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Sat. June 14 to Fri. June 20- South Bend IN

Saturday- We dropped the dogs off for their grooming, much to their dismay and stopped at the Farmers Market on the way home. We bought bacon, red bell pepper, cucumber, lettuce and fresh Michigan strawberries.

After dropping off the grocery items, we went to the video store and dropped off the discs, picking up two more. Bob had a bonus from Best Buy for $35 so we went to the store and bought him a Blue Tooth headset for his phone. By this time it was lunch time and we only had an hour left before we needed to pick up the dogs, so we stopped at Cheddars for lunch. We were not too hungry, so we split an order of nachos.

I had not slept well this week and I needed a nap. On the way back to the apartment, yesterday, Bob had received an urgent message from Gas Buddy saying that the gas was going back up to $3.99. It had, with some stations at $3.95. We needed gas at this point, so he actually found a Kroger whose gas was still $3.79, so we stopped there. It was only a couple of blocks out of the way.

I laid down for a nap and Bob went to pick up the dogs. When they returned they laid down with me.

Since we had a light lunch, we went to Ritters for frozen yogurt. Ritters is a small Midwest chain. The yogurt was very good and Bob had purchased a Groupon for half off, fully paying for the snack.

We returned to the apartment again, ate dinner, and watched Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit. We had a coupon for the free rental.

Sunday- A quiet day for us. Laundry.  After lunch we went to Family Video to exchange discs. We took a nice nap, and watched Odd Thomas on DVD.

Monday- We left at 8:45, driving northwest towards New Buffalo MI.  As we passed through Three Oaks, we notice a sign for a bicycle museum. So we turned right, and went into the cute little town to the museum.


The museum is a visitor center, a bike rental place, a little store, public bathrooms, and an information center. We wandered through. It was small, with interesting bikes.

Bicycle Museum Three Oaks MI

Below is a two seater tricycle.

Bicycle Museum Three Oaks MI

Bicycle Museum Three Oaks MI

Above is a wooden bike called a Velocipede. See below. DSCN3069

Bicycle Museum Three Oaks MI

Above is a bike built for two, but men could not be in front of the women, and if they were at the same height, they could not see or steer, so they built the back up higher. Only the men had the pedals. There are only two of these bikes still in existence, this being one of them.

Bicycle Museum Three Oaks MI

Above was a social bike, built for two. With only two wheels it was very unsteady. People would also try to ride with only one person, but that did not work well either. Another rare bike!

Across from the museum was a little park with this historical sign.


Dewey Cannon Three Oaks MI

Who knew? We were in the middle of nowhere and here was this monument and park that President McKinley dedicated! We continued on to New Buffalo.

We turned north on the Red Arrow Parkway, which goes parallel to Lake Michigan. In Union Pier, we went out to the lake and looked at the water. New Buffalo and St. Joseph are the real towns, the rest of the towns are mainly residential with some nice houses on the lake. In this case, there was a park at the end of the road, with some parking and long steps down to the water. We never saw a pier. There was a man with two teenage girls and two dogs. One of the dogs, a Labradoodle, decided he liked us and want to go home with us. We had to drag him away from the car. Rub a dogs ears and they will follow you anywhere!

We continued north, past, Lakeside, Harbert, and Bridgeman, driving past some restaurants and antique stores. We saw Warren Dunes State Park, so we decided to pull in to look at the campground. The Ranger wanted $9, just to look around, so we left. It looked like it might be nice. Oh well…. We arrived at Stevensville. There we took Notre Dame Rd. to the city park. We drove to the end of the dirt road to an overlook and the beach.

We walked down to the beach,across the sand dune over the sand, and felt the water. It was cool, but not really cold.  Since it is fresh water, there is no salt water smell.

