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Sat. Sept. 13 to Fri. Sept. 19- Tybee Island GA to Gulf Shores AL

Saturday- We went with Jackie and Dr. Bob out to the beach on Tybee Island, about 4 blocks away. There was a long board walkway across the sand dune. We settled in to enjoy the ocean and beach. The water was warm and had small waves, much smaller than we were used to in Ocean City MD.

We stayed until about 1 PM, then Bob and I left to return to the MH, walk the dogs and take a short nap. We returned to the beach at about 3 to rejoin Jackie and Dr. Bob.

At 5 we returned to the MH to shower, walk and feed the dogs, then went out for a nice seafood dinner. We cannot get over the fact that at the beach there was hardly anyone there! No lines at a seafood restaurant on a Saturday evening!

We returned to the MH and played Blockus.

Sunday– It was cloudy, but no rain so we went back out to the beach from 10-12:30. We returned to the MH, ate lunch and settled in to watch the Redskin/Jaguars  game with Jackie and Dr. Bob.

When the game ended Jackie and Dr. Bob hooked up their trailer to their truck and Dr. Bob left for home. Jackie stayed and will drive the trailer home tomorrow.

While they were busy doing that chore, we went to the Tybee Island Lighthouse. The gift shop was still open, but the tours had ended at 4:30, so we could not go to any of the buildings or the lighthouse, although we were able to have our Lighthouse Passport stamped. We will have visit on another trip.

Tybee Island GA


We went out to dinner at the Crab Shack. All three of us had succulent boiled shrimp for dinner.  Below is the view from our table.

View from Crab Shack Tybee Is. GA

We returned to the MH and played Star Trek Catan, a complicated game with building space ships and spaceports which Jackie won.

Monday- We woke early and prepared to leave. On TV they were showing a traffic tie up with the road into Savannah closed due to an overturned car. We watched for awhile then there were not further traffic updates on TV or the internet, so we decided to leave.

We drove out of the park at around 8:30. We had decided to go a different way, to the south to avoid driving through downtown Savannah again.

We drove on Hwy. 80 to  Hwy. 204 to I-95 south. A much easier route, although the GPS objected most of the way. It wanted us to go through town to I-16 and out to i-95. She eventually gave up and recalculated to the route that we wanted to take!

We drove south to Hwy. 82,  west to the town of Waycross where we turned southwest on Hwy. 84. Between Waycross and the little town of Homerville, the road became two lanes. It widened out again to four lanes after Homerville.

We continued southwest to Valdosta, were there was a truck detour around the city. Since we are so big, we always follow the truck routes. It was a little longer, but the city is small so going around was okay.

We took Hwy. 121 south into Florida and entered I-10 west. We stopped a few miles later at the rest area where Bob cleaned the windshield. It was covered with dead Lovebugs. We could see thunderstorms building and knew if we tried to use the windshield wipers we would not be able to see through the glass. 

We passed around Tallahassee and continued about 20 miles to a nice little stop over RV Park, Beaver Lake, at exit 174. A Passport America park we paid $20 for 50 amp FHU. We pulled into a nice grassy flat site where we did not have to disconnect the car. We set up camp and I started the crockpot for another crockpot meal.

Tuesday– We drove out of the park at about 8:30 continuing west on I-10. We stopped at a rest area to switch drivers and the windshield  looked like a Lovebug bordello. Now if we could just figure out how to charge the bugs for their use of the windshield! Most of them are not showing up on the picture. They were swarming!

Fraction of the Lovebugs on MH windshield In FL

We left and continued west. West of Pensacola, we turned south taking back roads to avoid going through the city. We eventually turned onto Hwy. 98 west then Hwy. 59 south, crossing a toll bridge ($5.50) into Orange Beach were we turned west to go to Gulf Shores AL. We are staying at Gulf State Park, a beautiful park, in a FHU 50 amp long, asphalt site, on Middle Lake, $34.50/night with senior discount. 

Of course, as we were turning into the park, the rain started with heavy downpours and thunderstorms. I was under an umbrella directing Bob into the site. As the rain would let up, he would run outside and get some tasks done so that we were set up for the evening.

We heated up leftovers for dinner, watched TV and both fell asleep in the comfy new recliners.

Wednesday- We had a 9 AM conference call with Alfa  friends Dale and Susan Prichard. They are the President and Treasurer of the Roadrunners and we are co-wagonmasters with them for the Roadrunners Pre-Rally in Casa Grande in April.

