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Sat. June 28 to Fri July 4 2014- South Bend IN

Saturday- I left at a little before 9 AM for my hair appointment. I returned at about 10:45. Bob and I went to the video store to return the videos and stopped at the Farmers Market. We bought short ribs, pork chops, bacon, corn, lettuce, scallions, celery and bread.

We returned to the apartment, ate lunch, did laundry and took a nap.

Sunday- We left the apartment, with excited dogs, to travel to Naperville IL, to visit with Bob’s cousin Jacque and her husband Paul. Jacque and Paul are dog people and had invited us to bring the dogs with us.

The trip took a little over 2 1/2 hours. They met us at the door with their two Westies, Sugar and Sammy. The dogs greeted each other and got along pretty well. We took them out into the back yard for them get comfortable with each other. Sniffing and playing commenced!

We walked around their nicely landscaped lawn. They had lost a tree last year to the ash bore beetle, and Jacque had a local artist craft this awesome carving out of the trunk. Note Roxie in the right hand corner checking it out!

At Jacque'sThey also have a mural on the garage side of the house that Jacque had a local artist paint. The people in the mural are all family members.

At Jacque's 

We went inside and proceeded to become acquainted. Bob and Jacque had not seen each other in approximately 50 years! 

They BBQ’d some wonderful chicken and served us pasta salad, creamed tomatoes, and broccoli salad. We sat talking for a couple of hours and had some of Jacque’s tasty homemade cherry pie, alamode.

I took a family picture, with Sammy in Paul’s arms and Sugar in Jacque’s.

Bob, Jacque, and Paul 2014 

We drove back home with the dogs sleeping the whole trip! They were exhausted .

Monday-  We slept in this morning. After breakfast, we went to Home Depot and bought some sliders for under the new chairs, Best Buy to buy Bob a new computer case, as his old one is sprinkling little pieces of blue plastic flecks all over the floor, and grocery shopping.

We ate lunch and I took a nap. Bob continued to work on some genealogy. We started working on getting the second bedroom ready for friends to visit. We watched ‘Enough Said’ on DVD.

Tuesday-  We did some work on the spare bedroom, with covering the upper windows with plastic bags like we have done in our bedroom. There is just too much light streaming in at night for anyone to sleep. I had washed the sheets, so we remade the bed and pushed it back into the center of the room. We had moved it to the side so that we could store the bikes in the room.

We took the dogs to the Vet to have their annual heartworm blood draw and returned the DVD’s. There were terrible thunderstorms with damaging winds last night. Driving in South Bend, we found that there were patches of electricity out due to last nights storms and a lot of tree damage. We are fascinated with the way that South Bend deals with these types of issues. They really have their act together, as each time there is a reason for the city to have traffic lights out or they have a race, there are portable stop signs at each of the corners where they need traffic directions. We have not been anywhere else where they have dealt so efficiently with these types of issues. We stopped for gas, $3.57/gal.

We ate lunch and left for the Family History Center to continue our Genealogy research. Bob found a Google Book which had interesting information about his Turpin family and I found a lot of information on my paternal grandmother’s’ family in Quebec on Ancestry.com.

We returned to the apartment, ate dinner, and watched the DVD “Sole Survivor”. The weather had improved today, post thunderstorms. Bright and sunny, less humidity, and in the 70’s.

Wednesday- We have friends arriving on either Thursday or Friday, so I did some cooking. I made pasta salad, broccoli salad, and chocolate éclair dessert.

I returned the DVD. We are running out of things to watch! No Mahjongg today, as they had not called me. I am an extra person, so they must have had enough people.  Bob made the dog food while I was gone to the Video store. Both of us continued to work on Genealogy.

I was researching a distant ancestor. It is interesting to know the peoples names, but much more interesting to understand the times and what their lives were like. In this case, the original person who emigrated was a 16 yo. girl, who left France by herself to travel across the Atlantic, to Ville Marie( current Montreal) in 1653. Why? Probably because they were so poor that she did not have a decent dowry, which meant that she may not have been able to marry.  There is much more to the story, including a sinking ship, a grounded  and burned ship, having to walk in winter from Quebec City to Montreal, and losing 2 husbands before she was 19. That girl had grit!

Thursday-  We went to lunch at Hacienda restaurant. We stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond, then continued on to Walmart to pick up a few items. We  watched ‘Monster University’.

Friday- We cleaned the apartment and waited for Tom and Juanita to arrive. We hung out for the day, watching ‘Fargo’ on ‘In Demand’. We have gotten addicted to the show. I am not a real Bill Bob Thornton fan, but he really did some great acting. Tom and Juanita arrived at about 7 PM. We got them settled in and ate dinner. We talked until bedtime.

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