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Sat. April 11 to Fri. April 17- Casa Grande AZ

Saturday- We did not have to get up early and work today! The AOC has now taken over the morning coffee time. We took the golf cart over to the North Pavilion at about 8:30. There were still a lot of doughnuts left. We each had one and sat talking with folks. This was open to all the clubs so we were talking to different people.

At about 9:30, they were going to throw away the rest of the doughnuts so I called Susan. She ran up with plastic bags and we put the left overs in a bag to use to make  a bread pudding. We took the bags to the refrigerator behind us.

I worked on the other three cards. Then at about 10:15 we went to the main building to pick up our packets for the AOC rally, which included the schedule. We did not have anything scheduled until 1:30 so we ran out to the Escapees Rovers Roost RV Park. We wanted to see what it was like. Not much. It is out of town and would be okay for a night or two. We had stopped for gas on the way for $2.07/gal. We stopped in at the Encore Park, Fiesta RV Park, which was a lot like Paradise, but smaller.

We returned, ate lunch, and I worked on the blog. At 1:15 we ran over to the San Tan room for a ‘Travel Talk on Mexico’.  It was very informative. There were two couples doing the seminar.  One couple have been going to the middle of Mexico for years. The other couple went on a caravan to the Baja Peninsula. We might go there are some point, but only with a group.  We passed lots of Alfa’s coming in!

We returned to the MH and  we had been doing laundry all day. I made our item to take to the social hour at 4, at the Bistro. We sat with some newbies and talked to them. At 5:15 we left to return to the MH and feed the dogs. Bob took them on a very short walk, then we left a little before 6 to go to the Welcome Dinner. They had your choose a different color index card. On the back was the name of a state. You were to sit at that table so that everyone doesn’t just rush to sit with friends.

Dinner was barely acceptable with brisket, carrots, a roll, a salad and new potatoes. Dessert  was a chocolate mouse cake which was very good. The brisket was tough and the carrots were undercooked.  They did some trivia games which our table did not win. They also drew ticket numbers and Bob won a really nice label maker. I won a set of really nice walkie talkie radios. Unless we can trade them we are going to sell them on Ebay.

Wendy and Doug Ferguson had arrived. They are one of our Alfa couples. They went on the SMART Maritime trip last summer. While on the trip Doug developed neurological issues. Wendy drove off in the MH to take him back to Maine as they were in Canada. He had a Glioblastoma brain tumor and they have been going through all that treatment since August. It was nice to see them and Doug looked good.

Sunday- Coffee time at the North Pavilion. Then we were off to the San Tan room for a seminar on ‘Travelling in the Rockies’ given by Becky and Jim Godfrey. It was very good and we may do some of the trip that they took this summer. We have done some of it, like going to the ski resorts,but of course ,we have done that in the winter, not the summer.

After lunch, we attended ‘ The RV Driving School Driving Tips’ seminar. It was excellent. George did a great job with reminding us of various driving tips. I returned to the MH and Bob went to the Alfateers talk on ‘Maintaining Our Older  Rigs’. They went way overtime, and went into “How Many Batteries are Enough. “Bob decided to skip that one.We have new Rally Wagon Masters and they needed to do better with scheduling.

We ran over to the North Pavilion for our chapter social time. Then it was off to the Chapter Dinner. Tonight it was pork loin with twice baked potatoes and carrots. The kitchen did a lousy job. The pork loin was okay, but the potatoes were dried out and the carrots were not cooked enough. Cheesecake for dessert. They also served us almost an hour late.

The resort was purchased in 2013 from a private family. The new company, Sun Resorts, has cut back. They also had issues with the IRS. Prior to this, there were volunteers who served the food. Now it is employees and there are not enough of them. As a result, things are slower and the food is definitely not as good.

We had our meeting and they asked a lot of questions about how everyone felt about coming back next year. Most seemed to want to come back as they like the resort. We voted against returning due to the lousy food and all the issues we have had.

Monday- We had to take the baskets to the Ball Room at 8AM. I was glad to get them out of the MH, but I forgot to take pictures! Anyway, they are gone.

We returned to coffee at the North Pavilion. We left and started cleaning up the MH. At 9:30, I went to the Stain Glass Room to take a picture of the stain glass that some of the folks had made. They are very pretty.

Stain Glass Class

I returned and we worked until almost 11:30, getting the rig ready for the Coach Walk. We left at about 11:20 to go to the main building for the lunch’s. Bob went to the Bistro area for the Men’s lunch. They had a beef sandwich with cheese, with a nice brownie for dessert. They could not get any entertainment for them so they told jokes. They evidently were pretty bad.

