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Sat. Jan. 11 to Fri. Jan. 17, 2014- Sun City AZ.

Saturday and Sunday- Frantic days at work. Bob has been working on finding wood to do our new valances.  I ended up staying an hour and fifteen minutes over time on Saturday and 15 minutes on Sunday. Joan was not happy, but what could she say. The work had to be done!

Monday- A quiet day at work. Heidi was off since she is going to be working on this coming Saturday. Our census is always high, but how busy I am depends upon the severity of the patients.

Tuesday- My one day off. This is the last week of my 13 week contract, so I am taking a week off, starting Saturday. We will be leaving for Quartzite, for the Roadrunners Rally and the big RV show. Can’t wait for the rest time!

I return to Del Webb Hospital on the 27th, for the extension of my contract. Another 8 weeks.

Wed-Thurs-Fri- all quiet days at work. Bob had been working to get the motor home ready for travel and to pick up groceries for us. We don’t want to have to buy stuff in Quartzite where it is so expensive.

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