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Sat. Aug. 29 to Fri. Sept. 4 2015- Westminster CO

Saturday– We had our usual quiet day. It seems like the days go by very fast.  I had a pretty bad day with my right leg hurting from hip to big toe! Weird! I still did all the same things, nothing new. We ate dinner in.

Sunday- I thought maybe yesterday hurting so much was from sitting most of the day. Our DVD player had broken and we had a DVD from the Redbox to watch, so I decided to go with Bob to Walmart to purchase a new player. Our previous player was not that old. Planned obsolescence; nothing lasts very long anymore!

I did not want to overdue walking, like I did that one time with the left leg, so I had preplanned my route. We stopped at the fruits and vegetables and then continued to electronics. I made it to the corner where the wide aisle is in the rear of the store. There was a bench, so I sat. It felt like a knife in my knee. I did not have this pain with the left knee. It is so strange that the two knees are so completely different. 

Bob went to electronics and picked up the DVD player and we went to check out. We stopped at 7-11 for a sugar free Slurpee,  cherry-limeade, which was really good.

We returned home and watched the DVD, ate lunch, and took a nap. We ate dinner at home.

Monday- Another quiet day for us. Bob did some grocery shopping but I stayed home and basically did my usual routine. No nap today, as I am trying to get out of the nap habit. We ate dinner at home.

Tuesday-  Friends Linda and Mike Rees were arriving today. They are only staying one night, as they had to stay in Utah for an adjustment to their big slide. I had PT at 12:00, so Bob had the paperwork ready for Julie, as the Rees are staying at the Lodge as our guests.

PT went well, then we returned to the Lodge. We stopped at the Rees Alfa. MaryAnne was already there. We had a nice visit. I was sitting on the couch next to their Pug, Sable. That dog can sure snore!

We returned to the MH and Bob quickly made some dog food. Karlie is still having eating issues. Bob had been making chicken with noodles in it, instead of rice. We are trying everything we can think of. Bob took Karlie to the Vets, again today. They gave us some different food and basically said just feed her what ever she will eat. So she had 1/2 a can of venison and potatoes, which she ate.

He took the girls down to the Rees MH. Sable and the girls were all really excited to visit with each other. There was lots of butt sniffing  then they all three looked for their treat! They know that Mike and Linda always give them treats!

We all went out to dinner at Golden Europe. My leg was bothering me earlier, post PT. So I had iced it. I was interested to see how I would do with sitting while in the restaurant. I did really well. It was a test as we have tickets for Book of Morman on Thursday. We had a great time at dinner.

Wednesday- Bob had an appointment at the Endocrinologist this morning. I went down the hill to visit with Mike and Linda before they left.  When Bob returned we went to the MAC center to ask if I could get a seat on the aisle for the play tomorrow. I want to be able to move my leg. The gal called the Opera House and asked which tickets were on the aisle, as the picture on the internet was less than helpful. She was on hold, so she called me later. She put tickets aside for us, which were located the closest to the aisle. We will just have to see how things go tomorrow. They said to ask the usher if there are any other seats available.

Friends Lorrie and John Anderson were passing through from the airport on their way to Vail for the Vail Jazz Festival. So we met up with them at Mimi’s Café, right off of I-70 near Colorado Mills. We had a great late lunch with them, then we all went to the mall. Both Bob and Lorrie needed new cell phone cases. We found cases for both of them. Then we said a sad farewell to our friends, until we see them again!

Thursday- Bob had an infected finger so he made an appointment with our PCP. I already had one scheduled in the afternoon, so he made an appointment right after mine.  I needed a doctors order for the Oxygen company to pick up the concentrator and portable O2 tanks. I had needed the O2 after the high doses of Dilaudid when I was sleeping. The aide had me walk with the pulse Ox on and I was fine;well of course, that was not when I had issues. ! Anyway she wrote the prescription. The Doc then lanced Bob’s finger, took a culture and put him on Keflex.

We ate an early dinner, then dressed to go to the Ellie Caulkins Opera Center in downtown Denver. We went to the MAC center to catch the bus. Our tickets were $59 including round trip transportation. What a deal!

Both the Rangers and the Broncos were playing this evening, so traffic was terrible. The driver decided not to take I-25, she went Federal to Speer, which is the way that we usually go downtown. Even with the heavy traffic, it was a good choice. She dropped us off at the door, which was handy. We went into the theater. Our tickets were in the 4th balcony, towards the center. As instructed, I asked the usher for one of the handicap seats. They were all filled with non-handicap folks. Fortunately, in front of Bob, there was, under the railing, a hole where I could put my foot. I was able tolerate sitting fairly well, other than the lady below moving constantly. The only issue was I could feel both legs swelling from sitting so long. I was really ready for the intermission!

The play was wonderful! It was very funny. I can understand why the Mormons have not been upset about the play. Yes, they made fun of them, but they also came out looking very good.

At intermission, I went to the usher again and asked her about a different seat. We also went to the drinking fountain and I took 4 mg of Dilaudid. I was really swollen by this point.

The usher said that she had no seats. So we returned to our seats. Just as the lights were going down, the usher called across the 10 people beside me and said she had a seat. So I quickly moved across every one on the row. She took me down a couple of rows on the side where it turned out there were 4 free seats. Bob could have come with me but had not wanted to bother the other folks in the row.

Good thing the other seats were open, as there was no hole to put my foot. So I just put the seat down next to me , sat sideways, and put my leg up. I think that stopped the increasing swelling, but did nothing for the swelling I already had. I definitely enjoyed the rest of the play!

I met up with Bob at the exit and we went back down in the elevator. Good thing being on the top floor, we had a full elevator all the way down. We walked right out to the bus and within 5 minutes, everyone was on the bus and off we went, heading back to Westminster. We were home by 10:45. We had to get the dogs walked and settled, so we had a late, but fun, night.. I iced my leg before bed.

Friday- I was still really swollen, so I iced my leg before we went to PT at 10 AM. Sara looked at it and she noted that both legs were swollen. I did my therapy , then she iced both legs. I have been having one muscle that is giving me a lot of pain, and she massaged that muscle. We returned home and I kept the leg elevated all day.

We were not impressed with the Lodge menu this evening ( Rocky Mountain Oysters) so we went to dinner with Ray and MaryAnne at Hacienda Mexican Restaurant. We had a good dinner and great time with our friends.

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