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Sat. March 28 to Fri. April 2 Sun City AZ

Saturday- Bob took off early to go run some errands while I was working on another two articles. When he returned, I took off to go to the Library and Ulta. I returned home in time for lunch.

At 1, we drove over to the activity center to the Multi-purpose room for the AARP Driving Class. It was $15 for AARP members. MaryAnne and Ray had taken it awhile ago and had recommended it.

It was a very good class with nice updates from when we took Drivers Ed in high school. Yes, things have changed!

The class was four hours and after we decided to go to Red Lobster for dinner. Bob had been watching some TV show and they had shown lobster, then there were Red Lobster commercials, so that put us in a seafood mood.

We had a great waiter named Robert, who was a hoot. We had a nice dinner. Then returned to the MH to watch movies. It is a free Encore/Stars weekend, so we are recording a bunch of movies. We still had some from the last free weekend, so we watched Walter Mitty and a Stalone/Schwartznagger movie called Prison Escape. We stayed up until after 11 watching the movies, late for us!

Sunday- We did our usual bill paying and updating the budget. We went to the Elks Lodge for breakfast with Paula/Charlie and Mike/Linda.. This time I had the Sunshine Eggs. That was the best meal I have had there so far! It was scrambled eggs with bacon and onions with Hollandaise sauce on top. Yum!

We went to Bash’s afterwards, then returned home for a nap. Interesting fact, we bought the local newspaper, which we do on Sunday for the paper and the coupons. There were 5 coupon packets in the paper. MaryAnne  picked hers up at a little local gas station shop and there were only 2 coupon packets. Interesting!

We had happy hour at our place but only Mike and Linda were able to attend. We had a nice time chit chatting. We ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed.

Monday- We left early as we had to drop the dogs off at the groomers. We stopped for breakfast at Kneaders. That was a mistake. The breakfast  sandwiches were made with huge croissants. Way to big and too much fat. I ate half of mine and will have the second half tomorrow. We picked up chocolate croissants for Linda and Mike, since they had given us two in the fall. Paybacks are fattening! LOL

We returned home and dropped off the sheets, towels, and lap throws at the laundry to wash. I worked on an article and did some laundry in the MH. At 10 :15, they called that the dogs were ready, so we went over to pick them up. We returned and moved laundry. Some was dry, some needed more time!

We ate lunch and took a short nap. Then we went grocery shopping. We returned home in time to eat dinner. We watched Castle and two of the Outlander episodes..

Tuesday-  I worked on another article then went for my mani/pedi. I arrived home and we had a snack. We left at 1 to go to Dillon’s on the Lake. Mike and Linda picked us up and drove. It is about a 45 minute drive, but well worth it. What fun!

We took a wrong turn, following Paula and Charlie, with MaryAnne in the car. We ended up on the wrong side of the lake, at the RV park, which looked very nice, but is too far out of town.

We back tracked and arrived at the correct location. We had to pay $6 for each car at the state park. The restaurant is located in Lake  Pleasant State Park. We rode the Funicular from the top of the hill to the dock, then walked out the dock to the restaurant. We did not think that arriving on a weekday afternoon would be a problem so we had not made reservations. Wrong! We had to wait about 30 minutes!

Lake Pleasant from top of Funicular

Funicular at Lake Pleasant

While we were waiting we spotted these birds. There  were some ducks there, but this is NOT a duck. It is a cormorant, at least I think that is the correct name. These birds are in the ‘chicken’ family. No one knew if they tasted like chicken!

Not a duck - Lake Pleasant AZ

In watching the birds, the ducks and these tolerate each other but do not really interact, although MaryAnne says that there are some cross breeds where a few of them have enjoyed each others company! It was easy to tell them apart. They are black and the ducks had color.

We had a nice lunch. When the bill came, we had an interesting time. We had purchased an $18 Groupon, saving $30. Then trying to divide that all up.  Plus taking care of the cost of the car parking. This all took a lot of discussion!