We discussed the schedule and registration. Bob is going to run a beer tasting and I am going to run a card making craft session.

Bob spent some time calling Good Sam our extended warranty insurance carrier about two issues that we are having. Then he called the local Freightliner dealer in Pensacola. They did not think that they could get the parts until Monday, so we are scheduled to go there on Sunday to spend the night and the work to be completed on Monday.

At around 10:30, we went to the state park beach on the Gulf, free to us as we are staying in the campground. It is beautiful, on the Gulf with white sandy beaches and mild waves. Yesterday we had purchased a cheapo beach umbrella at Walmart for $10. Well, it really was cheap as we both felt we received too much sun, through the umbrella. At 1 we returned to the MH and I  took a nap. While I was sleeping, Bob changed the code on our new keyless entry, something he had been wanting to do since we left Indiana.

When we had returned to the MH Bob turned on the roof air conditioner and while it put out air, it was warm air. Hmmmm, so he called an RV tech to come take a look. The tech was in the park so he stopped by. Evidently, Carrier has stopped making RV air conditioners and we need a part. So the tech is going in search of the part that needs to be replaced. We hope to hear from him tomorrow. We have two air compressors in the basement, and we use the roof air to supplement and for when we are driving.

We took showers and at 4:20 we left to go to my cousin Gloria and her husband Walt’s condo. Cousin Claire(Gloria’s sister) had come over from Pensacola to spend the night and to visit with us.  It has been a long time since we have seen them so it was fun catching up.

Gloria cooked a wonderful dinner for us. Unfortunately I had forgotten to tell Gloria about Bob’s bell pepper allergy, and she had to scramble to find something else for Bob to eat as most of the food had bell pepper in it. EEK, I need to remember to tell people. I am usually good about it but missed this time.  Sorry Gloria!


Above, Bob, Walt, Gloria and Claire.

We played Quiddler with them We own this game but do not get to play it very often. It is their favorite game and they have everyone play it when visiting. We left around 11:15 after having a great time visiting.

Thursday- We were up early and started doing some cooking. I am making potato salad with potatoes that Nancy had given to us.(Thanks Nancy)  Bob is cooking the dog food. We took out some chicken to thaw and put it in to marinade. I also made some coleslaw and Watergate salad.

At 11 :30 we left the park to go to lunch in Orange Beach, just east of the park. We had a nice lunch at Bubba’s Seafood. Bob had the shrimp and oyster Po Boy and I had the shrimp Po Boy; they came with French Fries. We also ordered some Hush Puppies. They were good, but still not as good a Chesapeake Bay Seafood House.

We stopped at a Dollar General and they had a better beach umbrella, so we bought one. We drove up the beach to look at the area then returned to the MH. The weather started getting bad, so we returned to the motor home. We ate dinner and settled in to watch TV and read.

Friday- The weather started out cloudy, so we  did some work around the MH. Since we had this severe leak in the big slide roof, Bob pulled out some carpet cleaner and started to clean the ceiling carpet.

We usually use the Woolite Oxy Carpet Cleaner but it was not working real well and we were running out of it anyway. In Quartzite last winter, we had purchased another carpet cleaner that we had sampled, called Room Brite.  http://stores.thepitchstore.com/room-brite-rug-and-upholstery-shampoo/

This stuff is awesome. We had a spot in the back of the MH for a long time and Bob used this stuff on it also. The stain is gone! I had scrubbed and scrubbed that spot back while we were in Breckenridge and could never get it to go away. The Broom Brite also worked really well on the new spots. Two small spots are completely gone and the really large area is almost gone. We think it will take another episode of work to get rid of it completely, as it was a multiple stain, occurring several times, during several different thunderstorms. We highly recommend this stuff.

We left at around 11:30 and went to lunch at          which is on a pier out into the Gulf. The restaurant was more crowded than Bubba’s, but I did not think the food was quite as good, but still tasty. The Hush Puppies were not! We each had the shrimp sandwich. Below is the view of the beach from the pier.

Gulf Shores AL

We left and went to Target, bought gas ($3.09/gal) and stopped at the Publix grocery store.

We returned to the MH and at 3, left to go to the beach. Our two umbrellas worked really well, once we got them stationary, as the wind had picked up and the waves were much larger today. At 5:30, we returned to the MH, grilled dinner  and settled in to read and watch TV.

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