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Sat. April 25 to Fri. May 1 2015- Westminster CO

Saturday- I ran off early to have a mani/pedi. Bob stayed at the MH and made the dog food and started laundry. I stopped at Michaels on the way back as they had 50 % off for classes. They were supposed to have the instructors there with the projects, but no one was there. A sign was on a table when you walked into the store.

I returned home and went online to find that they have a free class on a paper project for May 11, so I signed up for that.

We ate lunch and took a nap. My goal, for while we are here, is to clean out the storage unit. We had brought over a box of pictures. We worked on getting the printer to scan to my computer and I scanned in my baby book. It has been fun going through the pictures. Here is me at 24 hours!

Denise @ 24 hours old

Denise and Dorothy McKenzie, April 1954

Above, my grandmother and I.

Denise and Dot Laurion, 9 Nove 1953

Above, my Mother holding me 11/9/1953.

Denise 2 months, 2 days old

Dad, Mom and me.

We cooked dinner, watched the rest of Season 4 of Game of Thrones, which we had recorded on the free HBO weekend.

Sunday- Today was a quiet day at home. It was cold and rainy. We did our usual bill paying and budgeting. We watched some TV and I scanned another photo album. It is really hard to throw away the pictures, but there is no sense in keeping pictures that we have scanned. We did keep the Gray family photo’s which we are going to give to family members. We took a nice long rainy day nap.



His Mom while in Nursing school.

Dora Gray

We cooked halibut soup for lunch ( we are still eating halibut from Alaska) and did a hot crock pot meal for dinner.

Monday- We were off to our primary care physician’s office for our semi-annual visits. Bob had his labs drawn, but they are waiting for me due to the knee surgery. I had the pre-op visit though. One medication change.

I had a Chiropractor appt., then we ate lunch and headed over to Golden to my orthopedic surgeon appointment. He looked at my knees and the x-rays from last fall and we are scheduling the surgery. No date yet.

We returned home and went to happy hour at the lodge as it was still cool outside.

I am working every evening on scanning pictures from the old albums. Sure wish my mother had labeled all the pictures!

Tuesday- Bob had his cardiology appt. His cardiologist had quit and left the practice, so he has a new Doc. We both liked her a lot. She was the one who read my Halter monitor last spring.

After the appointment we ran to Costco. This Costco is backwards. Everything is on the opposite side of the store! It was very confusing for us. We picked up most of what we were looking for, then ran back to the MH to drop everything off. We ate lunch, then left for our dental appts. Good dental check ups!

We returned home in time for Bob to walk the dogs and for us to go to the first outside happy hour. We had a nice time. We ate dinner and watched some TV with me scanning more photos.

Wednesday- Our Dermatologist appts were scheduled for 9:45. There was a big accident on the highway, so we had to re-route going down I-25 through Denver, then heading east to  Aurora.

Bob has to do the chemical stuff, again. This time it is the stuff that turns you bright red for two weeks. This is his third treatment! I had a place on my back that she did a punch biopsy of, so that was fun. Two stitches. This time Bob has to be putting dressings on me!

We had a nice quiet afternoon and went to happy hour. There was a big crowd there today! We sat next to a new couple who own a house in Sun City West. When I told them I had worked for two winters at Del Webb we were instant buddies! They are leaving but returning in September.

We went to dinner at the Lodge. Bob had the steak sandwich with fries and I had the fried shrimp with rice pilaf and glazed carrots. They were both good.

Thursday- We went out to a new groomers to check them out. They are near our MD office.  It is also a doggie day care. We made appts. for the dogs for Monday morning.

We went to the new King Soopers on 80th and Wadsworth. That is a really nice store and we plan to shop there a bit more. They had the dogs ground beef on sale so we picked up 6 lbs. That is all the room we have in the freezer.

We returned to the MH, ate lunch, then Bob took the CRV over to have the inside detailed. We did not bother with the outside as the weather forecast is for rain the next few days.

Bob returned and we were able to leave the car windows open for a short period of time before the thunderstorms started. We ate dinner and did the usual evening chores.

Friday- I had a 9:30 chiropractor appt. today. Brian and Kathy Mungar are arriving today and we are excited to see our old friends. Yesterday, because the sites are filling up we had given a check to Julie to hold their site. They arrived a little after 12, and Julie put them into the 50 amp site just up from us. The site is reserved with some folks who are coming in next week, and have paid for the site for the month. Julie had called them and asked if Brian and Kathy could use the site and they said yes. She also told Bob we can use the hydro-hot to heat our water. We have been using the diesel heater per the new rules.

The dogs were very excited to see Brian and Kathy, their buddies. Brian and Kathy had taken care of the dogs when I was in the hospital in 2012, so they love them!

We greeted them, let them get set up. We had more thunderstorms, so at 4, Brian and Kathy came over with a growler of Double IPA from Broken Compass Brewing company in Breck. Bob liked the beer and he does not usually like an IPA. They gave Bob the growler, empty at this point!

We left and went to dinner at Golden Europe. We stayed sitting and talking until after 8. I was the designated driver!

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