. There is a dance this evening, so the Lodge is busy.

We returned to the MH and continued to watch the DVD. 

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