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Jan. 10 to Jan. 17- Sun City AZ

Saturday- A horrible day at work. I was working alone. The hospital went on Code Purple at 4 AM. We had 10 OBS patients sitting in the ER and we needed to get our patients out. I ran all day. Bob worked on more doors and cabinets in the motor home.

Paula wanted to go to Red Lobster for the shrimp again. So we all went to Red Lobster for a nice dinner.

Sunday- Another horrible day at work. This flu season is vicious! I was alone again and by after lunch ( I ate charting at my desk, again) my back and knees were telling me to retire!

Monday- Polly was with me so of course, it was a quiet day. We had a mandatory in-service which we had to attend. This was the last one of this one offered so it was a good thing it was quiet. It was interesting, but more work for us!

Bob worked on the doors again, but in the afternoon he had an A-fib attack, so he was really tired.

Tuesday-  We worked on our budget and made reservations for after we leave here. That included making plans to return to Westminster CO in late April. At 10, I left and went to Mahjongg. Since it looked like it was going to rain, Bob drove me over. He had a meeting at the wood shop at 11;30, so he stopped by to let me know where he parked the car. I took the car home, grabbed my purse and at 12:30, picked him up and we went to Jimmy Johns for lunch. We returned to the MH and Bob walked the dogs. I was already asleep by the time he returned and laid down. We slept for about an hour and a half.

We went to dinner at Rosie’s Italian Café. Linda and Mike are still in Las Vegas, so it was the six of us. They are anxious to get back but their MH repairs are taking longer than anticipated.

Wednesday-  We made our reservations for the Alfa Pre-rally and the Annual Alfa Rally. Filled our pill boxes and generally did tasks around the MH. I was originally working, but I switched with Polly for Saturday. I was too tired to just have one day off.

We hung out in the morning. I went to Mahjongg from 1-3. Bob picked me up at three. We drove west on Bell Rd to Surprise. Our destination was Happy Valley RV and Golf Resort.  We drove straight to their ballroom where we had tickets to see Peter Noone with Herman’s Hermits. On Monday, there was an ad on Facebook for the concert with $10 tickets. So when Polly changed dates with me, I ordered the tickets. Bob had agreed to go with me. I know he was not excited about it, but he’s a good sport.

We arrived to find that they had assigned us seats. Row D, seats 7 & 8. Wow, for $10 bucks!


The concert was terrific. First they had a mediocre local comedian, who did not know his market. Then the Hermits. Peter Noone knew his audience. He made great jokes and ad lib’s. Funny tidbits. The music was wonderful, 60”s. He did Johnny Cash, Elvis, Monkees, Beatles, and his Mick Jagger imitation was hysterical.

I of course sang along. Bob laughed and really enjoyed the music. I have to say it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to! He made fun of growing old. He wandered through the audience talking to people and singing. He had the audience singing along.

At the end of the concert, he came down and signed just about anything. Below he is signing a jacket.

Ptere Noone- Hermans Hermits

Peter Noone- Hermans Hermuts

What a lot of fun! Afterwards, we went to Macyos for dinner. We had gone to the 4 PM concert, so we were home by 6:30. There was another concert at 7, but they were not selling the $10 tickets for that one.

Thursday- Back to work and it was another frantic day. This year is not like last year. This flu has been knocking folks out  and the hospital census has been really high. A little over 200 is high, it has been hitting almost 300 each day, with some days over 300.

Bob was not feeling well, so he slept most of the day. We think there was some bell pepper in something he ate last night, although he had nothing different. I think it was the salsa.

Friday- Another frantic day. Polly and I were running all day again. I have been talking to them about my contract. This contract ends Feb. 7. Bob was back working on the doors and cabinets some more. 

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