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Sat. Nov. 1 to Fri. Nov. 7, Sun City AZ

Saturday- I was off to the pool in the morning, possibly for the last time until next weekend. The weather is going to change overnight, with a cold front coming in. We left, taking the dogs with us, as Bob dropped me off for a Mani/Pedi. He took the dogs for a heartworm blood draw at the Vets. My Mani/Pedi took about an hour, and I called Bob to let him know I was ready. He was delayed because the Vet had an emergency, so I ended up going to the Walmart jewelry section to have a new battery put into my watch and wandered around the Walmart. Bob finally called to let me know he was leaving the vets and would be there in about 20 minutes.

We went home, ate lunch and relaxed. We had a quiet afternoon, reading our books, icing my knee, and  I did my exercises. We ate leftovers for dinner, watched TV and went to bed late.

We are still trying to get our credit cards to work. Bob’s was declined Thursday evening at the German Restaurant. Again, the credit union thought it was having some fishy items, so they cancelled it and are sending a new one. Nice of them to let us know. So Thursday evening when we arrived home, Bob called about it and they are sending another one. Fortunately, when they sent me a new one last week, they sent one for Bob, so he was able to use my account. This is really getting to be an issue! What a pain!

Sunday- It was cool, breezy, and cloudy, so I skipped the pool and went to the exercise room to use the recumbent cross trainer. I returned, we ate breakfast, worked on paying bills, updating our budget and checking all of our accounts. Bob’s new credit card, the fourth one in 3 months, is set to arrive on Tuesday.

We settled down to watch the Redskin game!

Monday- My first day of work and I drove myself. I went to the local Banner Staffing Services office and did the computer work from 8:30 to 1:30. Fortunately my name tag worked and I was able to punch in and out.  I returned to the MH and took a nap. Nothing puts you to sleep faster than reading and testing on Infection Control, HIPPA, Fire Safety etc. UGH, glad that is over with!

We ate dinner and went to bed.

Tuesday – I went to the hospital starting at 8:00 and went directly to Joan’s  office.  She gave me my computer and set me up to work with Dani since Heidi has been out for a month on FLMA. We were happy to see that my passwords still worked, although they were out of date and I had to change them.

Since I am not on my usual unit, it was kind of a waste. There have been a lot of changes, so I am trying to catch up with them. Banner Staffing had sent me emails all summer, which was a waste of time, since I was cut off from the Banner servers. Gee, I was out of date on all the classes, flu shot, PPD etc. Surprise, surprise!

I was exhausted by the end of the day. Bob picked me up and we returned home for a short period of time. At 5:40 we picked up Paula and Charlie. We met up with MaryAnne, Ray, Kathy, and Mike at Rosie’s Italian Café for dinner. We had a great time talking and laughing.  

Wednesday- Back to work again. Today I worked with Gloria. She and Dani are great! I learned a few more things, although since the floor is so different, I learned  tasks that I really did not need to know. 

I returned  home and fell asleep again. I hate orienting, it is stressful and at times boring.

Thursday– Another day with Gloria. We had a great time working together.

At lunch a few of us were talking about the schedule. We decided that we needed to make changes, so we went to Joan after lunch to redo the schedule. Since I am not with Heidi and on my own floor, I am wasting a lot of time. So we changed my schedule and she put me with Annette who is new and very nice. She works 4 days a week on the Observation floor, where I work.

We changed from me working M-F this week, and Joan gave me Friday off, work Saturday with Annette, then off Sunday. I hate splitting days, but I need to work with someone on MY floor.

We stopped at the Chiropractor on the way home. Again, I returned home and fell asleep.

Friday- A very quiet day. I was exhausted, so I did very little.  I went to the pool to exercise and I kept my leg elevated and intermittently iced during the rest of the day.

We decided to work in the final part of the windows. Bob had taken down the valences on the passenger side of the MH a few days ago. Here is the middle one. We left the brown from the original material in the background. We are very happy with how they turned out.


I took a nap in the afternoon.

Paula had her third surgery in three weeks today, so we were all waiting to hear the results. She was home by 4:30 and the surgeon thought that she has gotten all the cancer. Wahoo! An early night to bed.

Bet you are wondering what Bob has been doing. He has a long list of items including laundry, making dog food, washing the care, washing the MH, and cleaning the MH.

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