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Sat. Aug. 1 to Fri. Aug 7, 2015- Westminster CO

Saturday- We both walked the dogs so that we could catch a urine specimen from Karlie. I stopped to talk to Kara and Leo, holding Roxie. Bob was able to get a little plastic cup under Karlie, so we were able to obtain the specimen.

We left and dropped the specimen off at the Vets, and went to Costco for gas. We filled up, then hopped onto I-70. We drove west to Hwy. 58 and into Golden. We stopped at the Farmers Market.

Golden Farmers Market

In the picture above, you can actually see a Parasail’er flying in the background. Unfortunately I cannot get Picmonkey to work to put in an arrow.

We wandered around the market, we bought some awesome corn on the cob. We left and drove to Boulder to the Farmers Market there were we went to lunch at the food court. Bob had two corn tamales. I had a really good Korean/Vietnamese crepe. Well the worker was oriental, but the crepe was a nice French crepe.

We walked a little in the market, then left to return home. We took a nap and had a quiet evening watching “Call the Midwife.”, season 1.

Sunday- We woke about 7:10 when Tom and Carol left., our summer neighbors next door. They are heading to Sturgis SD for the motorcycle rally.  After they left, Julie and Noel showed up. They started digging as there were wet spots. Pretty soon, most of the RV park were there, right next to our MH watching what was going on…. If was hysterical! People brought their folding chairs and cups of coffee. Only in an RV park! LOL.

Tom and Carol got up I-25 to Longmont where their check engine light went off, so they pulled into Transwest ( the worst possible place, but you do what you have to do)!

We ate breakfast and worked on our budget and bill paying. I finished my last article and sent it off to my editor.

We went to lunch at the Elks Lodge picnic. We ate hamburgers with pasta salad, baked beans, potato chips, and watermelon. We returned and took a nice nap. At 3:30, Bob went to assist with breakdown. Then we went to dinner at Hacienda. The food was very good and we will go there again.

We returned and watched the rest of “Call the Midwife”.

Monday-  The phone rang at 8:05, I was already up. The Vet was calling. They Veterinarian Radiologist had an opening this afternoon for Karlie’s Ultrasound, as long as we had not fed her. We had not, yet. So Bob took the dogs out and then I took Karlie to the Vets. I had already eaten breakfast and Bob stayed home, ate his then fed Roxie.

I went to the Chiropractors at 10 AM, then returned home. Bob took off to go to the Laundromat to do the towels. I was washing the sheets. The Vet called at 12:30 to tell me that the Ultrasound was normal. Which means that her eating issues are either GI or pancreas. For either, she should stay on the new food. So when Bob returned, we went to pick her up.  She is such a good dog, they did not have to medicate her for the Ultrasound! We took Roxie and the two of them were so excited. We were both really relieved. BUT, the new food is $3 per can, so we are going to try Karlie on the dry version to see how she does. We can purchase the food at any Petsmart.

All that will wait until after my surgery tomorrow. At 3:30 we dropped both dogs off at Two Ponds Pet Spa and Day Care, which is owned by the Vet. Bob will pick them up on Thursday afternoon. They are going to be groomed while they are there also.

We returned home, watched TV and missed our canine companions. I have to shower with Hibacleans  this evening and again in the morning before surgery.

Tuesday- Up early to shower in the HIbaleans again. We left at 8:00, driving to Ortho Colorado hospital. We arrived, I was checked in and we sat in the waiting room until the nurse came to get me. She had me change into the stylish hospital gown and TED hose. While she went to get Bob, the pharmacist and anesthesiologist visited. The nurse drew blood and inserted the IV.  At 10:45 the surgical nurse and tech came to take me away. This time I remember getting the spinal injection, then nothing else until I woke up in the PACU. Bob came in to see me and then they took me to my room.

I arrived in the room at 2 PM. At 4:30 the anesthetic and numbness wore off. That did not happen last time until almost 24 hours later!  Not fun! They gave me IV Dilaudid but I still was not as able to be as mobile this time as I was the last time.

I had a very rough night as the night nurse did not want to give me enough pain medication to knock the pain level down to a 3-4, which is where I was supposed to be.

The day nurse worked with me to get onto a working pain regimen, but this also meant that I could not go home on Wednesday. Once the day nurse got my meds straightened out, I was able to walk and to do PT. PT and OT have to clear you before you can go home.

Bob of course stayed with me most of the time, only going home to sleep. We decided to try to take a Wed afternoon nap, but everybody in the hospital came to visit. We finally gave up as there was a steady stream of people visiting, including the nursing supervisors to check on my pain medication, since I had such a problem with the night nurse.

Thursday- I was discharged from the hospital and Bob took me home. I was able to get from the car and into the MH fairly easily. Pain management continued to be an issue.

Bob went to pick up the dogs. They were groomed while they were there also. They were so glad to come home. We paid extra for the day care, 1/2 day on Tues and Wed so they could play with the other dogs. They must have as they were exhausted. The laid on the bed next to me and slept.

Friday-  Poor Bob, I was up 4 times during the night to go the bathroom. I was dumping all the fluids that they had given me.  Jay, the PT came, and we went through what exercises he wants me to do. I am extremely swollen, which is causing a lot of my pain. We took a nice afternoon nap. I have to walk as much as I can, so I try to walk at least every hour.

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