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Sat. July 25 to Fri. July 31- Westminster CO

Saturday- Another quiet day for us. We relaxed, did laundry etc. I of course am still doing PT exercises. I will be continuing to do these as scar tissue can continue to form.  The Lodge is closed for a week for the annual cleaning of the kitchen, and I guess for the cook to have a vacation. We finished Mr. Selfridge, season 1.

Sunday- We did our usual bill paying and budgeting. Around 11, we left for Ft. Collins. We arrived downtown and went to lunch at Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant for lunch. Then we went to a Craft Beer store around the corner.


Bob bought some beer. I was afraid I was going to lose him in the store. They had so  many different craft beers, but I was able to lure him out to take him to O’Dell Brewery for a tasting, LOL.

O'Dell Brewery Ft. Collins

O'Dell Brewery Ft. Collins

O'Dell Brewery Ft. Collins

Bob did the tasting then I poured him back into the car to take him home. We stopped in Longmont at Serendipity for ice cream. We each bought the ‘kids cup’. Which was one very large scoop of ice cream. I took half of mine home!

We returned home and had a quiet evening. We ate leftovers for dinner.

Monday-  We were up early again. Bob took the car back to Longmont Ford. He forgot one item that they needed to repair. The back up camera does not turn itself off when we move it out of park. It turned out that somehow, the timer on it was changed. It was an easy fix and the repair guy showed Bob how to re-set it if this happens again.

Meanwhile, my editor had sent six articles for me to update. So I started working on that. I have to get them done before my surgery next week.

I called the Vet as Karlie is not eating and was eating grass. He has us giving her Prilosec 3x a day, 1/2 tab. That helped a little.

Tuesday- I worked on another article and got it sent off to my editor.  I was off to PT at 10 am. They said that Friday will be my last day for the left leg, as that is the last day that is authorized by the insurance.

Here is a better picture of the Lavender at the PT office.

Lavendar in front of PT in Westminster

After I returned to the MH. I was not feeling well today, so we took it easy in the afternoon. We went to social hour as it was not too hot today.

Wednesday- I sent another article off. We did laundry, went grocery shopping and ran some errands. Karlie had woken us up having a nightmare in the morning. At 5:07, she howled like someone had died. We levitated in bed and comforted her. Not sure what that was about…. We ate leftovers for dinner.

Thursday- We were up early and left to go to Colorado Springs. Our original plan was to go to Bishop Castle, south of Colorado Springs. When we Google Map’d the trip it was too long for a day trip. We changed plans and drove south to the Air Force Academy. 

It was an easy entrance, just showing our ID. Bob used his retired DOD ID and that possibly moved us along faster. It also got us into areas not open to the general public, but not closed to outsiders.

We drove directly to the Visitor Center.

Air Force Academy Visitor Center

We arrived in time for the 10 AM movie, which was very interesting. The movie takes you though a year at the Academy starting with the arrival of the new recruits, into basic training, then on to becoming students. I did not know that there are 30 degree tracts there, not just flying. The Academy is for building leaders in all fields. After the movie we visited the museum.

Physical fitness is an important aspect and if you are not a part of a college team you must participate in intramurals. Below is a replica of a dorm room.

A dorm room at Air Force Academy

It was much larger than my dorm room.  Also neater….LOL

There are different groups to belong to, such as choir, choral, dancing, and Faloning. The students who are in the tract to work with satellites actually launch them through NASA!  All students learn to fly gliders like the one below.

Glider Air Force Academy 

The Commandant of the Academy is a woman who graduated from the Academy and has been Commandant since 2013. Go girl!

The visit was well worth the trip. They have a walking tour of the grounds of the Academy, but I did not want to push my knee too much yet. We will have to return to do that tour.

We left the Visitor Center and backtracked to the overlooks. Here are two views of the buildings.

Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy

Below is a picture from the top of the hill overlooking Colorado Springs.

Scene from top of hill at Air Force Academy

We drove back towards the north entrance. We turned right to check out the B-52. We know RV’ers who flew this type of aircraft.

Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy  B-52

Air Force Academy B-52

When we left the B-52, instead of turning right to leave the Academy, we turned left and entered through a second entrance into the more secure area of the Academy. We went to the FamCamp. Military bases have RV parks. As a retired DOD employee, Bob is allowed to use the FamCamps. The DOD usage is at the discretion of the Commandant of the individual base.

We drove through the RV park and were impressed, so we stopped and walked in to ask if this was one of the facilities which allow DOD retirees. Yippee, it is! It was also not busy! We will plan to stay here in the future!

We left and stopped at Sees Candies to pick up some chocolate. Then we stopped at Best Buy to purchase a new Blue Tooth headset for me. My old one is so old it will not connect with my new phone. We used Bob’s$5 Best Buy points to bring the price down.

We left there and continued south to Edelweiss Restaurant, one of our favorites. We met up with Marian and Marvin Greer, Alfa Roadrunner friends. We had a great lunch, finally leaving at after 3 PM.

We drove home to the MH. Bob took the dogs out and let Marianna and Julie know we were back. They were keeping an eye on the MH in case the electric went out in the heat. We ate dinner at home. 

Friday- I sent off article number five, one more to go! My last day of PT for the left leg. I am concerned about the left leg and I don’t want it to have scar tissue form again. Sara and I discussed it, so I have exercises  to do while I am getting the right leg in shape.

We still have problems getting Karlie to eat her food. She will eat treats, of course!  So we took her to a 3 PM Vet appointment with Dr. Leach. She checked her out and drew blood. We also have to get a urine sample because Karlie was not about to participate in that activity for the Vet assistant.

We came home and tried to feed her again. Nope, she will have nothing to do with her food. Okay, well…

We had a Pot Luck dinner at the Elks tonight with all the RV’ers. We had a great time. It was a little hot when we started out, about 96 degrees, but there was a breeze and temp dropped nicely. Unfortunately, when the breeze died the Deer Flies arrived and they must have liked my lotion, because they started biting me at around 8, so we went home. The picutres below are before it really got started. Noel purchased brats and they cooked them, with corn on the cob and Walla Walla Onions, fried. Yummy! We of course had great food and met people who do not come to the social hours. Funny, but there were people who were invited, who sat outside their rigs, watching, but not attending…

Pot Luck at Elks Lodge

Pot Luck at Elks Lodge

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