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Sat. Aug 15 to Fri. Aug 21- Westminster CO

Saturday- The usual for right now with me doing my PT exercises 3 x a day, napping, watching TV, playing a lot of games on my Ipad, and reading. When the RV’ers here at the Lodge gave me the flowers, they also gave us an Olive Garden gift certificate. So We ordered two “Tours of Italy, which has a special running right now. So Bob went over to pick those up for dinner. We ate one and kept the second one for Monday.

Sunday- Same old same old! We ate the second prime rib dinner  from Friday night this evening. The dogs are keeping me entertained. Here is Roxie ‘hunting’ a rabbit who is sitting on the neighbors step. The rabbits like to torture her by just sitting outside. They know she is watching!

Roxie watching rabbit next door on step

Monday- Jay was back at 10 AM. I am still in a lot of pain and have the swelling, even with working so hard with the exercises. The swelling is from the Lovenox injections. I have two today then my last one is tomorrow. Hopefully then the swelling will start to go down!  We ate the left over Italian in the evening, from Olive Garden. I had to request a refill of the Robaxin, which is a muscle relaxant, because I have started having so many leg cramps. Bob picked it up at Walmart Pharmacy.

Tuesday-  It was a pretty day, so at around 10 AM, Bob and I walked to the top of the hill. It was the first time that I have been out of the MH since surgery. Still the same old thing. PT exercises 3x a day, watching lots of TV, playing games on my Ipad, reading.

Here is Karlie, just hanging out!

Karlie hanging out

I suddenly realized that I was getting short of the Dilaudid for the pain. So I called asking for a refill. The gal called me back from the ‘medication refill line” at Panorama Orthopedics. She said that the Walmart Pharmacist called about the last prescription stating that I was getting too much Dilaudid. I politely pointed out to the gal that this was my second surgery. She said that I need to cut back on the medication and she would talk with Dr. Foran about my refill. Huh? It is exactly two weeks since the surgery??? She said she would call me back. She did not. call back today.

Our mail arrived today. It was pretty easy going through the bills. Lots of EOB’s from the insurance company. First I separated they bills by Bob and me. Bob had a small pile. Then we checked all of mine. Since we have hit the catastrophic, we only had two questionable bills. One was the Dermatologist, which we both thought we had paid.  I called and we had paid them. Then there was a pink form from the Surgeon stating that we owed more than we thought we owed. So I called them. There are still items that have not been addressed by the insurance company, so they said not to pay anything yet.

Other than that, we had the bill for Costco $55. We will have that back just is gas in a few weeks. I had also received the renewal for my California Nursing License. I pitched it as I have no intention of working again, never mind in California. I am renewing my South Dakota license, since I am still doing the Nursing Continuing Education articles.

Bob picked up pork chops at the Lodge for dinner. We have been buying two meals, and splitting one. Then eating the second another day.

Wednesday- I was running out of my Dilaudid for pain. I called the medication refill line again leaving a message asking what was going on. Because I was now skimping on the Dilaudid, I did not do well with PT and Jay was concerned. He told me to call Jeff, the PA. I decided to set a cut off time of 12, to call Jeff.

Before then, I had two phone calls from the gals on the medication refill line telling me that Bob could pick up the Dilaudid prescription at the office, but that I was to cut back to one pill. I was in a lot of pain.

Karlie is not eating again and only wanted to go out this morning to eat grass. So Bob had made another vet appointment. She is happy and playing, she just does not want to eat! He took her to the Vets and they can’t figure out what is wrong with her. She had lost 1 lb. since her last visit, a few weeks ago.

They gave her some Glucosamine/Chondroitin treats ($67). and a bag of the dry GI dog food. Another expensive Vet visit. Needless to say, Roxie is only getting a 1/3 of a milk bone when Karlie gets the expensive treat. They also cut back on her anti-inflammatory which she seems to like.  

Bob went to the Lodge and bought dinner. We could not decide which we wanted, so he bought one popcorn shrimp and one beef stroganoff. 

Thursday- My two week appointment with Jeff. I told him about being made to feel that I was a drug seeker and that I needed better pain management. He called Dr. Foran in and both of them looked at my very swollen knee. I had lost some of the bending since Jay had measured. So they put me onto double anti-inflammatory medication, gave me a 7 day prescription of the MS Contin and basically told me to get out of the pain. I also have another appointment next week to make sure that I am out of pain.

I returned home and took two Dilaudid and two Naprosyn. Finally, I was back out of pain again!

We stopped in at 7-11 on the way home to pick up some coffee. Our coffee pot died this morning. This is the second time. This replacement coffee maker is less than 6 months old!

We looked online for coffee pots. We want a 12 cup, programmable, with a thermal pot, but obviously, we are not replacing the coffee maker with another Cuisinart. Bob went to  Walmart, Costco, Best Buy and Bed Bath and Beyond to find a pot. They only had Mr. Coffee, which has a glass carafe and poor reviews. In the reviews everyone is complaining about a burning plastic smell with each brewing. We decided on a Hamilton Beach, but since he could not find one, he ordered one from Amazon, overnight.. We are desperate!

Friday-  We had a quiet day. Jay came for his last visit at 10. I did so much better today since I was out of pain. He was much happier, as he had been really concerned about my progress. I caught up today and am at my goals. The lapse was from the poor pain management, not my lack of doing my exercises!

After Jay left, I iced my knee and relaxed. I am still taking a daily nap. Bob tries to take one with me when he can, because if I don’t sleep well, he usually doesn’t either.

Bob checked at the Lodge and the coffee maker had been delivered. He brought it home and started the new pot cleaning process.

I was feeling so much better, that we went to social hour at the small pavilion. It was really nice to get out for an hour. Bob took my recliner up there so that I could keep my leg elevated.

After we returned home, Bob went to the Lodge to pick up dinner. We split a pot roast dinner, with mash potatoes and carrots.

Here is a picture of the dogs, just relaxing together in Bob’s recliner. 

Dogs relaxing on Bob's chair

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