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Sat. March 14 to Fri. March 21- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I rode my bike over to the pool to do some water aerobics at 7:30. I returned around 8:15 and we ate breakfast.  At 10:15 we rode our bikes over to the Ballroom to go to the Arts and Craft Fair. This is held monthly. I had never been to one since I was always working on Saturdays. Wow, very impressive. We wandered through and I managed not to buy anything until we arrived at the leather stand. We both bought new leather belts for $5 each. I was really temped by the tops, but restrained my self. They were really nice and very inexpensive, but I have enough for right now.

We returned to the MH and I sewed a hem on my pants for this evening. I also ironed the pants, Bob’s shirt and his shorts. We ate lunch (all of those leftovers from the last few days) and took a short nap. We continued to put the more items into our Legacy program on our computers. Bob was also working on finding out some historical information about one of his ancestors.

We fed the dogs and changed into different outfits to go to the Sock Hop at the Elks Lodge. We arrived at 5. MaryAnne and Ray joined us. This was Ray’s first venture out. He has been sick for the last three weeks. Yesterday the doctor put him on steroids to try to help clear out his lungs.

Dinner was good. It was a nice salad, ribs, baked beans, a corn/onion/jalapeno/ green bell pepper mix. They also included a roll and a tasty piece of cake for dessert. Bob ate most of my baked beans as he could not eat the corn mix. I did not like the corn mix so neither of us ate it. There were cute decorations.

Elks Sock Hop

Table decoration

The band, Breeze, started at 6:30. They were pretty good. Most of the music was from the 50’s, but we also danced the Electric Slide. I was dancing the Electric Slide when I had a leg cramp. This occurs when I am dehydrated, so I hobbled back to our table and drank two glasses of water and I was okay again.

They also did a dance called the Cupid Shuffle, which is a line dance to a hip hop song. We had never seen it, as we have not been dancing in the last few years,  but it looked easy and seemed to be very popular. Since this was not a ‘hip-hop’ crowd, the music was the song but not in a hip-hot type of genre. Looked fun and we are going to have to learn how to do it.

Ray had made it through dinner but was getting tired, so he returned home. We told MaryAnne to stay and we would drive her home. There were two other couples at our table, who were very nice and are RV’ers.

This was a fun crowd! They happily participated in doing “The Shuffle”.

The Stroll at Elks Sock Hop 3/14/15

They had a Hoola Hoop contest.

Hoola Hoop Contest, Elks Sock Hop 3/15/2015

The guys hola hoop contest at Elks Lodge 3/14/15

Gals then guys!

And then there was the Limbo Contest. What a hoot!

Limbo at Elks Sock Hop 3/14/15

Finally, there was a bubble gum blowing contest. Note the bubble gum on the table for us to chew and practice. None of us did well at it, but here are two of the ones who did.

Bubble gum blowing contest, Elks Sock Hop 3/14/15

Bubble gum blowing contest Elks Sock Hop 3/14/15

What a lot of fun. The dance ended at 9:30 (hey, we are in Geezerville) and we returned home, dropping off MaryAnne on the way. Bet you always wondered what these old folks did every year when they went to Florida and Arizona!

Sunday- We started laundry, did our bill paying and budgeting. At 11:20 we picked up Linda and Mike to head over to the Elks Lodge for brunch.We all had a nice meal and enjoyed each others company. We returned and continued with laundry. We took a short nap and both worked on some Genealogy.

At 4, the gang arrived for happy hour at our place. Ray came late as did Charlie. Ray rode his bike over and did pretty well. Charlie had been off playing poker and since he was losing he decided to come join us.MaryAnne had brought strawberries which were awesome. They are on sale for $0.88 per pound, and they are the tasty clamshell berries.All of us are headed to Bash’s to buy some!

We ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed.

Monday- We were signed up for the tour of the West Valley Genealogy Library. The Library is about 15 minutes away. We arrived, signed in and a nice volunteer named Judy gave us the tour. They have lots of books and access to the New England Historical Society, Ancestry, Fold 3, and World Vital Records. We decided to join for the year, $70 for a couple .

We left at 12 and went to Costco to return some Levi jeans that we had bought Bob. The dye job was pretty bad. Bob thinks they were counterfeit.  We ate lunch, both of us having the baked chicken for $2.99 each. They were very good!

We shopped and Bob bought 3 pairs of Haggar shorts and a pair of Kirkland jeans. We ran to Dollar General as they had a lot on sale. We picked up canned items, including French style green beans for the dogs at $0.50 per can. They are usually $.068 at Walmart.

We stopped at the MH and walked the dogs, then went to Walmart. We grocery shopped, then went to Dairy Queen for the free ice cream cone. We each had a chocolate cone. It was Dairy Queen’s 75th anniversary.

