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Sat. April 18 to Fri. April 24- Sun Valley AZ to Westminster CO

Saturday- We drove out of Root 66 RV Park at about 8:50, continuing east on I-40. We stopped at a Flying J and put in 30 gallons of diesel, as it was more expensive, even with our RV’ing discount, than at the Casino where we are planning to spend the night.  We had a nice ride until after lunch. I was driving and about 60 miles before ABQ the wind picked up. It was not fun, but drivable.


We passed through ABQ and continued on to the San Felipe Reservation, stopping at the gas station, purchasing diesel .   Bob had told me, via radio ,that he was done and that it was going to be $195, but they only charged us $188, as we paid with check card.

We pulled into their RV park and parked next to another Alfa. We did not know the owners, but we had a nice chit-chat! I walked over to the casino to pay for the site, $20 for 50 amp on a nice flat site.

We settled in. At 6, the dogs started lobbying for dinner. When we entered New Mexico, we lost an hour. Our bodies were still on AZ time, but the dogs evidently had already switched over,as they knew it was dinner time. At 10, they also decided it was time to go to bed! We think they know how to read a clock, LOL!

We walked over to the casino for dinner.  By this time the wind was really howling! We went  to the all you can eat buffet for $11.95. It was Mexican cuisine. We ate dinner then checked out the café which had burgers and fries.

We returned to the MH and Bob set up the satellite.  Well, that was an issue! The TV was only in black and white. He figured out it was not the TV so he called Direct TV. They are going to have to send a repair person. Oh well, we know that the satellite receiver is dying.

We watched the Frank Sinatra special which we had recorded off of HBO on the free weekend. It was very interesting.

Sunday- We were up and on the road by 8:30. we traveled north on I-25. The farther north we progressed, the worse the wind became. We switched drivers at a rest area and the wind became worse. Bob was driving and he had to slow the MH down. We drove over Raton Pass, and the wind was gone! Now we were in Colorado.

We continued north to Colorado City and parked in a KOA, using our KOA card. That reduced the nightly rate to $38 w/30 amp FHU. What a rip off, but there was no other option!

While we were checking in, the people ahead of us in line told us about Bishop Castle, A Fairy-tale Fortress. Since it was only 24 miles away, we decided to go to visit, as it was only 3 PM.

So after we set up, we took the dogs with us and drove west on Hwy 165 . We had not thought about it, but the 24 miles was straight up into the mountains. It snowed and there was a episode of sleet, both coming and going.

We arrived to find that there was too much snow to walk up to the caste. We decided that we would do a day trip some time this summer to visit when the weather was better.



A man named Jim Bishop has been building the Castle since 1969. He prefers that the Castle be called a work of art, not a building. The gigantic Castle is 160’ high and still growing.There is no admission and the ‘art’ is open from dawn to dusk every day.

We returned to the MH and ate dinner. We watched cable TV as the KOA had cable.(in color).

Monday– Brrr! The temp was 28 degrees this morning! We drove out of the park at about 8, continuing north on I-25. We arrived at the Elks Lodge in Westminster CO at about 11, after traveling through Pueblo and Colorado Springs.  The camp host, Julie, was at a doctor’s appt. with her mother, so we set up on the wall in the one 50 amp site.

Julie arrived back at the park. She said that John, the guy that Bob had spoken with about the assistance camp host job, wants us to move to a 30 amp site on the hill. There is an obvious misunderstanding. The reason Bob wanted to do the assistance camp host job was so that we could be assured a 50 amp site for the summer. There will be more discussion on this, but there is a 50 amp site available. Eventually!

Some one broke off the top of a sewer cover and it went into the sewer system. The site we are to move into is torn up with the repair. Eventually, later in the day, we found out that the entire sewer system for the RV park and the Lodge is closed off during the repair. We are not sure when we will be able to move, but we have an empty black tank and gray tank, so we are okay for a short time.

We ran over to the Post Office and filled out a form to receive General Delivery. We do not receive enough mail to rent a PO box while we are here.

At 4 ,we went to the Lodge for Happy Hour. It was too cold to sit outside. There was free popcorn and I had a White Zin and Bob had a beer . Most everyone showed up, and it was nice to see our Elk friends.

We returned at 5:30, cooked dinner and Bob turned on the TV to find that we had color. Guess we have a loose wire! He has called Direct TV to get us changed from the local Phoenix channels to the local Denver channels. We watched TV and went to bed.

Tuesday- We did a few tasks then Bob left to go to Planet Honda. The cruise control on the CRV died. So he is having that repaired. I stayed home and worked on an article that my editor had sent to me. Then I worked on last weeks blog.

Bob returned bringing sandwiches from Smiling Moose for lunch. The CRV is not repaired. Planet Honda had to order a part. So he has to return tomorrow. He took the sheets and towels to the local Laundromat. I took a much needed nap. I have not been sleeping well and it finally caught up with me.

He returned and we went to happy hour in the Lodge. It seemed like the whole park was there! We had to put six tables together!

We left at a little after five to go to Buca de Beppo for dinner. We had two Groupons and they expire on Sunday. We arrived to find that there were no other customers in the restaurant. We think that between road construction, it being Tuesday, and a new restaurant, that people are not going there right now. Too bad, as the service was good and so was the food.

We had the Chicken Marsala with the Antipasto salad. We had the waiter ask the manager about using our second Groupon for take out. he said yes, so we ordered the Spicy Ziti. The Ziti is going into the freezer.

We stopped at Safeway for milk, then I dropped Bob off at the Lodge for the weekly meeting. Our goal is to become more involved in the Lodge while we are here this summer.

Wednesday- I was off to my chiropractor for a 9:30 appt. Bob stayed home working around the MH. I returned and we ate lunch. Then Bob took the CRV back to Planet Honda for the repair.

While Bob was gone, Dan arrived to check on our Hydro-hot. We had a leak. He tightened something and was done. Bob returned just before he left. Dan said he would return tomorrow to check to make sure we still did not have a leak.

At 4, we went to happy hour at the Lodge, returned home, ate left overs for dinner and went to bed.

Thursday- Bob walked the dogs and returned to say that we can move into the 50 amp site. So we packed up and moved into the 50 amp site. At the same time, Nole told Bob that John had decided that they did not want him for an assistant host. They thought that Bob will have to be helping me too much post surgery and that they want their assistant host in the 30 amp site. Okay with us, John, who is making the decisions, knew about my surgery and the 50 amp site from the beginning. . He has yet to speak with either of us. Bob is going to be doing some volunteer work around the Elks lodge anyway.

So we are settled into the site. We did a lot around the MH and went to lunch at the lodge. Then took a nice nap. We went to happy hour at the lodge.

Friday- I went to have my hair done while Bob made dog food. We have changed to chicken from the beef. We had a whole chicken which we cooked and had part of for dinner last evening. We went to happy hour and dinner at the Lodge.

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