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Sat. Mary 23 to Fri. May 29- Westminster CO

Saturday- I did laundry and we ran to Lowes after lunch. Bob went in to pick up items he needs to put the lights in the cabinets. While I was waiting for him, we had a thunderstorm with small hail. Of course I was sitting in the new car cringing! No damage fortunately!

We went to the storage unit to return some boxes, then we stopped at Costco for gas, then returned to the MH. We went to happy hour and dinner at the Lodge. Tonight’s dinner was BBQ pork sandwiches with coleslaw and chips. We returned home and watched movies we had recorded.

Sunday- It was a quiet day for us. We did bills, cleaned up around the MH, went to Walmart for a few items, and took a very short nap. At 4, we went to the large pavilion for happy hour and pot luck. Of course there was lots of food. We took the summer sausage that Bob had won at the rally in April, with some crackers. I also took a small bowl of Goldfish, which we had left over from the rally. It was cool, but the sun came out after a thunderstorm. The temp was 52, but in the sun it was nice.

Monday- Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all those who served and gave their lives for our country. At 11:30 Bob went to the Lodge to volunteer to assist with the Lodge picnic. They did not need him, so he came back to the MH. We watched the news then went to the Lodge for the picnic. They were grilling burgers, brats and hot dogs on the back patio. I had a nice hamburger and Bob had a brat. $4 each, with chips. We ate lunch, then returned to the MH. When I arrived back, I checked my phone and I had a text from Marianna. She said that Paula and Charlie had arrived.

We took the dogs and walked up to the 30 amp on the hill,  where they were parking. Charlie set up the water and electric and we went to the Lodge for them to eat lunch. We sat talking until about 2, then returned to the MH. We started a chicken in the crock pot for dinner. At around 4, the thunderstorms started. It rained off and on for several hours. Around 6, the electric went out, but came back on. Bob had to go out and reset the satellite, as the electric loss had messed up the satellite. His re-boot restarted it and we watched a recorded movie before bed.

Tuesday- A quiet day for us.  I called and made a reservation for the dogs to go into the kennel for a few days next week while I have my knee replacement surgery. We made the appointment with Karen from Dakota Post to do the car paperwork to register in South Dakota. We did laundry. 

At 4, we went to the Lodge for happy hour and dinner as it was cool outside. We ate with Paula and Charlie and Rob and Jane. We had a great time! We returned home at around 7.

Wednesday- I had my appointment with the DME guy at Panorama to pick up the ice machine. We went to the Golden office to pick it up. Adrian, the DME guy, explained the machine to us, using a model. We are not allowed to open the box! We are to take it to the hospital and they will open it and put it on my leg in the operating room or the PACU. They are going to submit to the insurance to have it paid for, but we think it will be denied. When Bob had his Meniscus surgery 5 years ago, he had a rental ice machine and it was covered. They do not do that anymore. You get a personal machine. At least I can use it for three different body areas that I need repaired. We placed the box in the back of the Edge to stay there until next week.

We returned home. Charlie and Paula walked down and we left to go to Boulder for lunch. We stopped at Crazy Craig’s for crepes. Charlie, Bob and I had crepes. Paula had corned beef hash.

After lunch we walked on the Pearl Street mall. Below is a fire juggler.

Pearl Street Boulder- fire juggler

While driving the Edge we noted a really strange noise when we made turns. So when we got home, Bob pulled out the manual. No help there. So he called Longmont Ford. They said to bring it in. It is still under warranty from Ford, so we need to get this fixed!

We went to social hour up on the hill under the small pavilion. It started out nice, warm, and sunny. The clouds appeared and we had a quick storm. The wind kept circling the pavilion, coming in from south, then east, then north. When the rain stopped, we ran home, before it started again.

We ate dinner and watched another movie we had recorded. Right as we were ready to go to bed, another windy storm started. That storm also moved quickly through the area.

Thursday- We set the alarm for 5:30 (UGH!) so that Bob could leave to go to Longmont with the car. We showered, Bob walked the dogs, we got a lunch together and he left by 7. I hung out doing a Genealogy Webinar, laundry and cleaning. Bob called at about 9:30, it is the rear deferential/ power transfer unit.  We are concerned, as the vehicle is only 2 years old and had 22.5k miles on it. This should not have happened. It is still under warranty, so that was a positive. 

So I called Charlie and Paula. Charlie came and picked me up and we drove up to Longmont to pick up Bob. The car will not be ready until tomorrow.

We returned in time for Paula and I to go to the Ladies lunch and Cards at the Lodge. We ate a nice lunch and played Golf again. We were finished at about 2:15. We returned to our MH’s. At 2:35, Paula picked up Jan and I and we went to the MAC center. I had a massage scheduled and Jan worked out. Paula sat and read on her Ipad. I had a wonderful hour long massage for $42. What a great price!

We all returned just in time to go to social hour at the small pavilion. There were 21 people at the social hour! We sat out talking until 5:15, when a thunderstorm came through. We returned to the MH and fed the dogs. The storm passed and we went to the Lodge for Taco Thursday. $1 per Taco, so it was $5 for the two of us. Can’t beat that. You have your choice of soft or hard shell, which they fill with ground beef. Then you  move along to the fixing bar and put in your preferred fixings.  Almost all 21 of us were there!

We returned to the MH. Paula called. Paul was coming over to re-measure some areas for the work that he is doing in their Alfa. We had asked her to have him come and measure one item for us. So at about 8:45 he arrived and measuredin  the back area of the MH for a door.

Area in MH>

There was a window in this area. We never opened this window, so when we had the MH re-sided last summer, we had PJ close the area off. We had put in this set of drawers, a plastic container from Walmart, when we were in Breckenridge. We needed the room for the ski clothes. We have kept the containers and decided to have a door made for the area. Bob is going to make the shelves. I want to put plastic containers on the shelf so that I can pull the containers out and put them on the bed to to take out what I need. The top drawer is our pill drawer. We keep the medications there and take it out once a week to fill our pill containers. It works really well.

Friday- We are waiting for Longmont Ford to call us about the car. We hung out all day waiting, but went to brunch at George’s Restaurant with Charlie and Paula. Georges is a Greek Diner type restaurant which we really like in Arvada. After a  nice lunch, we went to Costco for gas and to show Charlie and Paula where the Costco is located. On the way we stopped at Rheinlander Bakery and picked up Danish’s for dessert.  At 4, Bob called Longmont Ford and spoke with the tech who said they were just getting ready to call him.

The repair was completed, BUT the car still has an issue. The tech has contacted Ford and they think that the rear end of the car needs to be replaced! We had no issue when we picked the car up on 5/16. We have only had the car 11 days when we took it back for the repair!  We went to the Lodge for a drink!

Anyway, Longmont arranged for a rental car, paid by Ford, for us to pick up at Enterprise. They did not have a car until tomorrow, after 11 am, but it was not an issue.

We ate dinner at the Lodge and sat talking until about 7:30. We returned to the MH and settled in for the evening.

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