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Sat. Aug. 8 to Fri. Aug 14, 2-15- Westminster CO

Saturday- We slept a little better last night. I still have a lot of swelling and pain. I had to take the TED hose off of my right leg because the swelling became so bad. We have been eating in since there has not been a lot at the Lodge that we wanted.

Sunday- Poor Bob, I woke up at 4 and walked a bit. That set off another pain spike. Bob can’d do anything to help, other than getting the ice and pain meds. So he and the dogs just cuddled me through the pain.

Another quiet day for us. I still have swelling and pain. I am doing my exercises as directed. Bob has been busy with laundry, groceries, cooking etc.

Monday-  Jay came at 10 for PT. After lunch I took a nap. Bob went to Costco and Walmart.  While Bob was gone, Marianna stopped by. I was in bed with the ice machine connected to my knee. The dogs raced out to the door thinking it was Bob returning.  I could see Marianna come in, she was putting a flower arrangement on the dashboard. I called to her and she came all the way in to deliver the flowers.  There was also an Olive Garden gift card. This was from all the RV’ers here at the Lodge. I really appreciated the effort and needed the pick-me-up.

Flowers from RV'ers

We took a nice afternoon nap.

Tuesday- I had another pain spike, so it was a pretty miserable day. By evening things seemed to have settled down and I was able to sleep.

Bob picked up the fried shrimp dinner at the Lodge. 

Wednesday-  Part of my pain has been sciatica since I have not been able to do my hip stretches. The pain and swelling are worse. I ate lunch before Jay arrived and unfortunately, what went down, came back up. It seems like my whole body is in protest. Jay decreased my exercises and told me to rest. I have also increased the pain medication.

I still had some of the nausea after dinner. Bob is exhausted and falling asleep in the recliner.

Thursday– Still having the pain and swelling. I am swollen up to my lower abdomen. They told us each knee is different and mine really is!  I am glad I did the other knee first, because if I had done this one first I would not have done the second knee!

It was Taco Thursday at the Lodge, so we ate tacos for dinner. Bob went down and picked them up.

Friday-  Jay came at 10 again. I am making some progress with the PT, but it is very painful. Poor Bob is having to do a lot more for me this time. I am able to shower, with him helping me in and out of the shower. We have a handicap bar in the shower stall and a seat, which does make things easier. Of course, the rest of the time I find the seat a to be in the way, but right not I am glad that it is here.

Bob picked up dinner at the Lodge.

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  1. So sorry to hear about the swelling and pain. Just try to remember this will soon be a distant memory. And you only have two knees and both have been replaced so NEVER again.

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