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Sat. Nov. 22 to Fri. Nov. 28- Sun City AZ

Saturday- Off to work. The census was 15 when we arrived. Boring! Polly and I worked. I organized some of the room and my stuff. I had texted Bob that it would get busy at 3, well it happened at 2:30, close! So I was busy doing admission assessments right up until I left.

Sunday- Another busy day at work. Bob has kept busy doing some other tasks. It was Paula’s birthday, so MaryAnne had organized a party. Linda brought plates, napkins, and forks. MaryAnne had gone to the New York Bakery and picked up an awesome chocolate mousse cake. Wonderful! We were in charge of pizza. Bob ordered two large pizza’s from the New York Pizza Company, one meat and one veggie, without bell pepper. We stopped and picked up the pizza on the way home. Picked up a birthday card at the hospital gift shop for everyone to sign.

We took over card room 1 and ate the pizza. We moved to the back of the room because the room was going to be used for games at 7, and we were politely told to vacate. MaryAnne did not have any candles, except for a voltive, so the small candle was on the top. It was cute!

We moved to the poker room and used one of the poker tables to play Mexican Train. They must have felt sorry for me, as I was falling asleep at around 8 ,so we packed up for the night.

Monday- Back to work again. Another busy day. Bob picked up my bike. It was in pretty bad shape, dirty wise, after having been on the back of the MH for over 4  years. So  Bob had dropped it off at a bike shop last week for a cleaning. There is nothing wrong with the bike, it was just filthy.

Tuesday- Off to work again, for my sixth day. I was doing okay, but I am tired. I was the late person, 8:30 to 5. Then at the end of the day I got really busy. I did 1/2 of overtime. We decided to go out to dinner, so we went to Bucca de Beppo. We split a salad and the chicken marsala. Awesome! We took some home with us. The restaurant was pretty quiet. The waitress said they are expecting 1000 people on Thursday!

Wednesday- A busy day. My PT appt. was at 8:45. Bob’s Dermatology appt. was at 9:10, so we rode together. We ran by the building where Bob was scheduled and found that it was walk able, so we parked at the PT building. Bob walked over for his appt. He met me back at the car, after the appts. We went to Kneaders and picked up rolls and croissants for tomorrow.

We went to Fry’s to pick up a few items. Bob had been to the new Fry’s, but I had not been there before. It is about the size of Costco, but very nice. The have a huge hot food bar, large deli, large bakery, nice meat dept. and an actual wine bar. Bob had put a picture of the wine bar on Facebook last week. Lots of wines and beers there. Plus it is a huge grocery store, with a Honeybaked Ham kiosk at the entrance. Quite the adventure!

We stopped at In-n-Out burger for cheeseburgers for lunch, then we returned to the MH. I went to Mahjongg from 1-3. We had to stay inside. There is a large fire, southwest of us in El Mirage, in a dump. The wind shifted and the smoke came our direction. The air was pretty bad, so we are staying inside until it clears. The dump fire is estimated to be going for about a week, maybe even two, before it burns itself out.

Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving. We were lazy getting up since I did not have to work. The mornings are cooler than they had been. Today it was in the 50’s, but most mornings lately, it has been in the 40’s. We ate a nice breakfast, did our bills and budget, Bob went to Bash’s to pick up our turkey meal, and I worked on the blog. I baked brownies for the dessert for this evening, and we baked an apple pie. We have some rolls we picked up yesterday at Kneaders, so we are eating just a few, and taking the rest with us this afternoon.

We had a really nice dinner. The food of course was terrific with everyone bringing their favorite recipes.

Friday- I was back to work. Bob decorated the MH with our Christmas lights. He spent a long time to get the lights to work and finally went out and bought a new string.

When I arrived home I rode my bike around about 1/4 of the park. The PT was specific that I was to ride only a little bit and to build up. She said you are now in the time that folks get crazy and do too much, injuring themselves.

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