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Sat. July 11 to Fri. July 17, 2015- Westminster CO

Saturday-  I had a horrible night. I did not sleep all night due to knee pain. My knee flared up and I was miserable. So I slept all day. Poor Bob was tip-toeing around all day. The knee did not become red, but it became very hot. I took extra Dilaudid and slept, giving it a rest. We finished watching House of Cards season 3.

Sunday- I had a better night last night, but the knee was still swollen and hot. I am still doing my exercises and watching the knee carefully. After my shower, I taped the cut off catheter to my side to see if I am allergic to the plastic in it.  We did nothing else all day, as I was so miserable. We watched the DVD Interstellar, as we had a free Red Box rental.

Monday- The knee settled down a bit. I was going stir crazy. Bob went to the Laundromat to do the towels and the lap throws,while I washed the sheets at home.  When he returned I told him I had to get out and  do something. So we went to Costco. We ate lunch there and did our monthly shopping. I returned home and iced my knee. We took a nap and went to social hour. We returned and ate dinner at home.

Tuesday- I went to PT and told Sara about what happened. Neither of us could figure out what had occurred to cause the ’inflammatory flair’. Sara had me take it easy. I did the seated stepper instead of the bike, the Flexinator, but only to 16, the leg press dropped to 60 lbs., and marching. Then she iced with the Gamer, which also does compression. Then she sent me home to rest. The knee became warm again, but not hot and there still is no redness.

We went to the Lodge for dinner, having fried shrimp, rice pilaf and carrots.

Wednesday- I had my yearly visit to the Ophthalmologist.  He found that I have developed a thin film over my lens where the cataract was. So he is going to remove it  by zapping it in his office in Denver ( were visited in Broomfield) in September. We made that appointment. It will only take 3-5 seconds, and is just an office procedure.

We stopped at Einstein Bagels afterwards and had a bagel. We returned home, ate lunch, took a nap and went to social hour. We ate dinner at home and watched the DVD Taken 3.

Thursday- Bob had a fasting lab draw at 9AM, so we went to the PCP office for that, then went to breakfast at “The Egg and I”.  At 1 PM, I had my 6 week appointment with Dr. Foran, the surgeon.  I had the routine 6 week X-ray done of the knee. Wow, what a difference. He showed me the pre-op X-ray and the post-op and they look so different. The bones don’t rub anymore! I told him about the flair, but he was not concerned, since there is no redness. Evidently some folks have this issue. Lucky me! I am approved for the second surgery on August 4. , Since the leg bent to 130 degrees post-op, he is going to move it to that, to break up scar tissue at my next surgery. Glad that will be under anesthesia. He renewed my prescriptions and on the way home. we stopped to drop off my prescriptions at the pharmacy. It is pretty bad when the Pharmacist knows you by name! LOL . We went to social hour, ate dinner, and sat outside to enjoy the nice evening.

Friday- I had PT at 10:30. I knew the knee swelling and heat were decreased. When I got on the bike, I accidently went all the way around when pedaling. Wow! I showed the PT assistant James. He asked if it hurt, I said no, so he said go ahead and do it.

I was so excited. I had hoped to be able to ride my bike when I get back to Arizona, and think I will be able to do that in November!

I told Sara what was going on and she had me do the Flexinator. I went easily to 18.5 inches. I tried going back to 75 lbs. on the leg press, but had pain, so we went back to 60. Maybe it was the 75 lbs. that set the flair off, who knows! She gave me a couple of other exercises to do and iced my knee. We hope that it does not flair again!

We returned home, and I called Verizon, as we had another issue with our phone rebate. I spoke with the guy and the problem was the address change. The address on the agreement does not match the address on the rebate.  So he transferred me to customer service. The rebate is $100 per phone, so we want that money!

The customer service gal(Alexandra) did not listen and wanted to transfer me back to the rebate folks. Had to explain several times that we needed to change the address and I need a copy of the updated agreement, with the correct address to send to the rebate folks.

She made the address change, then placed me on hold. FOR 55 MINUTES!!!, while she tried to figure out how to get me a copy of the updated agreement. At 45 minutes, I used Bob’s phone and called Verizon. I got a really nice guy named. Corbin, in Arizona, who was appalled that I was still on hold on the other phone. I stayed on hold. Meanwhile, Corbin, wrote up Alexandra and spoke with his supervisor. Alexandra was supposed to check back with me every 2 minutes while I was on hold. She did not check back at all. At 55 minutes, she came back and either she disconnected me or I accidently disconnected us. She should have called me back, but did not do so. The next ring of the phone was the survey, where I gave her zero’s and a supervisor is to call me. Anyway, Corbin, assured me he would call me back in 20 minutes. He called the rebate dept.and got everything fixed. We should have a confirmation ( Bob received his already) and called me back. That is what Alexandra should have done! I gave Corbin 10’s on his survey! So by this time, we were at 1.5 hours to get this done!

We went to social hour, but left at 4:45 to go to dinner. It is prime rib night and Colorado Storm, a great country band, is playing for a dance tonight. so we all arrived early for dinner. Last month, the line was out the door and it took Bob 30 minutes in line, then 15 minutes to pick up take out. There were no seats last month, so I left and returned to the MH.

We had a nice dinner with the RV group and sat talking after dinner. The line was a little bit less this time and people were able to get seats. Last month was Fathers Day weekend and the price of the Prime Rib went up on July 1, so we think that was why we had such a big crowd last month. But, it was still busy this evening.

We returned home and watched the DVD, The Conspirator. It is the story of Mary Surratts.

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