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Sat. Jan 24 to Fri Jan.30 , Sun City AZ

Saturday- My last day before I start back to work. We cleaned up the MH. At 10, Linda came over and we worked on our card packets. We each made seven cards. I also made some cards that I had purchased in the past and had not sat down to make them.

While we were doing that, Bob went to CarMax and got an appraisal on the CRV. It came in exactly as we thought it would. So Peoria Ford had under estimated the car, just as we thought. So now we know. He also stopped at Camping World and picked up a bar for the front  screen door.

We took a nice nap, then went to Walmart. The Dairy Queen in the parking lot was having a half price sale on everything, so we stopped in and had small hot fudge sundaes. Yum!

We returned home, put away the groceries, cooked dinner, watched some recorded shows and went to bed.

Sunday- It was a really nice day at work. My two favorite Doc’s were working and Heidi was with me. It was a quiet day! Bob continued to work on the cabinets. Even though it is so dry in AZ, it still takes time to get the doors to dry and he is putting on several coats of varnish.

Since it was a nice day, I was able to get out and ride my bike around the park twice!

Monday- Rain. I was alone on the floor and had a whole bunch of discharges, so I called for help. They re-arranged the assignment and John, a retired Social Worker, came to assist me. We got through the worst by 1 and I sent him back to the floor he was supposed to be on that day. It was busy, but with two of us, things went well.

During the day I noticed on my phone an email stating that my Wells Fargo account was being suspended until I sent personal info to a strange email. I texted Bob and he sent the info to Wells Fargo’s fraud dept, since we had closed our Wells Fargo accounts in 2012. I wasn’t falling for that phishing scheme!

Bob finished one area of the MH cabinets, and had taken down the next area. Still working on the kitchen! He picked me up and we made dinner, watched some TV and went to bed.

Tuesday- We worked on the budget and then I was off to Mahjongg at 9.  We had seven ladies and played with two tables. Last year we struggled to get one table filled on Tuesday mornings! I won three games in a row! Yahoo!

We ran to Paradise Bakery and Café for their half sandwiches again. We returned to the MH. I ended up calling Verizon because of a billing issue. Once that was  taken care of, we  took a 2 hour nap. Then I rode my bike around the park while Bob was online doing stuff! I returned and we got ready to go to dinner.

We picked up MaryAnne, as Ray was in a pool tournament. We met up with Judy/Fred, Mike/Linda, at Babbo’s Italian restaurant. We had seen a billboard sign and Bob had looked up the restaurant on Yelp. It had good reviews. Good thing that we reservations, as the place was crazy busy. We had a nice dinner. Paula and Charlie had not come as Paula developed an allergic reaction to something and she had broken out in hives for the last few days. So she was staying home, miserable, on steroids and just eating soup. We picked up some dinner for Charlie and dropped it off at their MH.

Wednesday- We ran over and picked up our glasses. We stopped in a Jimmy Johns for subs. Then we returned to the MH. We ate lunch and I went to Mahjongg at 1.

At 3 we were done, so I returned to the MH, and settled in for the evening. My knee was bothering me because I had really pushed it a few days ago bike riding, so I am letting it rest.

Thursday- Back to work. It was busy, but not frantic like it had been. Patricia was with me for the day.

Friday- It was the same thing, fairly quiet, compared to the way it has been for the past weeks. Hopefully work will stay like this. It is more like it was last year.

Bob keeps plugging along working on the cabinets. It started raining last night and will keep on raining through Saturday. This has been Super Bowl week and it is really crazy in the area. We are just northwest of Glendale. The Costco and one of the Walmart’s are in Glendale, so we are staying away from that area. Although you cannot get a motel room anywhere in the valley due to the Super Bowl. Traffic is crazy busy, with so many extra folks in the area for the events.

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