Cabins on the Lake, Stevensville MI

Beach, Stevesville, MI

These chalets interested us, as they were right on the beach. So when we drove out of the park, we turned left onto Notre Dame again, and went about 1/10 mile and turned into Lakeside Chalets development. We weren’t supposed to , but did anyway. What a great place! There have about 100 units. They are duplexes which are sold or rented. There was a fishing lake,  playgrounds, swimming pool, and of course, Lake Michigan! 

We continued our journey north to St. Joseph. St. Joe has been a vacation destination since the 1800’s. There was a nice park on the beach, just inside the town. It was dedicated to a gentleman who fought for 20 years to get this land for a park.

Lake Michigan, St. Joseph MI

We found free parking and went in search of lunch. We found a Jimmy Johns ( nope, been there), the South Bend Chocolate Café ( nope been there), A Kilawins (again, nope been there). We decided on Broadway Café, which was a good choice. They had nice sandwiches. The town has a Lighthouse Statue contest going on, which started in May and goes until September, when the lighthouses will be auctioned off. We dropped our left overs at the car. There are 30 of these around town, here are a few.

Lighthouse statue- St. Joe MI

Lighthouse statue- St. Joe MI

Lighthouse statue- St. Joe MI

Lighthouse statue- St. Joe MI

We crossed to the hill above the lake. This permanent  Lighthouse statue was there.

St. Joe MI

Plus this cannon.



Below was Silver Beach with  the water park(The Whirlpool Compass Fountain) and the Silver Beach Carousel.

Waterpark, St. JO MI

Silver Beach Carousel

At one time they had a large amusement park in town, but like Marshall Hall and Glen Echo, it closed in the 1960s. All that was left was the beautiful carousel. $1 to ride.

Silver Beach Carousel

The Carousel has 50 magnificent figures and two chariots, under 1,000 twinkling lights.

We drove down to the beach, but they wanted $9 to park, so we drove along the road. We could not park, but we took a quick picture of the lighthouses.

St. Joseph North Pier Inner LIght Station & Outer Light Station

We went back up to the park and took this picture from up on the hill.

Lighthouses from higher up on hill

“The St. Joseph received its first lighthouse in 1832, just months after the first lighthouse on Lake Michigan commenced operation at Chicago. On July 15, 1870, Congress appropriated $3,000 for a new pierhead beacon, which was subsequently built on the south pier along with an elevated walkway. In 1881, the pierhead beacon was transferred to the outer end of the north pier, and its light was changed from fixed white to fixed red. A new open-frame tower, which was fifteen-and-a-half feet taller than the previous pierhead beacon, was built on the north pier in 1885, and upon the opening of navigation in 1886, it began displaying a fixed white light from a fourth-order lens. This light was deemed sufficient for the harbor, and the 1859 lighthouse was discontinued on March 18, 1886. On November 1, 1887, a 1,500-pound fog bell, struck by a Stevens striking apparatus, was added to the pierhead tower. The 1859 lighthouse remained in operation until 1919, when an acetylene light was established atop a red, skeletal tower on the south pier.” taken from:   http://www.lighthousefriends.com/light.asp?ID=186

We left St. Joe, at around 1:30 and traveled north to Coloma. We stopped at Fruit Acres, a farm market. According to the brochures, cherries are supposed to be in season, but the gal said they are late and won’t be available until mid-July. We purchased a nice Florida cantaloupe!

We continued on the Emerald Avenue to The Chocolate Garden. This chocolate store has been mentioned in USA Today, on the Food Network, and Elle Magazine. They hand make chocolate truffles. We had to pay $2.99 for the three truffle sampler. Expensive, but if you purchase three truffles it is $5.50. They were very good!. Much better than  the ones on Friday in Ft. Wayne.

We left and returned to Coloma, turning south on Hwy. 140 to Niles and back to South Bend. We ate dinner and watched ‘The Butler” DVD.

