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Sat. Sept. 6 to Fri. Sept. 12- Kentucky to Tybee Island GA.

Saturday- We left the RV park at 8:13 and stopped at the Flying J at 8:15. We bought diesel and connected the CRV to the back of the MH. We continued south on I-75, around Lexington and into Tennessee. We stopped at a Pilot station where we could park and had lunch at Wendy’s. There was a long uphill grade and even though Bob downgraded the engine, we overheated when we reached the top. Good thing we are taking the MH into the Freightliner for its service! We think the filters may be clogged and they are all being changed at the servicing.

We arrived at 1:05 at the Escapees Raccoon Valley RV Park, $18 for FHU 50 amp. The office was closed, so we had to wait until the gal returned at 1:30 from lunch. While we were waiting, I took books inside to the book exchange and Bob walked the dogs.

When the gal arrived back on duty we checked in, parked the rig, and set up. At 4 we went to social hour, dropping the sheets off in the washing machine in the laundry room.$1 wash and $0.75 drying. I was also doing laundry in the MH.

We had a nice time talking to folks. There was a couple who had just started full-timing two months ago, so they were real newbies.

We returned to the MH, continued laundry, and cooked dinner. Just as we finished dinner, we had a thunderstorm. The first since the repair, so we were anxiously waiting to see if the slide leaked. It did not! Success!!

We watched TV and went to bed. So far we have traveled 489 miles with 158 more to go till we get to Spartanburg SC and the Cummings repair shop.

 Sunday- We left later after showers, pancakes for breakfast, updating the budget and checking the accounts. We drove south on I-75 to I-475 around Knoxville, then east on I-40. We stopped for fuel then lunch at a rest area. In Ashville, we turned onto I-26 southeast continuing through Tennessee, North Carolina, and into South Carolina. We stopped at the Cummings repair facility in Spartanburg SC.

We were the only people there! We easily found the RV parking,  They had  two 50 amp sites outside the gate. We hooked up and tried to level the MH. We were unable to level it enough that we could put out the large slide. We decided to be safe, rather than sorry, so we left the slide in. That made it too difficult to cook dinner, so we went out to dinner at Cracker Barrel. After dinner, we stopped at Walmart, then returned to the MH.

We laid on the bed watching TV and reading, since it was so hard to try to do anything in the living room, which of course, was actually in the kitchen. LOL At least we have a walk through when the slide is in.

Monday-  Cummins opened at 7:30, so Bob was at the door at 7:28. We moved into the waiting room with the dogs, who were pretty confused. At 9:45, they moved the MH back into the driveway, so we moved the dogs into the MH. I stayed with them while Bob went in to pay. When he returned to the motor home I asked him how much did it cost. He said nothing, they had ordered the wrong parts and did nothing! WHAT? They could order the right parts and put them in tomorrow afternoon. Sorry, we have the appt. at Freightliner in Gaffney tomorrow. So now we have to do this all over again at another facility! Bummer! We were pretty upset, as we are not sure how long the current fix is going to last.

We went to Camping World, leaving the MH at Cummins, and bought two more rugs for the steps in the MH doorway. We have one, but needed two more.The old ones became very dirty and are falling apart from the workers walking and and out of the MH this summer.

We left Cummins and traveled north on I-85 to Gaffney, about 29 miles. We did not bother to hook up the car to the MH.

We had some problem finding the Freightliner building, but managed on the second try to find it. The road is not marked well and the Freightliner sign was hard to find.

We walked into check in and the waiting room was full. We are set up for tomorrow morning at 8 AM. We set up in the parking lot with 50 amp service. They have a dump station here also.

We ate lunch and went to the local outlet mall. We were looking for towels. None there, so we drove back to Spartanburg to the Costco, where we found the towels and of course, other items. We also bought gas for $3 per gallon. Wow, we have not seen that low a price in a long time!

We returned to the MH and did some work around the coach. We ate dinner, watched TV and read our books.

 Tuesday- We moved to the waiting room with the dogs. Bob went back to stay in the MH until the Freightliner guys came to pick up the motor home. He met up with us in the waiting room and we settled in for the day. After a few minutes, we were joined by another couple who had three dogs, one of which was an ancient basset hound which was blind. The dogs all met up and got to know each other, before all settling in.

I left at 9:25 to go have a mani/pedi for my birthday. I returned at a little after 10:30. a third couple had joined us and we sat talking for hours. At a little after 12, we put the dogs in the car and ran to Firehouse Subs for two subs for lunch.  As we were returning to Freightliner, our motor home was leaving on a test run

The other couple returned and we sat talking until a little before 2, when they called our name. Since it was still so early and we were already mostly packed up, I called Lake Greenwood State Recreation Area and added tonight to our reservation. Meanwhile Bob put the bikes back on the back of the motor home.

