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Sat. Nov. 8 to Fri. Nov. 14- Sun City AZ

Saturday- Off to work starting at 7:45 . Getting back in the rhythm again. It was nice to be back on my regular floor. I was greeted by the new Clinical Manager and there were two nurses that I knew.

Today was so much easier, since it was my routine. I ended up a lot less stressed! It was a quiet day.

The library was having a sale, so we stopped in on the way home. The book sale was over, but they had DVD’s and books on tape for sale, so we purchased 5 DVD’s and 6 books on CD. The DVD’s were $0.50 each and the books on CD were $1.00 each.

Sunday- Off again. Bi-week, so  no Redskin game today. Of course, it figures, when I have a Sunday off!

I did not feel all that great, so I didn’t even get out of my PJs until  Bob had walked the dogs after lunch and run into MaryAnne who said she was going to be stopping by.  So I put some clothes on and she stopped by for a chat.

I went to take a nap. Bob went grocery shopping and to the hardware store. MId-nap Banner Staffing Services(BSS) called to ask me to immediately fax over a copy of my current Nursing License. I was not happy! I had faxed it with the contract and my PPD. I had confirmed that they had received it!

We sat outside enjoying the nice weather. Ate dinner and watched TV and went to bed.

Monday- Off to work again. I knew more of the nurses today and there was only one new doctor. It was a nice day.

As soon as I had a chance, I faxed the copy of my license to BSS. I even sent an email to my rep to make sure that they received it. I did not hear back from them.

I was feeling a lot less tired after work today, so I went to the pool to exercise. Bob decided to go with me and sit in the hot tub. We returned, ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed.

Tuesday- I arrived and did rounds with the nurses. At 8:20, Annette had not arrived like she had yesterday. At 8:30 I became concerned and at 8:40 I sent an instant message(IM) to Joan. She did not realize that Annette had called in, as she had called in after Joan had checked the call in line. So Joan sent Gloria over to assist. Now I was orienting Gloria to the Obs. unit. We had fun though.

At around 9:30 I rec’d a robo call that BSS still did not have my nursing license. I had given my copy to Joan, so I called Bob to ask him to scan the license and email it to the address that they gave me. Bob was just walking out the door to go to the dentist for his filling.

I sent an email to the gal who had sent the robo call, Jennifer, to let her know that I had gotten the message and that Bob was going to be sending the copy as soon as he returned from the dentist.

What a comedy these folks are! Jennifer emailed back asking me to sent it right away. Bob sent it when he got home. I IM’d Jennifer that it was on its way to the email address I was given. Jennifer did not receive it. So she asked me to sent to her directly. So I called Bob again, and asked him to scan it again ( he had deleted the previous scanned copy) and he re-sent it. I received a confirmation IM that Jennifer had received it.

An hour later, I get another phone call, this time from my rep, Margaret, asking me to send it, as they still did not have the copy of my license. I told her that Jennifer had confirmed that she had it and that she needed to check with Jennifer. This year it is the license, last year it was the flu vaccination!

Wednesday- It was another quiet day but I was tired by the end of the day and returned home to fall asleep early in the recliner. Bob had taken the screen door over to the local ACE Hardware to fix the screen. It turned out they could not do it, so he took it over to a local RV dealer. They are going to do it. We have had a hole it the bottom of the screen for a couple of years. Bob had patched it several times, but we decided that it was time to get it fixed.

Thursday- I am off, so we slept in! While I was working on last weeks blog, Bob cleaned the drivers side of the MH. He has been doing a little at a time. It was a a quiet day and we sat outside enjoying the weather.

Friday- Back to work….  Bob continued to clean the rest of the outside of the motor home. he picked up the screen door and it looks really nice.

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