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Sat July 4 to Fri. July 10 1915- Westminster CO

Saturday- Happy 4th of July. We had a quiet morning doing laundry and with me doing my PT exercises. At noon, Bob received an email from CVS/Caremark that they had sent his prescription to Arizona. We are new with them. So he spent some time on the phone trying to get that straightened out. Unfortunately, the prescription had already been mailed. He is going to have to call Paradise RV Park next week to let them know to forward the medication to us at the Elks Lodge.

The Lodge was having a picnic, so we went over to the large pavilion for lunch. I had a pretty good hamburger and Bob had a brat. They came with pasta salad and baked beans, both of which had green bell pepper in them. The meal also came with potato chips, so I gave mine to Bob. I took home his pasta salad and baked beans. We sat with the RV folks and had a nice lunch.

We took a nice nap then Bob walked the dogs. After walking the dogs, he went over to assist with the clean up.

At a little after 4, we  went to social hour. The small pavilion was reserved, so we sat out on the grass with everyone. It was nice to get out, up until a thunderstorm decided to descend upon us! It cut our time out short. Dinner was at home, as the Lodge kitchen was closed for the picnic.

Sunday- A quiet day for us. I continue to do my leg exercises 3 x a day. We reviewed our budget, ate lunch,  took a nap and dinner in, and had a nice day. It rained part of the day. Dinner was at home.

Monday- I had my Allergy appointment this morning. After the surgery I developed a rash in my groin. My PCP decided it was an allergic reaction to either the betadine when they put in the Foley catheter, or a reaction to the catheter. Since I was already seeing the doctor, I decided to get the insurance companies moneys worth (we have hit catastrophic on our insurance, so everything for the rest of the year is free, except for the Chiropractor!).  So I asked him to check on my Morphine allergy and my Penicillin allergy. They cannot check on narcotic allergies. It has something to do with them all testing positive. Although, he agreed with me that he did not think I actually have a morphine allergy, as I do not break out in hives or have itching or a rash. In 2012 when they gave me morphine IV, I think that the nurse just gave it too fast and it turned my arm red as the medication went in. As soon as the nurse stopped, the redness went away.He did check the Penicillin and I am not allergic to it. Yea!

So the tech put some betadine on a test strip and put it on my arm. I am to keep it on for 2 days then take it off and stop by on Thursday.

I returned home, did my exercise, ate lunch, took a short nap and we ate dinner at home. Bob had cleaned the MH while I was gone. We had been told that they were going to turn off the electric, so we were behind on washing our sheets and towels. Noel decided he was not touching the eclectic in the rain. He also decided, rightly so, that the Lodge should hire an electrician to fix the issue. We at dinner at home.

Tuesday- We went to my PT appointment. a really good day at PT. As soon as I started on the bike, I knew that the swelling was down. I could almost turn the pedals all the way to the back. Gwen did a measurement. My first goal has been to reach a 90 degree flex with my knee. I skipped over that goal and was at 104! Yippee!! Then on the Flexinator I was at 17, up from 13 1/4. I felt so good! I had been  behind on the goal for several weeks due to the swelling.

I was floating out of the session on cloud nine as I had been working so hard at getting to this point. We walked to the car and as Bob was backing out of the parking place, I developed, suddenly, severe chest pain. What?? It was about 8-9/10, and started to radiate to my jaw. I asked Bob to pull over in the parking lot. I started sweating and was pretty miserable. We sat there for a few minutes, but the pain did not go away. We were right next to St. Anthony’s North Hospital so we drove over to the ER. We went in and I was immediately swept away by the nurses and Dr. Steve. They did an EKG and drew Troponin levels. All were normal. They gave me 4 baby aspirin and a nitroglycerin tablet. All per protocol. I was used to this, as we had a lot of chest pain patients on the Observation floor. The pain went away and after the second normal Trop level and EKG they sent me  home. I have to follow up with my PCP. We are not sure what the issue was, but it was not a heart attack, although I had the classic symptoms. I think I swallowed  a lot of air while in the PT session and that once I got rid of the gas and things improved.

We returned home and took a nap. We went to the Lodge for dinner, but since the trustees were all at the state convention, and there was no meeting tonight and there was no dinner. We did meet up with the RV folks and said hi.

We returned to the MH and ate left over casserole from Monday nights dinner. We watched Season 3 of House of Cards.

Wednesday- Bob went to the PCP for his next Vitamin B12 appointment. He also stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few items. The Doc decided that Bob should have a Vitamin B12 shot weekly for the next month, then try moving to monthly again. Bob asked them if I could just give the shot, so they said yes and called in the prescription for the medication and the syringes.

He called Paradise RV Park in Arizona and asked them to forward the prescriptions to the Elks Lodge. We went to dinner at the Lodge.

Thursday- A quiet morning. Since the betadine patch was negative, I called the surgeon’s office to request a catheter so that I could see if I was allergic to the plastic in it. They had me call the Case Manager at the hospital. She talked to the charge nurse, and arrange for me to pick up the catheter tomorrow morning.  then I went to the Lodge for lunch with the girls. I played cards (Golf) until about 1:45,, then went to my PCP appointment to follow up on the Tuesday chest pain and for the pre-op visit. The doc decided not to draw blood work or do another EKG because of the ones done on Tuesday. He cleared me for surgery and they drew the PT/PTT to check on my blood clotting.

I stopped in at the Allergy Doctor and they read the negative on the betadine patch.

We went to the small pavilion for social hour, then went with everyone to the Taco night. We watched more of House of Cards, season 3.

Friday-We left and ran over to the hospital and I picked up the catheter. We ate lunch, then I went to PT. I had another good session, getting to 18 on the flexinator. We went to social hour, then the Lodge for dinner We continued watching House of Cards season 3.

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