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Sat. June 5 to Fri. June June 12- Westminster CO

Saturday- I woke up to my left leg being bright red and hot to touch. At around noon, I called the PA, but since I did not have a fever, we decided to wait and see what happened. I had a routine day, with exercise, walking, and sleeping.

We have been watching DVD’s from the library. We watched the last season of Boardwalk Empire. My temperature at 8 PM was 99.0. At 9 PM it went to up 100.0. So I called the PA again. She said to go the ER at St. Anthony’s hospital.

We arrived at the hospital at about 10 pm. They finally took me back around 11 PM. The nurse, the ER doc and the Panorama PA all looked at my leg and decided that I had cellulitis. They took blood cultures, X-rays, started an IV and gave me a dose of Vancomycin. They decided to admit me to the hospital.

I sent Bob home around 1:30. I was moved to the orthopedic floor at around 2:30. I texted the room number to Bob so that he would be able to find me. I  have to say that the nurses on the Ortho floor at St. Anthony’s were not as good as the ones at the Ortho Colorado, but Ortho Colorado is only for surgery.

Sunday- Bob dragged in at about 9:30. He had to feed and walk the dogs,as they had come home on Thursday. Dr. Foran arrived at around 11. The redness was all gone! Odd, for cellulitis. He ordered a second dose of Vancomycin, then sent me home on Keflex. We left the hospital around 2 PM.

We were both happy to be back home! We started watching Orange is the New Black, season 2.

Monday-  We continued our usual routine. Up, shower, eat breakfast, do exercise routine, nap, eat lunch, nap, exercise, take meds, move to recliner, keep ice and elevated.

Tuesday- The PT came at 10:30 and he added some exercises. He says I am doing well. We continued the routine. The nights are a little better as I have dropped 11 lbs of fluid since last Friday.

Wednesday- My follow-up appointment with the surgeon was scheduled for tomorrow. His wife went into labor, so they changed and had me go to the Golden Office and see Jeff the PA today. Jeff took pictures and sent them to the Doc. The discussed the issue. My PCP office had called  to tell me that my blood culture was positive. So Dr. Foran and Dr. Freedman had been discussing this.

Jeff and Dr. Foran were not concerned. They did not think it was actually cellulitis and they thought that the blood cultures were a contaminate. There were 4 bottles, done in separate times, prior to the Vancomycin, with only one bottle having the gram positive rods. They think I had a reaction to the surgery, where they had tied a belt around the leg, very tightly, to prevent bleeding. Jeff was happy with how the leg looked and I was sent back home.

Thursday- I had developed a rash in my groin. So I called the PCP office. They gave me an afternoon appointment with Jane,the PA. She took a culture and she thought ti was an allergic reaction to the cleanser they used when putting in the foley catheter prior to surgery. So I have a steroid cream to put on the affected area.

The PT came and was happy with my progress. 

The Edge was ready for pick up. Bob had called Enterprise and told them he did not have  a ride to pickup the car. They said that he could drive the car to Longmont and they would pick it up in Longmont. Then Longmont Ford called and said that Enterprise had called them and said that they could not do that as it would leave a hole in their inventory. So Bob told the tech he did not have a ride to Longmont. The tech said he would send the shuttle to pick him up at the Enterprise office close to us.  Then he called back to say they did not have a driver. So Bob ended up driving the rental to Longmont and Enterprise was going to have to pick it up at Longmont Ford. This was all paid for by Ford, so it was their problem.

He drove the Edge home! Yea, we have out new car back!

Friday-  We had a usual day, with me walking, doing exercises, napping and watching TV. It is hard to read, as I am still on the Dilaudid.

Bob took his computer in to the Geeks and they cleaned up his computer. My computer is next.

Bob picked up dinner at the Lodge. We watched more of Orange is the New Black. 

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