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Sat. Nov 15 to Fri. Nov. 21- Sun City.

Saturday- I was off to work. Bob started to paint the basement doors. We made the mistake of not including them in the original paint job this past summer. Then we decided we did not want to pay the extra $750 to have them painted. MCP gave us a quart of each of the paints so Bob has been taping off the doors and today he did the brown paint.

Sunday- Off to work. Bob painted the burgundy paint on the basement doors. He has been sore from all the up and down, but the doors are looking very good.

Monday- Off to work again. It was windy, so Bob did not do the painting today. He worked on  the inside of the MH. Washing sheets, towels, and cleaning.

Tuesday- I am off, so it was our usual day off items. I played Mahjongg from 10-12. We ran to  a local Mexican restaurant for lunch with MaryAnne. We took a nice nap and sat outside to enjoy the nice weather. Meanwhile Bob made dog food and did some other assorted tasks. We also did one more item with the curtain material. On the ends of the cabinets near the entrance, we needed to cover some area. Bob had worked on taking the parts down, over the last few days. So we worked on covering one of them and putting it back up.

Wednesday– I was off to PT today. The assistant measured the bed in my knee and it has improved dramatically with me doing my daily exercise and resting the leg when I can. I had gone from 101 to 119, which is really good. After icing several times a day. The leg is doing pretty well!

From there I went and had a mani, then picked up Bob and we went to In-n-Out burger for lunch. We returned and I went to Mahjongg with the gals.

We went out to dinner with everyone, Paula, Charlie, MaryAnne, Ray, Linda and Mike. Tonight’s dinner was at Black Angus, because we had coupons for their specials.

Thursday- Back to work for a long run! I am working six days so that I can be off for Thanksgiving. Bob painted the last of the door, with the gold paint. The doors look awesome! Before there was a white rim around them, and that is now all gone.

Friday- Another work day. The snowbirds are here, so the floor has been really busy. We had gone from having 19-21 people to 29, literally overnight. Lots of chest pain, slip and falls with broken bones, syncope(fainting spells) and other assorted diagnosis. We have been running. So far everyday I have had a second person with me which has made the days busy, not frantic!

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