Meanwhile, we ladies had a pear and chicken salad with a small croissant and  cheesecake for dessert. There were 3 small strips of chicken and the pears were so hard we could not cut them with our plastic knives. Again, another poor meal!

The entertainment last year was very good, but this years entertainment was boring. The lady, whose name no one heard, talked all over the place about making decisions and taking chances. Hmmm, we are a group of folks who made a life change and hit the road. Not the right audience! Boring! I literally fell asleep several times.

Ladies luncheon speaker

I won a Mishe purse. It is very nice. I wrote a thank-you note to the Vendor.

The Coach Walk ( which was scheduled at the same time as the ice cream social, which we did not need on the same day as the luncheons) started at 2:30. I got through only 5 coaches before I had to run back to send Bob out. There were a lot more open coaches. I took pictures and sent Bob to look at things I want to do. One of which is to put lights in the cabinets. Duh, why have we not done this before. One of the newbies had done this and they turn on when you open the cabinet door! Wow!

Coach Walk

Here are some other pictures:

Piano keyboard in MH

Redone in blue, Coach Walk

Coach Walk

Coach Walk

We relaxed for about an hour, then took off to go to Mexi-Ricardo Mexican Restaurant with MaryAnne, Ray, Donna and  Allen. We arrived and they only had two booths so we took them and the guys sat at one and the gals at the other which worked out really well. We returned home and collapsed!

Tuesday-  Coffee in the morning. At 9, we went over to the main building. There was a craft show in addition to our vendors. I bought a nice hat,


We bought some do-dads from a vendor for about $1.00 to 2.00. We moved through the walkway between the buildings to the vendors there. We purchased two new harnesses for the dogs,


Styluses for our cell phones, some Girl Scout cookies for the freezer, Mary Kay face cream, a cute little quilted bowl holder for a cancer fundraiser,


and a wine  bottle carrier.


We also bought some closers for bags. These work really well!


They are new this year and are great. We had seen some from one of our vendors, but one of the other vendors had them for half the price, so we purchased them. 

We returned to the MH and Bob cooked dog food while I went to the convection oven class.They guy teaching was not all that great. I had to leave early because Susan was doing a T-shirt weaving class, and I wanted to weave the sleeves on one of my T-shirts. I know how to do it, but it is better in a group!

When I finished, some gals from the resort were starting a Mahjongg session in the North Pavilion. There were two extra people and you need three to play. So I walked over and asked if I could play. They were playing with the 2015 card and I have not  yet received mine. So they borrowed a card. They were playing for money and I did not have any with me. So we played for free. I won two games and had a great time!

I returned at 4 to the MH and fixed my hat hair. Then we went to the Bistro area for happy hour and the Alfateers were doing a BBQ dinner. We sat talking to some other folks. After dinner there was dancing. With my knee we did not dance, but we sat enjoying the music with MaryAnne and Ray. The four of us were the last to leave. Ray had walked home to get their car as their golf cart had died.

Wednesday- We went over for the coffee, but they also had Krispy Kreme doughnuts, sponsored by The Glass Boss, the company that defogs the windows. We only stayed a short time and returned to get some stuff done!

We left at a little past 9:30. I stopped in for a manicure while Bob grocery shopped. We returned to the MH and put away the groceries. Then we went to In-n-Out Burger for the last time this season.

We stopped at Famous Footwear and bought Bob a new pair of walking shoes and a pair of sandals. We returned to the MH. Bob went to take the dogs for a walk. While he was gone, PJ and Megan knocked on the door! After hugs we sat and talked. I  told them about the washer/dryer problem. We also showed them some issues on the back of the rig and on the side. We are going to have to return to Indiana in the summer of 2016, but that is okay, because the Escapade is in Essex Junction VT in July ( planning another visit Nancy!) and we want to go to the Maritimes then to Florida.

After PJ and Megan left, the guy from Alfateers showed up to put in new front jacks. Both of our front ones were leaking fluid and they cannot be repaired. So we had them replaced. Glad that is done! Bob went over to pay and they said that the bill was not ready so they would catch up with us.

At 2:30 I went to an excellent Genealogy seminar. I returned at 4:30. Then Bob took off for Home Depot to get a part for the washer/dryer. I checked my email and found that they were having social hour, even though it was not on the schedule. So I raced over to the North Pavilion. Bob returned and joined me there.

