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Sat. Dec. 6 to Fri. Dec 12- Sun City AZ

Saturday- It rained, which meant it flooded. Not at the MH, but on the roads. We turned the corner onto RH Johnson, which is a 3 lane road, and the middle lane had a lot of water. The left lane was about up to my knees. We traveled in the right lane, but there was a guy in a large SUV who drove the whole way in the left lane, throwing water everywhere.

When we arrived at Camino del Sol, where we usually turn left, the police had blocked the left turn lanes in both directions. The large SUV went around the cop car and made the left turn, throwing water on the cop cars. They did not follow him and give him a ticket! We continued west on RH Johnson and turned left on Meeker, skipping our usual Camino del Sol shortcut to the hospital.

I was alone on the floor at work, but it was a quiet day. Because it rained so hard, we had a leak in the large bedroom window. Bob spent the day trying to find the leak and working on keeping things dry. The floor was soaked, so he used our small wet/dry vac to draw the water out and kept a fan on the area.

Sunday- Dry today! I was alone again, but it was, just busy, not frantic. Bob spent the day working on the carpet in the bedroom. He watched the Redskins lose again! He also baked a chicken and made two casseroles for Paula and Charlie.

Monday- It was a very busy day at work, but Patricia worked with me, so it was doable. When we left there were 10  admissions coming up from the ED, so we knew Tuesday was going to be busy! Bob washed sheets and made dog food.

We stopped at the Chiropractor on the way home and then met Ray and MaryAnne at The Twisted Italian for dinner.

Tuesday- My day off! One of our Mahjongg ladies is in Minnesota, so I went to have a mani/pedi. I picked up lunch at In-n-Out Burger and bought it home. Then we took an almost 2 hours nap. Bob’s dressing was falling off and when I went to change it for him, the area was really red. So I dressed it with a different dressing and he might be calling the doctors office in the AM. It looks more irritated than infected, so we are watching.

Wednesday- After showers I re-dressed Bob’s stitches and it looks a little less red. So we are using the different dressing and watching the area. Hmmm, is he allergic to the other dressing? Watching …

I went to the card class today. That was a lot of fun. While I was gone, Bob went and picked up subs at Jimmy John’s. We ate lunch, then I went over and played Mahjongg.

When I returned I worked on the Christmas letter. Then we went to dinner with the Paradise Resort gang, at Good China, our favorite Chinese restaurant. Paula is doing pretty well and is able to eat. So far the first chemo has not debilitated her so far. Mostly aches and pains.

Thursday and Friday- Back to work for me. On Thursday, the incision line looked like it had a messy blister,  Bob went to the doctors. He has a mild infection and a lot of drainage. The dissolving stitches have dissolved, which means that the incision line has opened up. I had washed my hands really well and never touched the front of the dressing,  so I am not sure why he had a slight infection. Anyway, he is now on Keflex.

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  1. What happened to Bob’s leg?

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