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Sat. Sept. 20 Gulf Shores AL to

Saturday- We had a nice day at home as the wind was pretty strong so we decided to not go out to the beach. It was a” red flag” day! I did laundry and Bob worked on some items. We went to dinner at the Oyster Bar at the Boardwalk, a very nice restaurant. Bob had the fried shrimp. I had the parmesan crusted broiled shrimp. They had the Copper Ridge White Zin that I like. We wandered the boardwalk and looked at the shops.

Sunday- Moving day, and what a awful day it was! We left at around 10:30, as we wanted to get to the Freightliner shop before the Redskin game started at 12:00 CST. We drove up the Baldwin Expressway which was a wonderful four lane road. It is new, so it was very nice. We also missed the toll by going that way.

We exited I-10 at exit 13 and traveled on surface roads to the Freightliner facility. The manager had told Bob on Friday, when he spoke with him, that we could use the 30 amp sites on the building. We arrived to find the place locked up.  Bob walked along the fence to check all the gates and in hopes that there was a security guard who would see him.

While Bob was doing that I used my smart phone to check for RV parks in the area. I found one about 3 miles away, which turned out to be 3 miles as a bird flies. It was actually almost 6 miles. So we took off following the GPS. It took us down a road that no trucks are allowed on. We took it anyway as I could see the winding road from my side of the MH and it was short.

We had to drive on surface roads to the park. I had called and the owner (who was out  of town) told me she would have her grounds keeper meet us at the entrance. We arrived and he took us to a site.

He had us backing in the wrong direction, but Bob felt like he could do it. So he did and promptly sank into soft sand/dirt up to the rim on the tires. Hmmm, that was about 8 inches. We were stuck! Below is the passenger side.

Passenger side

Then the drivers side

Drivers side

The groundskeeper went to find some boards and a shovel. The neighbors came out and started finding plywood and sympathizing. Meanwhile, it was after 1 by this time, so I made quick sandwiches for the two of us.

The groundskeeper dug holes in front of the tires on both sides ( we have 4 tires on the back, so it was a lot of digging). Bob ended up raising the jacks, so that the MH would be up a bit out of the dirt, while they put the boards under the tires. . He gunned it and made it out. Good, we did not have to call to get towed! Here is what the holes looked like.



The groundskeeper did not have another site, but he called the owner and they decided we could stay in her driveway on a 30 amp hook-up. So we took off following him, out on the main road, then a left turn down a dead end road. I looked  at the driveway and there were tree branches on the left side and low electric wires on the right side. Bob and the groundskeeper wanted to give it a try. When Bob started backing in, I realized that we could not put out the slide and not hit the electric wires.

Now we had to get out of there. So Bob had to drive across on the grass and missing a tree, its branches and a dumpster to get out. The groundskeeper wanted us to continue on the driveway from there, but I made Bob stop as a different electric wire was now hitting the front of the MH. The groundskeeper took off to get a pole to raise the wire above the MH. I said no, and talked to Bob about it. Right, a metal pole touching an electric wire. Huh, was he an idiot or what! So when he returned we said no and Bob backed up to go down the side of the road and the wire, to an area that was higher and he could drive under the wire, while also missing some steel beams that we running on the ground. Whew, talk about stress!

We stopped before going out on the road, and sent the apologizing groundskeeper on his way while we got on the internet again to find another RV park. We called a couple of parks  and either there was no answer or the number had been disconnected.

We finally found one on Alt. 90, the road we had taken to go to Gulf Shores. The owner was very nice and told us to come on over. It was farther away, but at least he had a site. It turned out to be very nice, large on a lake for $30.11. The owner assisted us with parking, we set up and Bob got the satellite running so that we could watch the last 10 minutes of the Redskin game.

I called Claire, my cousin, and after the game we went over to her condo. I took my computer so that I could show her some of the Genealogy that I have completed. I also pumped her for some information about family members middle names, dates of birth and burial sites.

We went to dinner at Chow Time a nice Chinese buffet restaurant with lots of seafood. The food was really good, especially for a buffet. We had a great time with Claire and look forward to visiting her again in the future.

We returned to the MH and collapsed into bed.

Monday- The alarm went off at 5:30 and we left at 6:45. The owner showed up, coffee cup in hand, and assisted us with getting out of the park. The lady next to us had to move her car so that we could do a 5 point turn to drive out. Bob drove the MH and I drove the car.

We arrived at the Freightliner facility at about 7:15, for our 7:30 appt. We met with the manager and took off to go to CVS. Bob is looking for a specific kind of dental floss, which we have been unable to find. It was recommended by the dental hygienist but he has not been able to find it since Colorado.

We went to Panera for some bagels. I ran in and went to the rest room, decided what I wanted, and went back to the car. One of us had to remain with the dogs and the air running, since we could not leave them in a hot car. . Bob went in and used the facilities and bought our bagels. We left and found a pretty park on the bay.

I opened the bag and there was only one bagel. They had called Bob’s name and handed him the bag with only one bagel in it. We split the bagel and Bob walked the dogs. He stopped at the sign to find it said no pets allowed, so we packed up and went back to Panera. They knew immediately about the bagel, and gave him the missing bagel. We split that bagel and ate it in the parking lot.

We left and stopped by the county building and asked about a dog park. We found one, which was 5 miles away, evidently 5 miles as the bird flies, again, as we went about 9 round- about miles to get there.