Tuesday-  We ran to the video store and returned the two discs. We returned to the apartment, ate lunch and waited for Stephanie, the cleaning lady to arrive As soon as she arrived, we left and went to the Family History Center to work on Genealogy. Ancestry. com was down, so neither of us did well. We returned to the apartment and took the dogs to their vet appt. The were due for a vaccination. We watched season 2, disc 1 of House of Cards.

Wednesday- We went grocery shopping. Bob dropped me off for a mani/pedi near the Martins grocery store. He picked me up and we returned to the apartment for lunch. I had rec’d a call yesterday that my MRI auth. was approved, so I called the company who schedules our radiology. I spoke with a guy named Brandon who was clueless and did not listen. He was making an appt for me in Nebraska. When I told him it was too far away; and again told him I was in South Bend IN he tried to make an appt. in New England. Finally, I got through his thick head and he went to make an appt. at an open MRI in Mishawaka. That would have been okay, but I had been specifically told to not do a shoulder in an open MRI. So the next closest place was Merryville IL, 92 miles away. We took that appt.. I was finally able to leave to go to Mahjongg, late since this idiot took so long.

While I was gone, Bob called our insurance carrier to see how much it would cost for us to do the MRI at a participating provider in town and to complain about the company who scheduled. The insurance guy said that the schedulers do that all the time. It is not going to cost us much more, which will offset the gas money, and will be a lot easier to get the MRI/CT scan in South Bend, rather than driving to IL.

I won three games at Mahjongg and had a really nice time. While we were playing, there was a monster thunderstorm. At least we did not lose electric. I returned home, we ate dinner, and watched House of Cards, season 2, disc 2.

Thursday- Bob rec’d a text from Megan at McMillers asking us to add two weeks as they discovered that the wheels on the large slide need to be replaced. So we went to the office and spoke with Chris. We are able to stay the extra two weeks and the McMillers are going to take the cost of the two weeks off our bill. We went to lunch at Granite City, as we had the free appetizer coupon. We made the mistake of getting their Idaho Nachos which were pretty awful. We had to buy an entrée also, so we bought the shrimp tacos, which we also split. They were really good!

We returned to the apartment and took a nap. We watched Season 2 disc 3 of House of Cards.

Friday- I made an appt. with the surgeon for after the MRI on July 7, the first appt. that I could obtain. We left and went to Nappanee to visit the MH.

In back, installing the slide covers

In the back the guys were working in re-installing the slide covers.

PJ and Megan installing the sofa

This is PJ and Megan installing the sofa. PJ’s brother was outside, drilling a hole through the new flooring to secure the sofa.

New cabinet around the new refrigerator

The new cabinet around the refrigerator. And finally, the drivers side of the MH.




Before and after Alfa

Above is a before and after picture of two Alfa’s. The colors in the one in the back are not showing up really well. When it came out of the painting process, another MH was going in. The guy who owns the one going in stopped the process and said I want mine to look just like that, so they had to redo the whole schematic, especially since his MH was not an Alfa!  The white one in front is next in line to start the re-skinning process. Our MH goes to Mikes this afternoon to start Monday on the prep for the painting.  We know that it does not look like it is ready to go, but it is big items that they are finishing this afternoon, so it will not take too much time.

PJ showed us the rollers/wheels for the slide. They had literally fallen apart in his hands when he went to take them off. The new ones are better and will keep the slide from making an indentation in the new floor. PJ is going to try to rig something to keep the end wheels from having the same problem in the future.

We had some items still in the MH that we took with us. The MH will ‘cook’ during the painting process and we though it might not be good to keep salad dressing in the MH with the high temperature. I also loaded up on some more books.

We stopped at Office Max for some business card stock and went for lunch at a Pizza Hut buffet. We had not been to one for awhile. We returned to the apartment and took a nap. Thunderstorms bypassed us today, but it is really humid out. Our mail arrived today and my Nursing License renewal post card was there. So I renewed my Nursing License for the last time! It is a two year license. We watched season 2, disc 4 of House of Cards.

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