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Sat. Jan. 3 to Fri Jan. 9- Sun City AZ

Saturday- Heidi( who is working per-diem) was with me at work. It was a very busy day, but with the two of us we knocked it out. The weather has been really cold for AZ. In the 20’s in the morning with frost on the windshield. We still have our windshield cover from Breck, so Bob has been using it every morning. The hospital has been really cold so I am wearing long sleeves under my lab coat. Bob had worked some more at the wood shop.

Sunday- Another busy day, but not as bad as yesterday. I was alone on the floor, but it was doable. The hospital is filling up and we could not move anyone anywhere, so the patients sat on the OBS unit. Made for an easier day for me.

Monday- An unbelievable day at the hospital. Before the day was over the hospital went “ Code Purple” which meant that the hospital closed to emergency admissions. Wow, first time that had happened over the last 2 years. Susan was sort of with me. On Saturday they had opened another unit, and Heidi had been over the also. Today Susan had that floor and was helping me and in the ER. It was crazy. We kept up, but it was hard to do so. Flu, Flu, Flu- the flu vaccine manufacturers missing on the correct flu this year is really  making a difference. We have really, really sick people! Hoping I don’t get sick.

Tuesday- My day off. We updated the budget and paid bills. Then I went to Mahjongg for the first time in a long time. We had a nice time playing. MaryAnne has a slight cold, so she brought along hand sanitizer which we were using like crazy.

When I returned to the MH, Bob had not returned yet. He had gone shopping and had gotten behind a lady who took forever to get through the line, so he was late getting back. He stopped at In-n-Out burger to pick us up lunch.

We took a nice 2 hour nap. We went to dinner with Paula and Charlie at Valle Luna for senior night again. MaryAnne and Ray passed, as neither felt well enough to go. Linda and Mike are in Las Vegas and will not be back for another week.

Wednesday- I returned to the hair salon to get my hair re-done. That was great. It looks good now. We ran out to do some errands, then returned to the MH to eat lunch. Bob was waiting for the refrigerator repair guy to show and I went to Mahjongg in the afternoon. We had two tables playing. We actually have 11 gals on our list this year.

I returned to the MH, and the repair guy had not arrived. I went for a 5 pm mani/pedi. I returned at almost 7. Bob had dinner ready, we ate, watched TV and went to bed.

Thursday- The day from hell at work. Polly was with me and we had six really difficult discharges. Two of them were mine and four were Polly’s. I completed mine and helped Polly with her two of hers. It was a horrible day for us. Bob continues to work on the cabinet doors.

Friday- It was another busy day. Polly was with me again, but at least it was not as bad as yesterday. Bob continues to work on the cabinet doors. so far, four completed. He has a long way to go!

The repair guy arrived in the late morning. Bob said it took more time for him to take the food out of the freezer than it did for the guy to do the repair. He popped out a circuit board behind the freezer, popped and new one and was gone. Easy fix! Bob then re-organized the freezer and our ice maker works again!

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  1. Bet Bob filed that fix in his brain! About like rebooting! Lol

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