We hiked back up the dock and went to Baskin Robbins, as it was the 31st. On the 31st, of any month that has 31 days,  a scoop of ice cream is $1.31. We arrived just before the deluge. We walked in with about 2 people in line. When we were buying ice cream, about 30 people( mostly kids) arrived. The place was pretty busy, but the staff moved everyone along quickly.

Bob and I each had a scoop of Baseball Nut, which is vanilla ice cream with cashews and a raspberry swirl. Yum! I am not sure if it is a national flavor or not, since it is Spring Training in Arizona, so there is a lot of baseball stuff in the area, hence the baseball themed ice cream flavor.

We returned home and worked around the MH. We watched another two episodes of Outlander and then started watching Sex Tape with Carmen Diaz and Jason Siegel. It was funny!

Wednesday-  I picked up all the Alfa girls and we headed out for a girls day. Our first stop was for Paula’s radiation treatment. It only takes a few minutes, then we headed to Target. I am in charge of the Roadrunners baskets for the drawing. So we were shopping for items. We had a great time! We settled Paula into a mobile cart and took off. We had decided on a picnic theme, so we bought a tray, plates, plastic utensils, and a pitcher. That was for the two large baskets. I found a collapsible milk carton type box to put all the stuff in. We went to toys and found some games for another basket. I already have the makings of a ‘coffee’ basket. We had stuffed everything in the basked on the cart with Paula and she was keeping track of the cost. We shopped until Paula’s cart was running out of juice. We checked out and went to lunch at Mimi’s café.

After Mimi’s we went to the mall to See’s Candy, with is a southwestern candy company. They have very good candy. I bought candy for a ‘chocolate basket’. Plus a few pieces for Bob and I.

We returned home as Paula was tired and MaryAnne had to cook, as she has a Pot Luck this evening at her church.

Bob and I took off for Bed, Bath and Beyond. I wanted an ice cream maker, to add to the large baskets to round them out. I had to order them but they are being delivered to Casa Grande and are to arrive prior to the National Rally.

We stopped at Lowes and Bob went around getting stuff for another small basket. Guy stuff! We ran back to Target and bought a smaller collapsible grocery basket to put the guy stuff into.

We returned home and someone knocked on the door, turns out it was the new lady next door, who was interested in our shades. So many folks like our shades that I keep copies of the business card to give away.

The park has emptied out with so many folks leaving to return north. Folks buy Jan 1 to March 31 as a package, then they leave. Now there are the other folks who are just stopping in for a night or two.

We ate dinner, watched TV, read and went to bed.

Thursday- Another busy day. We left early to go to the WVGL to do some more genealogy research. they had our nametags today, so we picked them up.  At 11:30 we left and stopped at In-n-Out burger for a burger fix. The  drive-thru line was long, so we went inside to eat. We returned home, took a short nap, and at 5 went to Linda and Mike’s for a pot luck dinner. We took tortellini salad. Linda had made the awesome rolls and her uncles recipe for a chocolate cake which is soooo good! Paula had made the ham and MaryAnne had made green beans.

We had a great time with the Alfa Gang, and said our good-byes to Charlie and Paula who are leaving on Saturday morning to go to visit her daughter in Showlow  for Easter.  We returned home around 8:30, watched the next episode of Outlander and went to bed.

Friday- I was off to card club from 9-11. Linda came also, but was overwhelmed. I could understand that, as I was overwhelmed when I went last time. This time I had a plan!

I made a lot of little items with the machinery and will put them together later. At  11, I returned to the MH and we ate lunch. Bob had been working on packing the MH for travel, as we leave on Sunday. We ran to Bash’s and the library to return the last book. Then home again. Lots of laundry to do and packing up after sitting for six months.

We had another quiet evening at home, sitting out on the patio and enjoying the weather. We had been having hot weather, in the high 90’s. It is starting to cool back down into the 80’s. Yes, it is a dry heat, but the 90’s is still hot! I can’t even imaging being here in the summer when the temps go up to 120 degrees! Ugh!!

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