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Sat. April 19 to Fri April 25- Westminster CO

Saturday- We took items over to the storage unit and brought other items back to the motor home. We went grocery shopping and took a nice nap. It was rainy, so there was no happy hour today. I shredded some files.  We ate dinner, watched some TV and went to bed.

Sunday- We went to the Easter Brunch at the Lodge., which was nice. Then more back and forth to the storage unit.  I shredded more files and decided that we had way too much to shred. So I found a shredding company and we will be taking the rest of the boxes from my business to the shredding company. We took a nap and ate dinner in.

Monday- We were off to the dentist for 9AM appointments. Both of us had good check ups. We stopped at Total Beverage for Bob to pick up some beer and I went to Office Depot to pick up oil for the shredder.

I dropped Bob back at the motor home and went to the Chiropractor. I returned home and we ate lunch. Brian and Kathy  Munger arrived around 1:30. Brian was picking Kathy up at DIA for her return from Florida. It is the first time we have seen them in two years! We really miss our time at Breckenridge with them!

We sat talking until 3:30 when they had to leave to drive back to Breck.  We missed happy hour, as there was no one out there at 4, and we forgot to keep looking out the window. At 6, we met Jeanne and Dave (also from Breck) at the Yard House, after stopping at Best Buy to drop off my old computer for recycling. We had a nice dinner and a great time catching up.

Tuesday- We went to Bob’s cardiologist at 9 AM. Bob’s heart rate is still low, staying steady around 52. Neither the cardiologist in Sun City or here are concerned about the low heart rate. Bob is symptomatic  when his heart rate is this low. Of course, it was 60 today! The cardiologist took him off one of his blood pressure medications to see  if that raises the heart rate without his blood pressure jumping up. .

We left there and returned to the motor home, picked up more items and took them over to the storage unit. We went to Costco for gas ($3.38, the norm here is $3.46 but we were paying $3.27 in Arizona) and we picked up a few food items.

We stopped at the Smiling Moose, one of our favorite deli’s for sandwiches, then returned home for lunch. We had our Primary Care Doctor appt. They had called earlier in the day to let us know that the Doctor was out, but we saw Sara the Physicians Assistant. I have noticed that I have an irregular heart rate intermittently, so they did an EKG which is normal. They also drew blood and set up a Holter Monitor for me.

Bob has a lump on his back that grows about every  3-4 years, and usually it opens and drains. We wanted to get ahead of it this time. So Sara referred him to the physician, who decided to remove it. It is a Sebaceous Cyst that had a lot of scar tissue around it, from all the previous times that this has occurred. Bob now has 6 stitches in his back and I am doing the dressing change and will be removing the stitches in 10 days.

We arrived back at the motor home just in time for happy hour. There was a good crowd today. Good thing it is under cover, as we had a nice rain shower that occurred. Everyone just moved their chairs closer into the center of the pavilion and we continued on. The rain eventually passed through, just before the end of the happy hour, so it all worked out. Keeps the grass green and they really need the rain.

Wednesday- Bob had his Endocrinology appt. at 9:30, so he took off for that. I worked on the blog and did laundry. Bob returned and we ate lunch, then went to the cardiologist for them to put the Halter Monitor on me. That only took about 15 minutes, so we went in search of Shred-all. We found the location and gave them the boxes. They emptied them and we paid them $5 per box.

We left there and stopped at the container store. We did not buy anything. We left and went to my Ophthalmologist appt. As usual, we had to wait. I played games on my phone and Bob took a short nap.

I have dry eyes. Lovely! So I have to put saline drops into my eyes 3 times a day. Oh well, just getting older…. Of course, they put the dilating eye drops in so I could not see very well. Other than that my eyes look good.

We returned to the motor home, walked the dogs, fed them, then went to dinner at Golden Europe, our favorite German Restaurant in the local area. This was actually our anniversary dinner, since we did not have one this year. We returned home and watched TV.

Thursday- Brrrr! It was 38 when we woke up this morning. A cold front had come through last evening. It rained and the temp dropped. It is sunny with clear skies today, but only expected to have a high of 60. 

I took off at 9:30 to go have a mani/pedi, while Bob got his hair cut by Marianna and then made dog food. I returned to the motor home and we took the dogs to the groomers.

We drove back to 72nd street and went to Guadalupe Restaurant. People at the Elks had been raving about this Mexican Restaurant. It is truly real Mexican food. The restaurant is small, only seating 52 people. There was only one other Anglo in the the restaurant. The food was terrific!

Bob wanted a take home menu so that he could look up what some of the meals where. Most of the menu was in Spanish. When he paid with the check card, the receipt was also in Spanish!

We returned to the motor home and I removed the Halter Monitor at 12:50. It was supposed to be off at 12:45. We laid down and took a short nap. Then Bob went out to check the oil and waters in the motor home, as we start our journey east on Saturday.

We left at around 4:15, dropped the Halter Monitor at the Cardiologist office, then went out to I-25 north. We arrived to pick up the dogs at 4:45. Karlie was ready but Roxie was still being groomed. They do a good job at this place, but they take a long time. We paid and comforted Karlie. Suddenly Karlie wanted to jump down and got excited. She knew that Roxie was finished. A few minutes later, Roxie came out of the back to joyously greet us. They both look great.

We took them for a short potty break, the drove home, using the side streets since it was rush hour. The dogs slept in the back seat of the car. They were exhausted from the trauma of being groomed. They hate being groomed!!

We arrived home in time for the last few minutes of happy hour. We sat on the picnic tables and caught us with everyone. We returned to the motor home, ate leftovers for dinner, did some laundry and went to bed.

Friday- Our last day here! We left at 7:45 for our 8:30 Dermatology appointments. in Aurora. We both really like this Dermatologist. She is very thorough and has a nice presonality. Bob needed more of the ‘freezing’ and she is starting him on a medication to use for two days to get rid of more pre-cancerous lesions.

I had one lesion on my face that she froze, but that was it. Bob’s next appt. is in October and mine is in May.

We left there and dropped off some donations at the Goodwill. We went to Costco for gas and then to our Primary Care Physicians office for me to have another blood draw.  They have had me drinking lots of water, since my BUN and Creatnine were abnormal. Those two numbers are indicative of kidney issues.  So I have been drinking up a storm and hitting the bathroom every 1/2 hour.

We left there and picked up some items for the dog food, then went to my Chiropractor appt. We stopped at Honey Baked ham for ham salad sandwiches for lunch, returned home, and ate lunch. Bob took the dogs for their walk and I left for my hair appt.

I returned just in time for happy hour. After happy hour we went to the Lodge for .the Friday night dinner. Bob had the flat iron steak with French fries and green beans. I had the coconut shrimp with rice pilaf and green beans.  It was Marianna and Fred’s 53rd wedding anniversary! We sat with them, Lorella / Tom and Marilyn/Jerry. Marilyn has been undergoing cancer treatment for the last year. Last April she was unexpectantly diagnosed, with no symptoms. When we saw them in October, they were moving to the first 50 amp site as they were staying the winter at the Elks for her treatments. She had a bone marrow transplant in January and has not been out much. She is very fortunate to have an identical twin sister, who was a 10/10 bone marrow match.She is off her isolation, but due to the increased incidence of Measles, she has to be very careful about going outside. Her blood levels are at about 75% of normal immunity. She also has not felt up to walking up to the happy hours, which is why we had not seen her. She had lost weight ( so had Jerry) but she looked pretty good. She said she is getting really frustrated as her hair has still not come back in.

We said good-bye to all our friends and went to the grocery store. We returned home and started getting ready to leave in the morning.

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