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Sat. March 22 to Fri. March 28- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I worked while Bob went to the park yard sale looking for bikes. He did not find bikes that he liked. There is a guy in the park who buys old bikes and fixes them up., but he did not have anything that Bob liked either.

Sunday- Monday- Bob worked on looking for bike shops. No one seems to sell used bikes. I worked.

Tuesday- Our usual bill paying and budgeting. Mahjongg was cancelled so I went and had a mani/pedi. We ate lunch then we took a nap in the afternoon.

Wednesday- All of the guys at the shops said that Bob’s stolen bike is probably in Mexico by now. They steal men’s bikes and take them straight to Mexico. At the border they don’t bother to check on what is leaving only what is entering the country. There is a big market for men’s bikes in Mexico!

We found Bob a really nice Rally bike. He wanted another ‘comfort’ bike and this one fit the bill! I knew it when he rode the bike around the parking lot a second time It is a really pretty cobalt blue, has a nice comfortable seat, and trigger handlebars ( instead of turning the handles to change gears, you use a trigger). The bike was a left over 2012 that they found in a box in their storage, so they were trying to get rid of it. They gave us a really good price and we did not care if it was a 2012 model. It’s brand new out of the box!

Photo: Bob"s new bike. Got a good deal!

I played Mahjongg in the afternoon. We went grocery shopping, then met up with MaryAnne, Ray, Paula and Charlie at Buca de Beppo for dinner. We had a great time visiting. The food was delicious but the restaurant was noisy.

Thursday and Friday- I worked and Bob did some last minute tasks around the motor home.

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