We stopped at Bash’s on the way home to pick up some strawberries and red bell pepper for my morning omelet.

We arrived home and Bob walked the dogs. I rode my bike over to a friends and returned a book. They are leaving in the morning. I also stopped by MaryAnne’s to drop off a flier of one of the classes that the Genealogy Library is having on Friday. We have signed up for the class.

Tuesday- We left early, arriving at 9:01 at the WVGL to do some research. I focused on the New England Historical Society and Bob went to the World Vital Records. Well he figured out that he is not related to Charlemagne. Evidently there is a break in the line he was following and he is starting back farther down the line to see where it takes him.

We left WVGL at 12:00 and headed home. Our new quilt had arrived. We ate lunch, then put the new quilt on the bed to air out. The quilt we have been using has literally fallen apart from the frequent washing. The dogs sleep on it so it gets really dirty.


We left to go sit in the shade to watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Here are some of the participants.

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

Paradise St. Patrick's Day Parade

The temperature was in the 90’s with bright blue skies, so we did not go over early for dinner. Last year they had a band and dancers. They had the band, but we did not see the dancers. Dinner this year started at 4PM and last year it started at 6, so it was different. Although the food was excellent! They had a lot leftover, so they packed up boxes for us to take home with us. This corned beef and cabbage was much better than what we had at the Irish Wolfhound last week, and for only  $6, including peach and apple cobbler for dessert.

Wednesday- I left at 7:25 to go to the pool for water aerobics. After my shower,  I worked on the test for one of my articles. My publisher changed the tests from true/false to multiple guess. The questions are much harder to write this way, so it is taking some extra time.

I went for my manicure. While I was gone, Bob worked on making dog food. When I returned, I finished the last 5 questions. We ate lunch, then I left to go to Mahjongg. There were only two of us, so we finally left. No Mahjongg this week!

We worked on some more Genealogy and hung out at the MH. We ate dinner and both watched some Webinars.

Thursday- We went back to the WVGL to do some more research until noon, then returned home. After lunch, we went to Target to pick up some of the Contigo coffee mugs. I bought 6 to put into the Roadrunner baskets at the Rally. We are in charge of the baskets, so I am starting the shopping. These baskets are to be raffled off.

We returned and put some of our information from this morning into our Genealogy program, then we went to dinner with the Alfa gang at The Haymaker restaurant. This was our first time there. We had a very good meal.

Linda and I had the Grownup Grilled Cheese sandwich, Bob and Charlie had burgers, MaryAnne had Salmon, Mike had ribs and Paula had a Ruben.

At Haymaker At Haymaker

They had on the list French fries, , sweet potato fries, and onion rings. They also has something called a Fron which is your choice of fries and a few onion rings. I had asked what that was; Bob and Linda both changed to the same side!

When Bob made the reservation for eight people, the gal who answer the phone had to ask the manager if she could accept a reservation. Evidently they do not normally accept reservations, but since it was for eight people, they accepted. The restaurant was very busy and the food was very good. MaryAnne said that in the past this location had several failed restaurants. Guess this restaurant is going to make it , as there was a line and it has been there for a few years.

When we left, we all went over to Baskin-Robbins and had some ice cream. Bob and I spilt a scoop of World Class Chocolate. Good think we do not eat like this everyday!

Friday– I went at 9 AM to the Card Making class. This is a group of ladies who have two large cabinets in Card Room #1 and twice a month on Fridays they make cards. I did not make any cards, I just used the Cuddle Bug to emboss paper and to do the metal dye cuts. Wow, they turned out great!

I returned and Bob was not yet home. He had gone to Lowes to pick up some more supplies. He has added a shelf to our cabinet over the washing machine. It gives up so much more room! He has also added a magnet door stopper for the bathroom door, as we like to keep the door open to make the room larger when showering.

Magnet for bathroom doorDSCN4156

Cabinet shelt

The white bars are to hold the items in place when traveling. We will put them in place when we are ready to leave. Right now they are just stored there. On the top shelf is the first aide kit and the picnic table cover. Bottom shelf has my sewing box and the extra coffee in the back, with the detergent fabric softener etc. in front.

We ate lunch, then picked up MaryAnne to go to the Novice Genealogy class at WVGL. The poor gal who was running the class had problems with the overhead projector. She had it working in the morning, but this afternoon it wouldn’t work. Fortunately there was a comprehensive handout and she did the class from the handout.

We returned home at a little after 3 and went to the final 21st street happy hour. We sat talking and generally having a great time. We ate dinner and both watched some more Webinars. There are free ones on our Legacy program,. I was watching researching your Irish Ancestors. Bob was watching some on Astronomy from the University of Arizona.

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