We traveled south on I-85 to I-26 east. We traveled about 87 miles to the lake. I checked us in while Bob was unhooking the car. I ran to the site, while Bob waited for me in the parking lot. The site we had chosen, #29, was very narrow and had two big trees where the slides would be, so the site would not work. My radio went kaput, so Bob could not hear me. We had a total miscommunication and had difficulty catching up with each other. We finally connected and I went back to the office to change sites. All of the waterfront sites were booked, so we ended up in site 73, which is in the woods. I can’t tell you how disappointed we were! This is a beautiful park with gorgeous lake front sites and we are sitting in the woods. Oh well, next time!

We set up in the 30 amp/water site and left to go to town .We met up with friend Sandra Johnston at Mill House restaurant. We had a great time catching up for the last two years.

Wednesday- We puttered around then drove the 87 miles back to Gaffney because we had completely forgotten about our mail. We turned onto Andie McDowell St, where the Post Office is located. Bob went in to pick up the mail and I checked the internet. Yes, actress Andie McDowell was born in 1958 in Gaffney SC!

We  drove back south to Spartanburg, stopping at Costco for gas, still $3/gallon. We went to lunch at O’Charlie’s, which was very good. Then we stopped at Office Max for a black ink cartridge and Bed, Bath and Beyond for a travel pillow. The seats in the CRV have become very uncomfortable and they are bothering both of our hips.

We drove back to Greenwood, with Bob opening the mail on the way. When we arrived home we wrote checks. Bob worked on straightening out his credit card, as the form had arrive to report the unauthorized purchases from Aug 2 & 3. He had to call the credit union, as they still have not put those purchases onto the card statement.

I took a 15 minute nap. We packed up the dogs and took off for Sandra’s beautiful house. She has a new cat, Duncan, who seemed really laid back. He and the dogs seemed to tolerate each other. The dogs of course had to explore everything. Duncan stayed on the ottoman keeping a close eye on them.

We BBQ’d steaks on the grill and sat out of her deck, overlooking the lake.

View from Sandra's deck

It was a beautiful evening. Thank you Sandra for a great meal and use of your washer/dryer. Of course, we spent time solving the problems of the world until after 10 pm.

Thursday-  We did a few chores around the motor home and at around 11:30 we left to go to Sandra’s house. Sandra drove us to Abbeville, about 12 miles from Greenwood. Abbeville was where the Civil War was planned by the confederates. Jefferson Davis and others planned the Secession  in this house in 1860.

Burt Stark House in Abbyville SC 

They also planned the surrender in 1865. The building is open for tours on Fri and Sat.

We had lunch at a local café. Sandra and I had the Blue Plate special which were some awesome pork chops with mash potatoes and gravy. This was served with peas and lima beans. I hate lima beans, but these were fresh and were actually very good! Bob had a pasta and ham dish.

Bob, Sandra and Me at lunch

We stopped at the town center where they have a monument to the Confederate troops.

Confederate monument

The original monument was placed in the 1800’s but it was replaced in 1996 with this monument. On the other side is a confederate flag. On the right and left side is CSA(Confederate States of America), and on the bottom is information on the dates of the secession. Good grief, THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!

We walked across the street to the Opera House, 1906.

Abbyville Opera House 1906 

Inside is a pretty little theater. Tonight is the dress rehearsal of Cinderella and the play starts tomorrow night.

Opera House Abbyville SC

Opera House Abbyville SC

We left and returned to Sandra’s house to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer and  Sandra ran an errand to the VFW for her to deliver some paperwork to  the board members. We returned to her house and picked up the load of laundry. We returned to the motor home, ate dinner, and got ready to leave tomorrow.

Friday- We left Lake Greenwood at about 9AM and drove back to I-26 east. We turned south on I-95 and drove across into Georgia. We turned onto I-16 east and drove to Savannah. We had to drive through the city (not fun) and out to the road taking us to Tybee Island. We drove into Rivers End RV park, right after friend Jackie arrived with both of us checking in at the same time.

We  set up camp and spend time talking with Jackie. We eventually went to dinner at the Crab Shack, having the Low Country Boil Platter with crawfish, shrimp, crab legs,mussels, potatoes and corn. It was very good. Note the hole in the center of the table. There is a trashcan below the hole and you can just push your trash into the can. Convenient.

Dinner at Crab Shack

They have alligators in their pond that you can feed.


Jackie took us on a tour of Tybee Island. Dr. Bob arrived at around 8 and came over to the MH. We sat and talked to about 10 then went to bed.

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