We returned and fed the dogs, then left to go to the Ballroom for dinner. This time it was a carrot and grape salad, roll, stuffed chicken (stuffed with stuffing) orange rice and asparagus. The dessert was orange cheesecake. Again, the food was not all that great!

The entertainment this evening was the Sonoran Jazz Ensemble. They were pretty good.


Thursday- This is our last day of the rally.  We waited for PJ and Megan to arrive. They came a little late,but got right to work. We are having a problem with the floor in the large slide. It is dipping in the middle. So PJ put some stronger screws into the floor and will do a permanent repair next time we are in Indiana. They removed the sealant along the side, patched the paint which had pulled off, and then repainted and sealed the slide.

Then, out of the goodness of their hearts, they helped Bob fix the washer/dryer. Our issue has been that when we bought the new w/d, in Jan of 2014, it was a little larger and the company had moved the air vent to a different position. We were unaware of this as the jerks who installed the w/d never told us. So after we picked up the MH in August, and we used the w/d, it would overheat when drying and shut off.

Bob had Bullseye RV Repair come out last fall and they pulled a big lint ball out of the flexable tubing in the back. They thought they had fixed the problem. Then two days later the issue happened again. So they returned and removed another large ball of lint.

The tubing is the aluminum flexible dryer duct. When the w/d is pushed into the cabinet, it mashes the tubing and the lint gets caught up, causing the problem. So all winter, when Bob was doing laundry, he did not dry the sheets or wash and dry the towels in our machine, although he would wash the sheets in our w/d. He also had taken off the doors to the w/d and pulled it out as far as it would go. When we drove down here, Bob pushed it back in and put the doors back on.

Dale had heard of this issue and had found a non-flexible duct online. So Bob planned to buy one off the internet and put it in when we get to Westminster. Tuesday, when driving over to the trash bin on our way out shopping, I noticed one of them, still with the paperwork, on the ground next to the dumpster. Bob jumped out of the car and went to retrieve it. Talk about everything coming together! So I had told PJ about the issue, as we would have had him move the vent opening when the siding was done last summer. We know it was not his fault, but they need to know for other people, to check where the vent is when folks buy a new machine like we did.

Adjustable Aluminum Duct

Cut duct

Above is the shortened version, Anyway, PJ and Megan assisted Bob with putting in the new venting.

PJ installing duct

They had to measure and shorten the tubing.

Installed new duct

We missed the Pet Parade this year as all this was going on. I had also gone over to Susan’s MH to help stuff envelopes with a $30 refund for our members. Finally one of the guys from Alfateers arrived with the bill. It was expensive!

We ate lunch and ran to Mike and Lorraine Lynch’s seminar on ‘Traveling in the Maritimes’. We are trying to find time to do this trip so it was great info for us. The Maritimes are the Canadian Islands, New Found land, Prince Edward’s etc.

We returned and went to happy hour at 4. We left at 5:15, to feed the dogs, then met up with everyone at the Bistro for the group picture. I do not have a copy of the picture yet.

After the picture, we went to the ballroom for dinner. Susan and I delivered the envelopes. Dinner was a Cesar Salad, garlic breadstick, lasagna, and grilled zucchini and yellow squash strips with peanut butter cheesecake for desert.

I had to get up and explain what was in our 7 baskets as they were drawn. Here are a few of ours.

Our baskets

Tonight they had all the final drawings. I had won two items already and Bob had won one. We figured we had won enough, but Bob was able to round us out. He won one of the large ‘baskets”, which was actually a collapsible trash can filled with ‘stuff’’. Here is Bob with the winning ticket and the trash container.

Bob and his winning ticket

This is stuff iin the winning basket!

Above is he stuff that Bob won. We had to re-arrange stuff to carry it back to Westminster. We estimate the basket was worth about $300.

Friday- We were up early getting ready to leave. Bob took the golf cart over and picked up our breakfast bag, which the resort provided. No yogurt this year, but a nice muffin and juice this year. We readied the MH for travel. I put the keys in the golf cart under the seat as instructed and we drove out of Palm Creek at around 9:00. We drove north on I-10, east on I-202, then north on I-110, then east of I-202 again( the 202 is a ‘U” loop). We turned northeast on Hwy. 87. In Payson, we turned father northeast on Hwy. 260, then in Heber we turned more northeast on Hwy. 377 which took us to I-40. We drove east a few miles to Root 66 RV Park where we had stayed last fall. We paid $20.50  for a 50 amp FHU site.



We settled in for the night as it was cold and windy. We ate dinner,  watched some TV and went to bed early.

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