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Sat. Aug. 30 to Fri. Sept. 2014- Nappannee In to Kentucky

Saturday- We left at 8:30 to go to Toledo IN to give a check to Lampbright Chairs. Vernon had called me at 8:00 to let us know he made a mistake on the invoice. He was using the calculator (solar) and thinks he had hit the wrong key. He wanted to let us know that it was about $20 more for the chairs. He also wanted to let us know that he was off today. We arrived and a different Amish man double checked the invoice and we gave him a check. They only take cash or checks.

We left and drove north on SR 5 to SR  20 and went west to South Bend stopping at the Farmers Market. Since we were later than we had been in the habit of visiting the Farmers Market, it was a lot more crowded. We found a parking place on the street and went shopping.

When we left the market, we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for our refund on the Bona. Thank you Nancy for the 20% off coupon that we used for the refund.

We went to Walmart and returned to the MH for lunch. I laid down for a much needed nap. Bob decided to get some work done. He cleaned the hot water heater. It had been turning on then turning off. It just needed cleaning. Then he installed the two new fans. We ate dinner at home, watched some TV and went to bed. It has been hazy, hot and humid, but no thunderstorms for us, although there  were some in the area.

Sunday- A quiet day for us. We did the usual budget update and checking the accounts. Nancy and Dave had given us some zucchini so I made some zucchini mini muffins. I wanted to make regular muffins, but we could not find the regular muffin pan. The muffins came out very well. Bob made the dog food. We ate lunch in and puttered around the MH. We ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed.

Monday- We went to lunch at Das Dutchman Essenhaus, one of our favorite restaurants. Seemed like everyone else had the same idea, as the restaurant was very busy. we returned home and had a quiet Labor Day.

Tuesday- We returned to McMillers, taking them the Zucchini mini muffins.. They worked on the leak again. They found a crack in the fascia, on the slide roof,  up against the roof. They put tape and silicone on the area and sent us back to Pla-Mor to let it cure overnight. We are to return in the morning.

Bob and I left to go to South Bend. We stopped for subs at Jimmy Johns then Bob dropped me off to get my hair done. He went to the liquor store for some beer and to Home Depot. He picked me up at 2:30 and we went to Walmart. We returned home, ate dinner and watched TV.

Wednesday- We were up early, again, and off to McMillers. Megan soaked the roof of the slide and it did not leak, so we have our fingers crossed. The groomer called back, so I jumped in the car and took the dogs up to South Bend to the groomers. Megan had found that the seal on the bottom of the large slide was failing, so she called Mike @ MPC. When this was painted, it appears that the paint had not completely dried, so the silicone that they put on the seam had pulled off. Mike came over to take a look and said that he could get us in in the morning. So I returned to Nappanee, helped Bob to get the MH ready, and we returned the MH to Pla-Mor. We left for South Bend and stopped at the car wash. It was finally a sunny day!

We ate lunch at Hacienda Restaurant, a South Bend favorite. We left just in time for Gina the groomer to call and tell us the dogs were ready.

When we arrived, Karlie was sitting in their window watching for us. She started barking and crying. Guess that the gals knew we had arrived!

We left and went to JoAnne’s to pick up more of the sticky back felt, then to Aldi’s for more green beans for the dog food and cereal for Bob. Then on to the ‘other’ Walmart for Bob’s prescription.

We returned home and I sat out. Bob went to Ace Hardware, as he needed a tool to take the bolts out of the couch. We are picking up our new chairs tomorrow.

Bob returned home and we ate dinner. Since he had to take the bikes off the back of the MH to get to his tools, we rode our bikes around Pla-Mor. We watched TV and went to bed.

Thursday- We were up early again, and at MPC by 8AM. We dropped off the MH and went back east to Rise N’ Roll, where we each bought a doughnut and we bought a peach pite They have the best peach pie!

We left and went to the Nappannee park with the private dog park. Bob walked the dogs and we read our books. At 9:30, we ate the doughnuts and drove back to MPC to pick up the MH.

The MH was ready, so we left, going east about 40 miles to RT. 5, we drove north 5 miles to Topeka, and turned right on CR 100 to Lampbright Chairs. The chairs were not supposed to be ready until the afternoon, but they were ready. Vernon had us pull the MH along side the building and Bob quickly took the loosened bolts under the couch out. Vernon and another Amish guy took the couch and the recliner out of the MH. While they were doing that, Bob cut a piece of our left over carpet from the bedroom to put under his chair. He also worked on getting the seat belts ready to use to keep the chairs in place when traveling.  The guys brought in the new chairs, two recliners and one matching chair.  Vernon also worked on giving us a riser so that Bob can move his recliner out, over the edge of the slide without issues.

We put the slide back in and got ready to leave. Bob back the MH back out and we turned around. We connected the car, and then ate lunch. We left at around 1 PM, driving south again on Rt. 5 to Rt. 6. We drove east to I-69, then south two exits to Auburn. We drove into Fireside RV Park at about 2 PM. We were given a nice concrete pad, FHU, 50 amp site for $34, no discounts.

It appears that plan “C” is working for the refrigerator door. It is longer than the “T” and has a flange which sticks out so that it does not move. It is hard to see in the picture, but it works!


We set up the MH, I started the crock pot, and we left to go to St. Joe to Sechler Pickles. We LOVE their pickles, and we bought 6, 32 oz jars of their orange pickles. We returned and did some completing of our set up. We watched TV and both fell asleep in the our new recliners. I woke up at about 9:45, woke Bob up so that we could move to the bed!

Friday- We left the park at about 9:15 and continued south on I-69 to Ft. Wayne where we turned onto Rt. 30. to the pretty little town of Van Wert, where there where beautiful old homes. I was driving so I did not get any pictures.

We continued south to Rt. 33 where we turned farther southeast and that took us to I-75. We continued south through Dayton and on to Cincinnati. We took the by-pass around Cincinnati and continued south into Kentucky. Our destination was  the little town of Walton where we exited to tonight’s park, Oak Creek RV Park.  It is located right off the interstate, but is difficult to get into and the sites are pretty close together. We would not stay here again.

It is hazy, hot and humid, with the temp at 90. We have all the air conditioners turned on!   We ate dinner, watched some local TV, as the satellite did not pick up the signal due to the trees. We thought about going to their pool, but they had closed it for the season.                                                                                                                                                                                             

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