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Sat. Nov 29 to Fri. Dec. 5 Sun City AZ

Saturday- It was a busy day at work, but there were two of us, so it was not too bad.

Bob cleaned the motor home and did laundry.

Sunday- Bob cooked dog food and watched the Redskin game. Work was okay, not all that busy and there were two of us.

Monday- Another  good day at work, with two of us. Bob washed sheet and towels. He also went grocery shopping.

Tuesday– My day off. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Ta Ta’s took Paula to buy her wig. We had a great time, shopping and then went to Cracker Barrel for brunch. Paula bought two wigs, since she could not decide which one she liked the best. They both look great on her! She has her first chemo treatment on Thursday.

We stopped in at Dollar Tree, then I returned home and took a much needed nap. I have been really tired this year, working. Between the pain in the left shoulder and both knees, it has been exhausting. Only 3 and a half months to go!

We went to Villa Luna ( Valley of the Moon, which is what the valley that Phoenix is called) for dinner. It was Senior Night and with eight of us, we had to wait for a table. They do not do reservations on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Wednesdays are family nights. The Senior Night dinners were two for one, so we only paid $13 for the two of us. The food was very good, and it turns out the restaurant is the #1 Mexican restaurant in Phoenix.

Wednesday- I had my PT appt. at 9:00. Bob came along as his Dermatology appt. was at 10:30. We went directly there, with me changing clothes in the ladies room outside the PT office.

Bob had the area around the punch biopsy he had done in Denver, re-done this time. They wanted to make sure that they got the margins around the area. The punch biopsy had shown that the area was pre-melanoma, and almost ready to turn to melanoma, so they wanted to make sure that they got all the cells from the mole. It is on his right side, just above his belt. We explained to the Dermatologist that every time I remove the sutures, at 14 days, that the areas always open .So he put in dissolving stitches on the inside and then again on the outside. The area is straight, about 1 1/2 inches long.

Thursday- Back to work again. There were two of us, so it was not too bad. Bob worked around the MH.

Friday- Not bad at work again. A quiet day. Bob worked around the MH again. He has been taking it easy due to the stitches.

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