The dogs were excited. There was a man there with a 16 year old fox terrier who was blind. The dogs must have somehow known this as they were very gentle with the dog, getting near enough for him to smell them before they approached, It was cute to watch!

The guy eventually left and the dogs went around sniffing until they were bored. A couple showed up with a Bishon mix and the dogs tried to play with him. Finally we left as there was no water there for the dogs, so we stopped at a convenience store to pick up water for all of us.

We weaved our way out to the interstate and stopped at Sonny’s BBQ, a place we used to go to in South Carolina. We picked up sandwiches and returned to the Freightliner facility to eat our lunch.

When we returned, we went into the waiting room. The manager came to us to let us know that they were having a problem with leveling the MH. The reason we are here is that the MH had been tilting to the passenger side in the front. It was way off, so much so that driving was an issue. This occurred after we left the Freightliner facility in Gaffney SC. It had gotten progressively worse, with every time we made a turn, you could hear the front right tire rubbing on the fender. The fender is literally breaking with some sharp pieces sticking out. Not good! So we knew had to stop and get this fixed. In addition, we also asked for them to fix the exhaust manifold, which Cummings did not fix in Spartanburg SC. Amazing, the Cummings dealer did not have the right parts but the Freightliner dealer could get the right parts!

Anyway, the Freightliner workers were having a problem with getting the MH level. They had taken out all the air in the air bags and could not get it to level,  even with no air, and the body sitting on the frame! So they asked Bob to get the Gaffney paperwork out. Bob went out to the MH and gave it to them. Checking the airbags was checked off on the list that they completed in Gaffney, but obviously they had not done it or had done it incorrectly as we had this issue. The manager called Gaffney and checked with them and they were less than helpful.

Finally, one of the other managers came in to get Bob. They had gotten it level and now wanted to show Bob what part of the issue was.

The right front fender is 22 inches and the other three are 23 inches. It is also too close to the tire. Evidently Alfateers, who sent the fenders to PJ Miller, sent the wrong size. PJ did not pick this up, and we have this issue. Bob called Megan and took pictures to sent to them .We cannot get this fixed until next year, as we have to get to Denver and Phoenix.

At about 3 PM, we finally left the Freightliner facility and we went south to the Escapees Rainbow Plantation in Summerville AL, about 14 miles from I-10. We had wanted to check out this park to find out if we want to stay here for a month in the future.

We arrived to be greeted with hugs ( Escapees are huggers) and were given a nice 50 amp FHU site($21.50/night). We parked, unfortunately, they have issues with how far back you can park and we were not able to reach the sewer, although we could reach the electric and water.

So I took the sheets over to the laundry to be washed. I also took a bag of books to the library to trade. I left many more than  I took! I wandered around the community building and returned to the MH, going back to move the sheets from the washer to the dryer and to retrieve them.

We ate dinner and watched TV, read, and went to bed, tired from a very long day.

Tuesday- The other reason we stopped at this RV park was so that the mobile RV Tech could fix the roof air conditioner. The part arrived yesterday, and we are waiting for him to arrive.

Once he arrived he went up on the roof and put the part into the air conditioner. It still did not get cold. Since they  no longer make these air conditioners, we decided that it would be best to buy a new one. So the tech left to go to his next job. Bob climbed up on the roof and measured. We need a low profile one, since we are so tall. So he called the office and they ordered the low profile.

Since we were staying longer, Bob pulled out the longer sewer tubing and set up for me to do laundry in the MH.

We went to the swimming pool at 4 PM. There were two ladies in the pool and we talked for a while. We were also doing some laundry while we were swimming. We returned to the MH, ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed.

Wednesday- The guy from the repair service called to let us know that the new air conditioner would not arrive until late today so we are scheduled for early tomorrow morning. We  hung out all day at the MH.

Thursday- We had to take the MH to the repair shop and our appt. was at 8 AM, so at 7:30 we drove out of the park. They put in the new air conditioner, we hooked up the car to the back, and drove north at about 9:45.

We took Hwy 59 all the way to I-65 rather than taking I-10. This meant we missed Mobile, although we stopped for diesel just north of the city. We entered Mississippi. We turned west on Hwy 49 towards Jackson, stopping at Wendy Oak RV Resort, right off the highway.

We arrived and there was no one in the office. A guy on a golf cart arrived and escorted us to our site. We pulled into a nice flat, long site which meant that we did not have to disconnect the CRV. We set up camp and eventually the gal from the office arrived to take our money, $24 for 50 amp FHU w/Good Sam discount. The highway noise was not bad as there were trees in between us and the highway. Of course there was the mandatory train, but it only went by a few times and did not disturb us.  We drove a total of 173 miles.

Friday- We drove out of the park around 8:50, continuing west on Hwy 49 to  Jackson, then we turned north on I-220 by-pass and onto US 71 north. We drove through Louisiana, then the southwest corner of Arkansas, and finally we continued on to Texarkana TX where we spent the night at Home Sweet Home RV park, a nice PA park. $12.50 per night. Again, we had 50 amp, FHU and did not have to disconnect the CRV. We drove a total of  307 miles. So in two days we have traveled through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas. At least we have left those blasted Love Bugs behind! They were a real nuisance.

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you guys had a interesting week. One I am sure you don’t care to do anytime soon. What did you think of Rainbow’s End in Summerdale?

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